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17 May 1942: Stealth E-Boat Attack Repulsed

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German Schnellboot (E-boat)

In the early hours of this morning Malta’s early warning systems picked up the presence of enemy vessels close to the coastline.  In an unprecedented co-operative effort, the Island’s coastal defenders, gunners and fighter aces thwarted an evidently top secret mission by German E boats.

0105 hrs  A shipping plot is detected by radio direction finder off the Island: engines are heard north of St Elmo.  Their movements are followed and searchlights are exposed but nothing is detected.  Campbell Battery fires two rounds by the plot at an unseen target.

0204 hrs  Four E boats illuminated by coastal searchlights suspected of attempting to lay mines.  Royal Artillery guns at Tigne Battery engage the boats at 10,000 yards.  The boats retire under cover of smoke.

0215 hrs  The E boats are illuminated again: this time both Tigne and Rocco forts engage, firing 22 rounds. The enemy again create a smoke screen and retire northwards.

0235 hrs  An explosion is heard bearing 050 degrees from St. Elmo and the Royal Artillery claim an E boat probably destroyed and one immobilised.

Daybreak  One E boat is observed stopped in position 073 degrees St. Elmo at 10,000 yards. Fort Rocco engages and scores a direct hit.

0515 hrs  Four Hurricanes 229 Squadron are scrambled from Hal Far on anti E boat patrol.  One of the Hurricanes returns almost immediately with a minor defect.  The remaining three find and attack an E boat five miles east of the Island.  All three fire from 150 to 50 yards and score many strikes.  Return fire very soon ceases and they leave the boat disabled with no signs of life on board.  Hurricanes land at 0605 hrs untouched.

0600 hrs  One Dornier 24 with strong escort approaches the Island on search.

0610 hrs  Four ME 109s reconnoiter and then attack the immobilised E boat, setting her on fire.  She finally sinks in position 097 degrees 15,800 yards.

Only two boats are detected retreating after the action; at least two are considered sunk.


Weather  Wind south-south-westerly; 30% cloud.  Good visibility.

0652 hrs  Fifteen Caproni Re 2001 Falco Italian fighters complete a sweep at very high level, the first time the aircraft has appeared in strength over the Island.  One JU 88 approaches with an escort of ME 109s.

0700-0750 hrs  Two Spitfires 249 Squadron from Ta Qali are ordered to attack the JU 88.  F/Lt Buchanan engages the JU 88 off St Paul’s Bay and destroys it.

0730-0815 hrs  Four Spitfires 603 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali: no engagement.

0806 hrs  Five Spitfires 126 Squadron are airborne from Luqa to intercept enemy air sea rescue service.  Sgt Goldsmith on taxiing out runs into a partly filled bomb crater and is unable to take off.

0844 hrs  One Dornier 24 carries out a search for survivors of the E boats.  F/Sgt Parks, 126 Squadron attacks the Dornier, claims destroyed.

0912 hrs  An unknown number of ME 109s approach.  One is destroyed by Spitfires.

1008-1112 hrs  Two Spitfires 185 Squadron are airborne from Hal Far: no interception.

1012 hrs  Five ME 109s approach, apparently searching for the pilot of a plane destroyed in the previous raid.

1110-1140 hrs  Two Spitfires 249 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali: no engagement.

1116 hrs  Two ME 109s and two Macchi 202s approach from the north.  The Macchis machine-gun Hal Far, injuring six RAF personnel working on a pen.

1130 hrs  One Macchi 202 is engaged by three guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery; no claims.

1155-1300 hrs  Two Spitfires 249 Squadron and six 603 Squadron from Ta Qali are ordered to climb up and bounce fifteen ME 109s a Dornier 24 flying boat searching near the Island.  F/Sgt Verrall destroys one ME 109 and damages another.  P/O Nash destroys one ME 109 and P/O King damages one.  Sgt Hurst and P/O Barlow both attacke and damage a Dornier 24 flying boat.  P/O Nash is shot down near Dingli and killed.

