23 July 1940: Italians Using Outlawed Explosive Bullets

23 Jul

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The Air Officer Commanding has reported that explosive bullets have been found among the armoury of Italian aircraft shot down over Malta.  The bullets are described as 0.55in caliber with a striker pellet and detonator screwed in to the nosecap.  Investigators found the bullets loaded indiscriminately among ordinary lead bullets and incendiaries in approximately equal proportions. 

It is believed that such bullets are contrary to international convention.  A full report and detailed description is to be forwarded to the War Office in London without delay.

Majestic Cinema Sliema (1)

Majestic Cinema Sliema (1)


Cinemas have begun advertising forthcoming attractions again in Malta’s newspapers.  Three cinemas took space in the press yesterday: the Capitol, the Majestic and Valletta’s newly-opened Plaza.  All three cinemas are anticipating good audiences from the increasing the number of troops stationed in Malta.


Weather  Fine and warm. 

1812 hrs  Air raid alert: raid does not materialise.

2000-2010 hrs  Air raid alert.  No raid materialised.

0247-0315 hrs  Air raid alert for two enemy three-engined aircraft which approach from the north east at short intervals.  One appears to circle the Island in a clockwise direction slightly out to sea, occasionally crossing the coast.  Coastal defences report a single enemy aircraft making out to sea dropped five bombs between the coast and Filfla Island.  Searchlights illuminate the raider for a while but it is out of gun range.  The second passes straight over the Island.  Neither is engaged by Ack Ack guns.  High explosive and incendiary bombs are dropped on Kalafrana, Birzebuggia and Hal Far and in the sea.

0345-0425 hrs  Air raid alert for three enemy bombers which approach the Island from the east, crossing the coast near Delimara at 14-15000 feet.  High explosive and incendiary bombs are dropped on Hal Far and the Kalafrana area, where the Officers’ Married Quarters are damaged.  Four bombs land near a defence post, and two towards Birzebuggia.  Bombs also fall close to the Benghaisa gun position and in the sea.  One Sunderland aircraft is damaged by splinters but repaired within hours.  The aircraft are illuminated when over the centre of the Island and retreat to the north.  Two more aircraft approach and are illuminated but a third following them is not, and drops bombs.  Ack Ack guns engage and causes the formation to split up.  One aircraft is emerged giving off smoke and losing height.


AIR HQ  Arrivals  1 Sunderland.  0340 hrs  At the request of the Commander in Chief Mediterranean Sunderland aircraft effected reconnaissance.  Three merchant vessels and three tankers in convoy sighted, with one destroyer nearby.  The Sunderland dropped three bombs on the merchant vessels; two were successful.  The convoy dispersed and subsequently four of the six vessels, including the three tankers, were seen in the harbour at Augusta.

KALAFRANA  One Sunderland 230 Squadron arrived.  Sunderland aircraft of 228 and 230 Squadrons operating 12 hour naval patrols over wide area covering Greek coast, south Italian coast and Sicily under direct instructions from Middle East and HQ Mediterranean.  Two recruits medically examined for the RAF.

1st Bn DORSET REGIMENT  Rear HQ (Orderly Room and Officers’ Mess) was moved from Verdala Barracks to Corradino and Motor Transport personnel and vehicles from Verdala Barracks to the Dockyard School.  Mortar and Ack Ack Platoon was moved to Hompesch Arch.

(1)  Website:  Maltese History & Heritage

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