Operation Pedestal: Vessels

FORCE F  Operation Pedestal force as a whole, including

Force Z  Force F, less Force Z

  • HMS Nelson, battleship, flagship Vice Admiral Sir E N Syfret, Senior Officer; Captain H B Jacomb
  • HMS Rodney, battleship, Captain J W Rivett-Carnac
  • HMS Eagle, aircraft carrier, Captain L D Mackintosh
  • HMS Indomitable, aircraft carrier, Rear Admiral D W Boyde; Captain T H Troubridge
  • HMS Victorious, aircraft carrier, Rear Admiral Sir A L St A Lyster; Captain H C Bovell
  • HMS Furious, aircraft carrier (for Operation ‘Bellows’ – delivery of Spitfires to Malta), Captain T O Bulteel
  • HMS Charybdis, cruiser, Captain G A W Voeckler
  • HMS Phoebe, cruiser, Captain C P Frend
  • HMS Sirius, cruiser, Captain P W B Brooking
  • HMS Antelope, destroyer, Lt Commander E N Sinclair
  • HMS Eskimo, destroyer, Commander E G Le Geyt
  • HMS Ithuriel, destroyer, Lt Commander D H Maitland-Makfill-Crichton
  • HMS Laforey, destroyer, Ship of Captain (D) 19TH Destroyer Flotilla, Captain R M J Hutton
  • HMS Lightning, destroyer, Commander H G Walters
  • Read a letter written from seaman on board HMS Lightning to his fiancee, during Operation Pedestal
  • HMS Lookout, destroyer, Lt Commander C P F Brown
  • HMS Quentin, destroyer, Lt Commander A H P Noble
  • HMS Tartar, destroyer, Commander St J R J Tyrwhitt
  • HMS Vansittart, destroyer, Lt Commander T Johnston
  • HMS Westcott, destroyer, Commander I H Bockett-Pugh
  • HMS Wilton, destroyer, Lt A P Northey
  • HMS Wishart, destroyer, Commander H G Scott
  • HMS Wrestler, destroyer, Lt R W B Lacon
  • HMS Zetland, destroyer, Lt J V Wilkenson

Force X  Naval forces escorting convoy to Malta

  • HMS Nigeria, cruiser, flagship Rear-Admiral Commanding, 10th Cruiser Squadron, Rear Admiral H M Burrough
  • HMS Cairo, cruiser, Acting Captain C C Hardy
  • HMS Kenya, cruiser, Captain A S Russell
  • HMS Manchester, cruiser, Captain H Drew
  • HMS Ashanti, destroyer, Captain (D) 6TH Destroyer Flotilla, Commander R G Onslow
  • HMS Bicester, destroyer, Lt Commander S W F Bennets
  • HMS Bramham, destroyer, Lt E F Baines
  • HMS Derwent, destroyer, Commander R H Wright
  • HMS Foresight, destroyer, Lt Commander R A Fell
  • HMS Fury, destroyer, Lt Commander C H Campbell
  • HMS Icarus, destroyer, Lt Commander C D Maud
  • HMS Intrepid, destroyer, Commander E A de W Kitcat
  • HMS Ledbury, destroyer, Lt Commander R P Hill
  • HMS Pathfinder, destroyer, Commander E A Gibbs
  • HMS Penn, destroyer, Lt Commander J H Swain

Convoy WS21S   supply ships

  • Almeria Lykes, merchant ship, 7773 tons (USA) Captain W Henderson
  • Brisbane Star, merchant ship, 12791 tons (GB) Captain F N Riley
  • Clan Ferguson, merchant ship, 7347 tons (GB) Captain A N Cossar
  • Deucalion, merchant ship, 7516 tons (GB) Captain R Brown
  • Dorset, merchant ship, 10624 tons (GB) Captain J C Tuckett
  • Empire Hope, merchant ship, 12688 tons (GB) Captain G Williams
  • Glenorchy, merchant ship, 8982 tons (GB) Captain G Leslie
  • Melbourne Star, merchant ship, 12806 tons (GB) Captain D R MacFarlane
  • Port Chalmers, merchant ship, 8535 tons (GB) Captain H G Pinkney
  • Rochester Castle, merchant, ship, 7795 tons (GB) Captain R Wren
  • Santa Elisa, merchant ship, 8379 tons (USA) Captain T Thompson
  • Waimarama, merchant ship, 12843 tons (GB) Captain R S Pearce
  • Wairangi, merchant ship, 12400 tons (GB) Captain H R Gordon
  • Ohio, oil tanker, 9514 tons (USA) Captain D Mason

