Operation Harpoon & Operation Vigorous Casualty List

14 June 1942


  • Lieutenant Lennox Tickner, Fleet Air Arm


  • Sub-Lieutenant John Ceely
  • Leading Airman John Duncan
  • Lieutenant Philip Hall
  • Sub-Lieutenant Peter Palmer
  • Sub-Lieutenant Geoffrey Spalding


  • Engine Room Artificer 5c Lawrence Boorman
  • Act/Leading Seaman Alan Brett
  • Ty/Act/Leading Stoker Frederick Bush
  • Cyril J, Stoker 1c Cyril Clement
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman Charles Cougill
  • Ordinary Seaman Robert Giles
  • Stoker 2c Norman Hull
  • Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c Bernard Jones
  • Stoker 2c William Jones
  • Act/Leading Stoker Walter Mason
  • Regulating Petty Officer William McPherson
  • Chief Engine Room Artificer Sydney Prickett
  • Act/Electrical Artificer 4c Roy Smith
  • Stoker 1c Stanley Smith
  • Stoker 1c Thomas Taylor

Tanimbar, sunk

  • Ty/Lieutenant Arthur Barnett (missing)
  • Able Seaman Walter Bloomfield (missing)
  • Able Seaman Sidney Coleman (missing)
  • Able Seaman Hugh Cunningham (missing)
  • Able Seaman Richard Iggulden (missing)

15 June 1942


  • Able Seaman George Aitken
  • Stoker 1c William Allen
  • Yeoman of Signals Bertram Ames
  • Ordinary Seaman John Austin
  • Ordinary Seaman George Bailey
  • Cook (S) Conrad Bishop
  • Ordinary Seaman Victor Bull
  • Ordnance Artificer 5c John Crawford
  • Stoker Petty Officer Edward Dillow
  • Leading Seaman Clifford Eggington
  • Ordinary Seaman Hugh Faulkner
  • Able Seaman William Faulkner
  • Able Seaman Geoffrey Foulger
  • Stoker 1c Henry Friend
  • Engine Room Artificer 3c Sidney Gawn
  • Ordinary Seaman Peter Godden
  • Able Seaman William Goodman
  • Able Seaman Frederick Groombridge
  • Stoker 1c John Harrison
  • Engine Room Artificer 5c Raymond Harrison
  • Leading Seaman Ronald Hawker
  • Petty Officer William Holland
  • Lieutenant John Kinsman
  • Ordinary Seaman Angus Liddell
  • Ordinary Seaman Neville Long
  • Ordinary Seaman Manaton Lord
  • Ordinary Seaman Joseph Mayes
  • Stoker 1c William Mcauley
  • Leading Seaman William Merrill
  • Ordinary Seaman Samuel Mose
  • Stoker 1c Raymond Mundy
  • Ordinary Seaman Percy Newell
  • Petty Officer Cook (S) Donald Otley
  • Ordinary Seaman Frederick Phillips
  • Sick Berth Attendant Frank Powell
  • Engine Room Artificer 3c Ralph Sandom
  • Steward Ronald Smith
  • Able Seaman Sydney Smith
  • Able Seaman Thomas Smith
  • Ordinary Seaman Richard Spruytenburg
  • Able Seaman Godfrey Thompson
  • Canteen Manager William Vassallo (died 16 June)
  • Stoker 1c Arthur Vick
  • Ordinary Seaman Robert Wood
  • Ordinary Seaman Hereward Woodroffe