1307 hrs  Four ME 109s continue the search.

1347-1411 hrs  Two Spitfires are airborne from Luqa on defensive patrol: no combat.

1450 hrs   One Dornier 24 escorted by twelve ME 109s carries out a search ten miles north east of the Island.

1715-1810 hrs  Two Spitfires 603 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali: no engagement.

1732 hrs  15 Caproni Re 2001 Falcos accompanied by 15 ME 109s and Macchi 202s approach from the north at 20,000 feet and split up into twos and threes as they near the Island.

1805-1900 hrs  Four Spitfires 249 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali and sight the enemy formations.  They climb to intercept the bombers as they head in to attack St Paul’s Bay – but instead turn back without dropping their bombs.

Seven Spitfires from Luqa intercept some eight of the Caproni Re 2001s.  P/O Boyle and P/O Le Bas claim two probably destroyed; W/O Belcher claims one damaged.  Sgt Howard is shot up and crash lands; he is seriously injured.

1900-2015 hrs  Six plus enemy aircraft patrol ten miles south east of the Island. Six Spitfires 603 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali: no engagement.

Night  Two alert sound for single aircraft, one of which turns out to be friendly.

0155-0240 hrs  One Beaufighter is airborne on patrol to intercept enemy aircraft and destroys one Italian BR 20.  No bombs are dropped on land.

Military casualties  Pilot Officer Peter Nash, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 249 Squadron.

Civilian casualties Ghaxaq  Michael Abela, age 26.  Mdina  Stella Sant Manduca, age 76.  Zabbar  Mary Fava, age 8.


ROYAL NAVY  Albacores returned from an unsuccessful sortie against shipping.

AIR HQ  Arrivals  Four Beauforts, two Wellingtons, one Hudson from Gibraltar; one Lodestar from Gambut.  Departures  Two Hudsons, one CW 20 to Gibraltar; one Lodestar to Heliopolis.  Aircraft casualties  One Spitfire shot down in combat; pilot killed.  One Spitfire damaged in combat and crashed on landing; pilot killed.  One Wellington crashed on take-off; crew injured.

LUQA  No bombs on the aerodrome.  0905-1154 hrs  One Spitfire photo-reconnaissance of Sicilian harbours and aerodromes.  2337-0450 hrs  One Wellington on search for enemy shipping.  Located two merchant vessels and three destroyers.  A smoke screen was put up and no attack made.  Wellingtons dropped flares for Albacores.

TA QALI  20 airmen attached to this station from Kalafrana for the purpose of the special operations returned to their unit.  Gallows erected on stations.

4th BN THE BUFFS (ROYAL EAST KENT) REGIMENT  0900-1700 hrs  Working party of 9 Officers and 200 Other Ranks plus 8 x 15 cwt trucks daily for reconstruction of pens for aircraft at Luqa aerodrome.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Working parties on Luqa aerodrome continued.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 3; dealt with nil.

1ST BN THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  4 Officers, 192 Other Ranks and 17 trucks working on Hal Far building pens.

8TH BN THE MANCHESTER REGIMENT  Unit supplied belt fillers, armourers party and a working party of 50 men with 100 men standing by for Ta Qali aerodrome.

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16 May 1942: Spitfires Claim 137 Bandits in First Week

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From:  Governor & C in C Malta     To:  C in C Middle East    Copy: The War Office 


Enemy attack on HMS Welshman on 10 May received severe trouncing.  Effort thereafter greatly reduced.  Mainly consisted of fighter sweeps in force.  Some night raiding and E boat activity.  Occasional use of fighter bombers with little effect.  Daily scale enemy effort:

  • 10 May 13 JU 88s; 35 JU 87s; 5 Cant; main target HMS Welshman
  • 11 May 4 JU 88s; main targets Hal Far, Luqa
  • 12 May 7 JU 88s; 3 Cants; main targets Hal Far, Ta Qali
  • 13 May 15 JU 87s; main targets Hal Far, Luqa
  • 14 May 10 JU 88s; main targets Luqa, Ta Qali
  • 15 May 5 JU 88s; 3 Savoia 84; main target Ta Qali
  • 16 May 3 JU 88s; 5 Cants; main target Ta Qali

Also as much as 100 fighters per day ME 109s, Macchi 202s, some Falco.  Total of 31 night bombers in addition, bombs widespread.  1 JU 88, 4 Br 20s night raiders destroyed…

40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun and crew Malta 12 May 1942 (IWM)

Aerial photos show steady decrease of German bombers in Sicily.  Possibly accounted for by losses over Malta.  Enemy aircraft casualties:  Ack Ack destroyed 3 JU 88s, 4 JU 87s, 1 ME109; probably destroyed 1 JU 88; damaged 2 JU 88s, 2 ME 109s.  By RAF destroyed 8 JU 88s, 9 JU 87s, 3 Cants, 4 Br 10s, 16 ME 109s, 7 Macchi 202s; probably destroyed 7 JU 88s, 10 JU 87s, 2 Cants, 1 Br 10, 18 ME 109s, 3 Macchi 202s; damaged 9 JU 88s, 10 JU 87s, 1 Cant, 26 ME 109s, 1 Macchi 202, 2 Savoia Marchetti 84.  Total destroyed 55; probables 42; damaged 53.

Own Troops: HMS Welshman arrived 10 May with 82000 rounds bofors ammunition.  Unloaded within 5 hours mainly by Royal Artillery personnel.  Heavily attacked but reinforced fighters, heaviest ever barrage over ship and use of smoke screen surprised enemy.  One stick [of bombs] within ten yards caused slight damage and casualties.  Ack Ack ammunition restriction reimposed 12 May.

Western Infantry Brigade formed and started operating 13 May: located high ground near Rabat; role mobile reserve.  Consists of 4 Buffs, 8 Kings Own, 1 Durham Light Infantry, Commander Lt Col Brittorous.  Infantry working parties on aerodromes continue.  Party for serving and maintaining Spitfires reduced to 250 men on account reduced scale attack but 1500 men now on pen building also.  RE Bomb Disposal Section disposed of 55 UXBs totaling 11 tons.

Military and civil damage slight.  Army casualties: 4 Other Ranks killed; 1 Officer 3 Other Ranks wounded.  Conclusion reinforcement of fighters, improved organization based on experience and large scale assistance of Army to other services have enabled us to obtain local air superiority.  Enemy now concentrating on wearing down fighter strength and bombing attacks almost stopped temporarily.


Weather  Wind southerly; no cloud.  Warm.

0610-0710 hrs  Six Spitfires 249 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali to intercept incoming enemy aircraft: no engagement.

0635 hrs  Twelve ME 109s carry out a preliminary sweep to clear the way for one JU 88 to carry out reconnaissance.

0930 hrs  Two Spitfires 185 Squadron are scrambled but land again at 1040 hrs without engagement.

1105 hrs  Four Spitfires 603 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali to intercept approaching ME 109s.  S/Ldr Douglas-Hamilton damages one and P/O Northcott another.  Sgt Johnson is shot up and crash-lands at Ta Qali.

1106 hrs  Six Spitfires 601 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa to intercept enemy aircraft.  P/O Hone and P/O Haggar claim one Cant 1007 bis probably destroyed.  Sgt McConnell claims one Macchi 202 probably destroyed.  One Spitfire is damaged; P/O Hagger is unhurt.

1111 hrs  Three ME 109s drop bombs on Ta Qali.  Six Macchi 202s and numerous ME 109s patrol to the west and south of the Island.

1152 hrs  Six Spitfires 126 and 601 Squadrons are scrambled from Luqa to intercept another incoming formation of enemy aircraft.  Fighters are unable to climb to the height of the bombers in time.