Additional escort  for convoy WS21S (UK to Straits of Gibraltar)

  • HMS Amazon, destroyer, Lt Commander Lord Teynham
  • HMS Keppel, destroyer, Commander J E Broome
  • HMS Malcolm, destroyer, Commander A B Russell         
  • HMS Venomous, destroyer, Commander H W Falcon-Steward
  • HMS Wolverine, destroyer, Lt Commander Gretton

Force Y  convoy and escort Malta-Gibraltar

  • Orari, merchant ship, Captain N Rice
  • Troilus, merchant ship, Captain W G Harrison
  • HMS Badsworth, destroyer, Lt G T S Gray
  • HMS Matchless, destroyer, Lt Commander J Mowlam

Force R  refuelling vessels and escort

  • RFA Brown Ranger, fleet oil tanker, Master D B C Ralph
  • RFA Dingledale, fleet oil tanker, Master R T Duthie
  • HMS Coltsfoot, corvette, Temp Lt The Hon W K Rous
  • HMS Geranium, corvette, Temp Lt Commander A Foxall
  • HMS Jonquil, corvette, Lt Commander R E H Partington
  • HMS Spirea, corvette, Lt Commander R S Miller
  • HMS Jaunty, tug, Lt Commander H Osburn
  • HMS Salvonia, tug, Temp Lt G M M Robinson

9 responses to “Operation Pedestal: Vessels

  1. Geoff Hancock

    December 10, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Please remember
    Ronald Stanley Thomas Price . BEM
    served on HMS Badsworth destroyer
    part of Operation Pedestal Force Y convoy and escort Malta-Gibralter

    Ronald Stanley Thomas Price
    left us a tribute for his ship HMS Badsworth destroyer
    I joined HMS Badsworth on the 9th August 1941 in Liverpool on her first commission and left her
    on return to UK from Malta 0n 24th September 1942 when she “paid-off” as she was severely damaged and needed extensive dry-dock repairs.
    She lost fourteen killed in this convoy, even so she was considered a ‘lucky ship’ as she had spent
    over twelve months in the North Atlantic including a Russian Convoy and one Commando Raid
    without loss of life, HMS Badsworth subsequently returned to the Mediterranean and the following
    year was again mined. However she was successfully salvaged and survived the war.
    RST Price. BEM
    b.25 Dec 1922 d. 25 Nov 2013

  2. Carmel Vella Sliema

    March 10, 2014 at 11:41 am


  3. Charles Cardona

    March 15, 2015 at 6:09 am

    Thanks for helping Malta and the Maltese

  4. Clive Watkins

    March 31, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    My father, Fred J Watkins, was an RNR officer on HMS Sirius from her commissioning till early 1945, including during Operation Pedestal.

  5. john hewing

    July 1, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    My father was chief petty officer on hms salvonia I would like to find out more information but don’t know how if anyone could help

  6. Angela Farrugia

    April 20, 2020 at 3:13 pm

    Been looking for info on HMS Scylla my dad was on it the Captaon was Captain Macintosh – it was on a Russian & a Maltese convoy- I’m sure it was a battleship

  7. Peterfrancis

    May 1, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    Very interesting my father was on the Badsworth as a yoman signaler and was awarded the DSM but He never told us what for

  8. Stuart stares

    January 16, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    My dad served on the Matchless, trying to find any crew lists.

  9. Ann Davies

    March 12, 2022 at 2:54 pm

    My late father was an able seaman on board SS Wairangi . It was torpedoed twice in the early hours of August 13th 1942. He never spoke much about this experience but was always grateful to have been rescued by a British ship and avoided becoming a prisoner of war.


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