  • Lieutenant Harold Tanner

Beaufort, bombing

  • Ordinary Seaman Robert Finch


  • Yeoman of Signals Ronald Archer
  • Signalman Leonard Barranger
  • Able Seaman Robert Boyce
  • Stoker Sydney Brock
  • Able Seaman Walter Brown
  • Ordinary Seaman Walter Bulless
  • Petty Officer Frederick Burley
  • Ordinary Seaman Alfred Chowles
  • Ordinary Seaman Maurice Clifton
  • Ordinary Seaman Maurice Croxon
  • Ordinary Seaman William Darter
  • Able Seaman Frederick Elvy
  • Able Seaman Arthur Fairchild
  • Able Seaman Jack Goodman
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman Frederick Harris
  • Able Seaman Frank Horsfall
  • Ordinary Seaman Joseph Lavis
  • Able Seaman Edward Morris
  • Sub Lieutenant Clement Parker
  • Able Seaman George Sampson
  • Electrical Artificer 1c Charles Sexton
  • Frederick T, Lieutenant Frederick Skinner
  • Able Seaman John Skirrow
  • Signalman Leonard Smith
  • Able Seaman Sidney Vaughan
  • Ronald, Able Seaman Ronald Walker

Cairo, surface action

  • Ordinary Seaman David Laverick
  • Ty/Act/Petty Officer Cyrol Pochon

Hasty, ship loss

  • Able Seaman John Bemister
  • Stoker 2c Patrick Byrne
  • Act/Able Seaman James Day
  • Ordinary Seaman William Flucker
  • Ordinary Seaman Daniel Foster
  • Able Seaman Reginald Gray
  • Able Seaman Harold Haskins
  • Ordinary Seaman Joseph Morris
  • Ordinary Seaman Eric Organ (died 16 June)
  • Ordinary Seaman Richard Pearson
  • Able Seaman Ian Rose
  • Able Seaman William Rowland
  • Able Seaman Henry Tonkin
  • Ordinary Seaman John Walker

MTB 201, ship loss

  • Ordinary Signalman Ronald Hartland
  • Motor Mechanic John Ladmore
  • Ty/Act/Leading Stoker Harold Rowe

16 June 1942

Hermione, ship loss

  • Petty Officer Cook Sidney Aggett
  • Shipwright 4c Vincent Aindow
  • Able Seaman Albert Allday
  • Engine Room Artificer 1c Arthur Allen
  • Act/Blacksmith 4c George Armstrong
  • Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Reginald Arnold
  • Surgeon Lieutenant John Ashley
  • Commander (E) Stanley Bartwell
  • Ordinary Seaman William Bassett
  • Ordinary Seaman Cuthbert Bilton
  • Writer James Birnie
  • Able Seaman John Blore
  • Ordinary Seaman Herbert Bodkin
  • Petty Officer Writer Leonard Boynes
  • Able Seaman Frank Bramwell
  • Steward George Brown
  • Stoker 2c James Brown
  • Lieutenant Rodney Browne
  • Shipwright 1c Edgar Buckingham
  • Cook (S) John Buckley
  • Thomas J, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c Thomas Casey
  • Stoker 1c James Charnock
  • Ordinary Seaman William Chester
  • Leading Stoker Solomon Chulk
  • Able Seaman Arthur Clayton
  • Stoker Petty Officer George Cornwall
  • Leading Stoker John Crosby
  • Sick Berth Attendant William Daws
  • Ordinary Telegraphist John Dunn
  • Stoker Petty Officer John Dyer
  • Boy 1c Dennis Edwards
  • Marine Ernest Evans
  • Marine Edmund Gibbs
  • Leading Cook (S) Kenneth Gilmour
  • Leading Stoker Leonard Glanville
  • Lieutenant (E) Lionel Guppy
  • Stoker 1c Geoffrey Harris
  • Leading Stoker John Heron
  • Petty Officer Cook Charles Hudson (died 17 June)
  • Petty Officer Cook Daniel Hughes
  • Chief Petty Officer Stoker Cuthbert Jones
  • Petty Officer Writer Harold Joyce
  • Marine William Kerr
  • Paymaster Lieutenant George Kidd
  • Able Seaman Cecil Knight
  • Coder John Leech
  • Chief Engine Room Artificer Arthur Long
  • Ordinary Seaman James Low
  • Petty Officer Telegraphist Norman Maitland
  • Paymaster Commander George Marfell
  • Stoker 1c John McGauley
  • Stoker 2c Leonard Millward
  • Telegraphist Arthur Neate
  • Stoker 1c Alexander Newbigging
  • Coder Alan Nurse
  • Coder John Oakes
  • Stoker Petty Officer Frederick Oliver
  • Able Seaman Lawrence Oliver
  • Telegraphist John Parnell
  • Warrant Engineer Lawrence Pearce
  • Telegraphist Victor Pennington
  • Stoker Petty Officer Hubert Peppard
  • Able Seaman James Perrin
  • Stoker 2c Clifford Phillips
  • Leading Stoker Thomas Pope
  • Leading Stoker William Porter
  • Chief Petty Officer Stoker George Postill
  • Stoker 1c Roy Proffitt
  • Petty Officer Steward Charles Pryce
  • Engine Room Artificer 4c Glyn Rees
  • Marine Robert Rees
  • Chief Mechanician David Rule
  • Shipwright 4c Walter Rushbrook
  • Stoker Ivan Sheldon
  • Stoker 2c Joseph Small
  • Stoker 2c George Smith
  • Ordnance Artificer 2c Frederick Stewart
  • Steward William Sullivan
  • Sick Berth Attendant Herbert Taylor
  • Stoker 1c John Thomas
  • Ordinary Telegraphist George Tomlinson
  • Stoker 1c Joseph Townson
  • Band Corporal Horace Vincent
  • Able Seaman Joseph Walton
  • Telegraphist Alexander Watterson
  • Stoker 1c Henry Wetzel
  • Stoker 1c Gilbert Williams
  • Warrant Engineer William Wright

