18 June 1940: Malta Now Under Siege

18 Jun

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A conference of military commanders today was informed that Malta is now officially under siege.  Strict economies will be necessary in order to conserve vital supplies for military and civilians alike. 

In a Special Order of the Day, His Excellency Lieut-General W G S Dobbie, CB, CMG, DSO wrote:

“The decision of His Majesty’s Government to fight on until our enemies are defeated will be heard with the greatest satisfaction by all ranks of the garrison of Malta.  It may be that hard times lie ahead of us, but however hard they may be, I know that the courage and determination of all ranks will not falter and that with God’s help we will maintain the security of this Fortress.  I call on all Officers and Other Ranks humbly to seek God’s help, and thus in reliance on Him to do their duty unflinchingly.”

HMS Grampus

HMS Grampus

Following the Vice Admiral Malta’s report on Saturday, the Commander in Chief Mediterranean has decided that all submarines should be moved to Alexandria.  Submarines Orpheus, Grampus, Rorqual and Odin have been ordered to sail direct to Alexandria from patrol.


An aircraft was observed today dropping a possible bomb over a ridge at Kalafrana.  The aircraft was described as large and silver, with two or three engines and high wings.  It was believed to have Italian markings. 

However, evidence later came to light that cigarettes and chocolates had been dropped over the Island.  A warning was issued not to consume any such items but to conserve them and hand them in to the Malta Infantry Brigade for examination in case they are poisoned.


Weather  Fine. 

0500-0710 hrs  1st Bn Dorset Regt report seeing signalling from an unidentified lamp.  An Army patrol sent to investigate met with some 50 sportsmen, Special Constabulary and local inhabitants with guns searching for the same party.  No-one was found.

1118-1123 hrs  Air raid alert.  One large unidentified aircraft crosses the Island from north to south and then north west.  It drops one bomb from 15000 feet, 400 yards north east of the Officers’ Mess of Hal Far.  The bomb explodes some ten minutes after impact.  It is also observed dropping possible bombs over a ridge near Kalafrana.   


ROYAL NAVY HM submarine Orpheus currently off Malta.  Vice Admiral Malta was instructed to sail Masirah from Bizerta to Malta without escort at his discretion.

KALAFRANA  13 recruits medically examined for fitness for RAF.

ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS: Bomb Disposal UXB  Dealt with 2 HE 250lb Ta Qali aerodrome, 1 HE 250lb Ta Karach; 1 incendiary Della Grazia. 


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