Operation Stoneage Casualty List

18 November 1942


  • Able Seaman Charles Allmand
  • Stoker 1c Reginald Arber
  • Able Seaman Ronald Asher
  • Able Seaman Ronald Ashman
  • Leonard F, Stoker 1c Leonard Beck
  • Able Seaman George Bennett
  • Able Seaman Ivan Bennett
  • Marine Thomas Bick
  • Able Seaman Frank Bloomfield
  • Ordinary Seaman William Boosey
  • Stoker 1c Sidney Bramble
  • Marine Henry Britton
  • Ordinary Seaman Alfred Brooks
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman Reginald Brown
  • Act/Shipwright 4c Samuel Brown
  • Able Seaman John Bullent
  • Able Seaman Edgar Burdett
  • Able Seaman Albert Butler
  • Stoker 2c Alfred Cadman
  • Able Seaman John Caisley
  • Able Seaman Robert Candy
  • Band Corporal Charles Caplehorn
  • Able Seaman Clifford Carr
  • Able Seaman Peter Cash
  • Ty/Petty Officer Alfred Cavalier
  • Able Seaman William Cawley
  • Ordinary Seaman Albert Chappell
  • Able Seaman James Cheetham
  • Able Seaman Victor Chilvers
  • Ty/Act/Stoker Petty Officer Charles Clark
  • Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist Donald Clements
  • Able Seaman Matthew Cliff
  • Musician Miles Coles
  • Ordinary Seaman Clifford Collins
  • Marine Reginald Collins
  • Wireman James Cornett
  • Marine Harold Cotterill
  • Able Seaman Thomas Cummins
  • Act/Leading Seaman Thomas Denyer
  • Canteen Manager Richard Dickinson, NAAFI
  • Leading Stoker Hugh Donnelly
  • Ty/Corporal, John Doyle RM, DSM
  • Able Seaman Howard Dyer
  • Marine Dennis Eason
  • Able Seaman Frederick Eckett
  • Able Seaman George Edwards
  • Stoker Petty Officer Alfred Fearne
  • Musician Heskett Fletcher
  • Cook (S) Leonard French
  • Able Seaman Ray Frith
  • Stoker Petty Officer Edward Gasson
  • Ty/Sergeant Stanley Gibb
  • Able Seaman Victor Gibbins
  • Able Seaman Leslie Gibson
  • Marine Alfred Glaves
  • Able Seaman Frederick Golesworthy
  • Musician Roland Greenaway
  • Able Seaman Ronald Greygoose
  • Petty Officer John Guy
  • Marine Percy Hall
  • Colour Sergeant Edwin Hallford
  • Ty/Act/Leading Stoker Richard Halliwell
  • Able Seaman Bruce Hammond
  • Stoker 1c Stanley Harper
  • Ordinary Seaman Kenneth Harrison
  • Able Seaman Ernest Hart
  • Ty/Act/Petty Officer Raymond Herbert
  • Able Seaman Walter Hitchin
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman Herbert Holley
  • Cook (S) James Holmes
  • Supply Assistant John Horton
  • Able Seaman Charles Hover
  • Able Seaman Peter Hunt
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman Frederick Ikel
  • Able Seaman Peter Jay
  • Marine Arthur Jones
  • Ty/Act/Petty Officer Benjamin Jones
  • Able Seaman Richard Jordan
  • Able Seaman Edward Kemsley
  • Able Seaman Albert Knowles
  • Ty/Petty Officer Cook (S) William Leadbetter
  • Stoker 1c Charles Leaford
  • Able Seaman Fountain Ledger
  • Leading Cook Albert Lintott
  • Able Seaman George Looker
  • Able Seaman John Lyle
  • Able Seaman Leonard Mansell
  • Ty/Sick Berth Petty Officer Albert Marner
  • Marine Robert Marshall
  • Marine Leonard Martin
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman Stanley Mason
  • Ordinary Seaman Alfred Matthews
  • Able Seaman Frank May
  • Marine George McCormick
  • Electrical Artificer 4c Robert McDougall
  • Leading Wireman James McGeachan
  • Able Seaman Charles McIntosh
  • Marine Robert McMullen
  • Able Seaman William Meredith
  • Musician Samuel Merrifield
  • Able Seaman Cyril Moore
  • Sergeant Terence Moran
  • Ordinary Seaman Dennis Murphy
  • Marine Jack Netherton
  • Able Seaman Robert Newsam
  • Able Seaman Norman Ogden
  • Marine John Oliver
  • Able Seaman Frederick Olley
  • Able Seaman Arthur Pails
  • Ty/Leading Telegraphist Thomas Paul
  • Able Seaman Frederick Peake
  • Musician Ronald Perry
  • Able Seaman Charles Petch
  • Electrical Artificer 5c Thomas Plant
  • Marine Henry Platten
  • Able Seaman Herbert Preston
  • Able Seaman Robert Price
  • Petty Officer Charles Ramster
  • Marine Arthur Reynolds
  • Ordinary Seaman Allen Ross
  • Able Seaman James Ross
  • Able Seaman James Sadler
  • Able Seaman Victor Sapsford
  • Able Seaman John Sharp
  • Ty/Corporal Harold Shepherd
  • Surgeon Lieutenant Commander David Simpson
  • Able Seaman Ray Slater
  • Marine William Smart
  • Able Seaman James Smith
  • Marine Reginald Smith
  • Ty/Supply Petty Officer William Spencer
  • Able Seaman James Stalker
  • Cook (S) Jack Street
  • Stoker 1c Ronald Sugden
  • Ty/Petty Officer Thomas Sutcliffe
  • Marine Kenneth Taylor
  • Act/Corporal Alfred Tester
  • Marine Leslie Tompsett
  • Bandmaster 2c William Walker
  • Chief Petty Officer Cook (S) Edmund Ward
  • Able Seaman William Ward
  • Able Seaman Ernest Waterman
  • Ordinary Seaman Eric Webb
  • Sailmaker John Webb
  • Able Seaman Stanley Wenn
  • Able Seaman Gerald Went
  • Ordinary Seaman Arnold Westgate
  • Able Seaman Arthur Whiffen
  • Able Seaman Robert White
  • Able Seaman James Williams
  • Musician Henry Willmot
  • Ty/Leading Telegraphist Ieuan Winchester
  • Musician Ralph Wood
  • Ty/Act/Leading Seaman John Worth
  • Able Seaman William Worwood
  • Able Seaman Herbert Wright
  • Able Seaman Kenneth Wright
  • Able Seaman Norman Yeomans
  • Engine Room Artificer 4c Royston Young

3 responses to “Operation Stoneage Casualty List

  1. John Vassallo

    August 24, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Thank God the British were in control of Malta at that time I was a child living in Malta in 1942.


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