7 responses to “Operation Harpoon & Operation Vigorous Casualty List

  1. Paweł Choiński

    June 19, 2015 at 11:05 am

    16 June 1942

    ORP Kujawiak (L72), sunk

    Able Seaman Józef Biernacki
    Master Seaman Stanisław Dąbrowski
    Petty Officer Andrzej Hołowacz
    Able Seaman Józef Jankowski
    Able Seaman Edward Jesionowski
    Petty Officer Aleksy Kozaków
    Master Seaman Mieczysław Kubik
    Seaman Edward Olsztyn
    Leading Seaman Stanisław Sadowski
    Master Seaman Stanisław Szwarc
    Master Seaman Michał Zajączkowski
    Able Seaman Edward Zych
    Seaman Czesław Zysk[11]

  2. Nick Metcalfe

    January 16, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    14 June 1942

    SS Aagtekerk (Operation Vigorous – damaged and grounded)

    Lieutenant David Edmund Cole-Hamilton DSC*, Royal Navy (attached from HMS Sikh)
    Ordinary Signalman George Stanley Bird, Royal Navy
    (Acting) Able Seaman Arthur Jenkins, Royal Navy

    General Servant Joaquim P Lobo, Indian Merchant Navy
    Seacunny Muhammad Bhai Qasam, Indian Merchant Navy
    Seacunny Nur-Ud-Din Nizam-Ud-Din, Indian Merchant Navy

  3. battleoftheatlantic19391945

    April 1, 2021 at 2:25 am



    Brian Murza…Killick Vison, W.W.II Naval Researcher-Published Author, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

  4. Henry Prescott

    April 22, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    My Great Uncle was on Troilus as a wireless operated. He was deeply affected by his experiences.

  5. John Breen

    April 26, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    My dad John Breen was engineer on the Troilus.

    • Henry Prescott

      April 26, 2021 at 7:27 pm

      That’s very cool – I wonder if your father and my Great Uncle were pals? They were certainly very lucky on ‘Harpoon’.

      I have just inherited my Great Uncles war diary, it’s not detailed but it is still very interesting. I was reading it yesterday, he refers to the fact Troilus has ‘shot down 20 enemy aircraft so far’ (this is during Harpoon).

      • John Breen

        April 26, 2021 at 7:53 pm

        Hi Henry, I would like to think they were pals, I remember him saying the captain said to give the crew a bottle of rum or whisky as he didn’t think they would make it alive trying to get into Malta, I have my dads war record of the ships he was on and obviously his medals,


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