1200 hrs  Five Cant 1007s approach from the west and drop bombs on the Ta Qali dispersal area and camp, killing two airmen and one soldier.  One JU 88 carries out reconnaissance at the same time.

1252 hrs  Raiders passed.

1350-1420 hrs  Two Spitfires 185 Squadron are scrambled from Hal Far: no interceptions.

1459 hrs  Six Spitfires 249 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali to intercept an enemy formation including one JU 88 with ten Macchi 202s and twenty ME 109s.  F/L Buchanan destroys one Macchi 202; P/O Nash and P/O Plagis jointly destroy one ME 109 and Sgt De Namerede damages another.

1516 hrs  Five Spitfires 126 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa to intercept.  One Macchi 202 is damaged.  F/Sgt Milner’s aircraft is hit by machine gun bullets and damaged; pilot unhurt.

1608 hrs  One JU 88 with ten Macchi 202s and 20 ME 109s drops bombs on waste ground between Hal Far and Kalafrana.

1617 hrs  Raiders passed.

1646-1732 hrs  Two Spitfires 185 Squadron are airborne from Hal Far: no interceptions.

1820-1915 hrs  Four Spitfires 603 Squadron from Ta Qali are ordered to jump ME 109s escorting a flying boat 20 miles north of the Island.  F/O Mitchell damages one ME 109.  Sgt Hurst and F/Lt Sanders each probably destroy one ME 109.

1920-2105 hrs  Seven Spitfires 601 Squadron are airborne from Luqa on interceptions: no engagement.

0245-0500 hrs  P/O Daniel on patrol in a Beaufighter destroys three BR 20s.

0301-0445 hrs  Eight bombers approach singly from the north and drop bombs on Hal Far, Safi, Ta Qali and Gozo.  Eight bombs land in the dispersal area at the Safi end of Hal Far aerodrome, damaging one Spitfire starting a small fire burning oil in some of the pens.

0355 hrs  Six bombs are dropped on the Safi strip and eight are dropped between Gudja and Luqa villages.  One Beaufighter is airborne and destroys three BR 20s.  Private Reeves, B Coy, 2nd Bn Devonshire Regt is patrolling on Hal Far aerodrome during the air raid and is wounded in the right arm.

Military casualties  Corporal Timothy French, Royal Air Force, 126 Squadron; Corporal Donald Sussems, Royal Air Force, 126 Squadron.

Civilian casualties  Nil.


AIR HQ  Arrivals  Three Wellingtons, two Hudsons, one CW 20 from Gibraltar;  one Lodestar from Gambut.  Departures  Two Wellingtons to 108 MU.

LUQA  1033-1310 hrs  One Spitfire photo-reconnaissance of Messina, Palermo, Bocca di Faleo, Trapani harbour and aerodrome, Baglio Rizzo, and Castel Vetrano.

TA QALI  NAAFI opened at Boschetto Gardens.

4th BN THE BUFFS (ROYAL EAST KENT) REGIMENT 0900-1700 hrs  Working party of 9 Officers and 200 Other Ranks plus 8 x 15 cwt trucks daily for reconstruction of pens for aircraft at Luqa aerodrome.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Working parties (Luqa and Ospizio) as usual.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Working parties on Luqa aerodrome continued.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  No 3 Section, 173 Coy, RE moved from St Patricks to Lintorn Barracks and took over bakery job.   Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 3; dealt with 2 (both 50kg).

1ST BN THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  3 Officers, 150 Other Ranks and 17 trucks working on Hal Far aerodrome.

2ND BN THE ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS  Lord Gort complimented Lt Col Allen on 2nd Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers guard on San Anton Palace.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Luqa working party as usual.

8TH BN THE MANCHESTER REGIMENT  One driver of B Coy was injured on Ta Qali and admitted to hospital.  GOC Major General D M W Beak VC, DSO, MC expressed himself as being extremely pleased with the hard work carried out by all concerned on Ta Qali aerodrome last week.  He wishes his appreciation of the work done to be made known to all ranks.

