11 October 1940: Troopship Convoy Arrives in Malta

11 Oct

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Clan Ferguson

Clan Ferguson

Four merchant ships steamed safely into Grand Harbour today at the end of a thousand mile journey from Alexandra. Termed by the Commander in Chief Mediterranean a ‘troopship convoy’, the ships Clan Ferguson, Clan Macauley, Lanarkshire and Memnon sailed from Alexandria on Tuesday, escorted by cruisers Calcutta and Coventry, and destroyers Stuart, Voyager, Waterhen and Wryneck.

The Meditteranean Fleet was already at sea ready to provide additional escort, including battleships Malaya, Ramillies, Valiant and Warspite, aircraft carriers Eagle and Illustrious, plus six cruisers and 17 destroyers. They were joined by the destroyer Mohawk which came out from Malta to join the Fleet. During the operation HMS Imperial struck a mine and was towed in to Grand Harbour. The unloading of the convoy is said to be proceeding well.

The convoy brought long-awaited mail for Malta’s troops.




2nd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment has been placed on special alert for the protection of L’Imtahleb. The area is considered a likely parachutist landing area and a possible landing place for a small sabotage party. The Battalion has been ordered to maintain a security watch in the area order to prevent such incidents and to deter information passing into or out of the Island. One platoon has been allocated responsibility for the localising and immediate destruction of any landing, either sea or parachutist, in the area and for passing any relevant information back to HQ. Defence posts in the area will each be covered by one NCO and four other ranks, manned with single sentries from evening stand to, to morning stand down.


Weather  Overcast with thundery showers.

No air raids.


ROYAL NAVY Operation MB6 successfully carried out. Imperial was mined en route but reached harbour and was docked. A danger area was immediately declared by Commander in Chief Mediterranean and taken on by QBB95. Stuart and Vendetta remained for refit. 0600-0735 hrs Swordfish 830 Squadron Fleet Air Arm dropped photographs of shipping in Taranto, Tripoli and Brindisi harbours on HMS Illustrious. Four Swordfish 830 Squadron Fleet Air Airm provided local patrol for the arrival of a convoy at Malta; nothing to report. The operation of bringing in the incoming convoy and despatching the outgoing convoy is proceeding satisfactorily.

AIR HQ 1205-1255 hrs Glen Martin 431 Flight set off for reconnaissance but returned due to bad weather. 0355-1038 hrs Reconnaissance by Sunderland 230 Squadron reported at 0508 hrs having sighted two destroyers, one of which was on fire and stationary.   He interrupted patrol to shadow the two ships while Swordfish were despatched to attack them. Another destroyer Vicenzo Gioberti class was observed proceeding at high speed. On his return the pilot reported three Fiume class cruisers and three destroyers accompanied by twelve fighters. 0500-0919 hrs Glenn Martin 431 Flight on reconnaissance signalled three destroyers at sea. In Taranto he reported a large fleet of naval ships and in Brindisi naval ships and seaplanes.

KALAFRANA Operations by Sunderland aircraft of 228 and 230 squadrons. 0310-1656 hrs Sunderland 230 Squadron on reconnaissance sighted four motor boats; attacked twice. Two bombs fell close; no apparent result. The motor boats made off at high speed on a southerly course and an empty raft was spotted off Zante. On the homeward flight an aircraft resembling an Albacore approached one Sunderland but made off.

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