24 July 1940: Supplies Will Take Months to Reach Malta

24 Jul

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Essential stores commissioned by Malta command four weeks ago may take months to reach the Island, according to a telegram from the War Office in London today.  Although the items requisitioned are available, they will be transported via the long sea route, via the African Cape.

Macchi 200 attacked Sunderland off Malta

Macchi 200 attacked Sunderland off Malta

A second supply of the most urgently needed items will be loaded onto a fast transport ship which will attempt to pass through the short sea route via the western Mediterranean.  However, owing to a lack of available resources, most of these items cannot be duplicated in the slower convoy.

Malta’s Governor and Commander in Chief now faces the difficult decision over which items to allocate to each convoy.


Weather  Fine and warm. 

0857-0920 hrs  Air raid alert for ten enemy fighters which approach the Island from the north at 17-22000 feet, passing over Imtarfa towards Hal Far, flying in pairs, a new formation.  Ack Ack guns engage the raiders.  Malta fighters are scrambled but do not engage.  No bombs are dropped.    

1541 hrs  Air raid alert for nine enemy aircraft, including three fighters and six bombers approaching from the north.  They skirt the coast and depart to the north.  No bombs are dropped.    

0230 hrs  Air raid alert for up to three enemy aircraft which approach from the north at intervals.  One flies over Grand Harbour at 500 feet.  Bombs are dropped in the sea off Fort St Elmo.    

0317 hrs  Air raid alert for one enemy aircraft which approaches from the north and is engaged by Ack Ack fire before turning away.    


AIR HQ  0830-1700  Two patrols by Sunderlands between Sicily and the coast of Greece.  One destroyer only is sighted, in Augusta.  One Sunderland is attacked by a monoplane, possibly a Macchi 200, which is believed to have been shot down between Sicily and Malta.

KALAFRANA  Sunderland aircraft of 228 and 230 Squadrons operating 12 hour naval patrols over wide area covering Greek coast, south Italian coast and Sicily under direct instructions from Middle East and HQ Mediterranean.  Six recruits medically examined for the RAF.

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