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14 April 1942: Round the Clock Bombing – One Raid lasts 13 1/2 Hours

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1-14 APRIL 1942:  Enemy bombers 2391; Bombs 2,779,800 kg (2736 tons); Casualties 340

Bristol Beaufort


Early this afternoon a Special Beaufort aircraft landing at Malta after operations in the Middle East was attacked on the ground by Messerschmitt fighters.  The pilot was killed and the crew injured. 

Three more Beaufort aircraft of 39 Squadron heading in to Malta from ops. in the Middle East were shot down in the sea south of the Island, as well as two others lost during the same operation.  Other Beauforts later landed successfully under the protection of Spitfires and Hurricanes.  Six airmen are reported killed.

A Maryland aircraft returning from shadowing operations with ME 203 Squadron has been reported missing.  The aircraft left Barrani at 0700 hrs this morning and should have landed in Malta at 1315 hrs.  However, nothing has since been heard of the Maryland, either from the Middle East or Malta.  The last message from the aircraft was received at 0945 hrs GMT.


Weather  Wind cold, north easterly; 50% medium cloud.

0620-1020 hrs  ME 109 fighters patrol round the coast of the Island.

1020 hrs  25 JU 87s bomb  Grand Harbour area while four ME 109s drop bombs at both ends of Hal Far aerodrome and machine-gunning the airfield.

1032 hrs  16 JU 88s follow this plot in and drop bombs on Hal Far and the dispersal area, causing craters on the aerodrome.  One Hurricane is severely damaged and one slightly damaged.One ME 109 is shot down in the sea off Delimara; one Messerschmitt crashes 800 yards from a defence post of B Company, 2nd Bn Devonshire Regt. The pilot is killed and identified from papers as Karl Henry Krahl of Breslau.

1035 hrs  Guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery (LAA) engage four JU 88s and one ME 109: two guns claim total four hits on two JU 88s and one ME 109.

1045 hrs  Twelve JU 88s attack Ta Qali: six of them drop 24 bombs on Ta Qali runway.

1050 hrs  Three Spitfires 249 Squadron are escorting a Maryland in to Malta when they are alerted to an approaching enemy formation.  They attack a number of ME 109s: P/O Kelly damages one before he is shot down into the sea: he is later rescued.

1140 hrs  Guns of 225 LAA Bty engage two ME 109s: no claims.

1150-1425 hrs  ME 109s keep up a continuous patrol off the coast while a delivery flight of Beauforts head towards Malta.  Spitfires and Hurricanes are airborne, to act as escort for the incoming aircraft.

1300 hrs  Two Spitfires 249 Squadron are scrambled to escort another Maryland returning from patrol.  They sight Messerschmitt fighters:  F/L McQueen part-destroys one and damages another; P/O Sergeant part-destroys one.  Three Hurricanes 185 Squadron engage three ME 109s:  F/Sgt Fletcher and Sgt Lee each damage one.

1355 hrs  A Beaufort returning from operations in theMiddle East has just landed at Luqa when it is strafed by ME 109s, killing the pilot and wounding four members of the crew.

1428 hrs  24 JU 87s dive on Grand Harbour, dropping bombs in the Dockyard, Zabbar and St Paul’s Bastion areas, while five JU 88s drop bombs on Luqa.  Four ME 109s drop bombs on Hal Far near the Windsock area.

1435 hrs  Guns of 225 LAA Bty engage two JU 88s: three hits claimed.

1440 hrs  Bombs are dropped on Misrah Blandun.

1545 hrs  More Beauforts from theMiddle East come in to land, under the protection of two Spitfires and two Hurricanes.

ME 109s continue to patrol round the coast of the Island.

1800 hrs  Three returning Beauforts are shot down into the sea.  One is sighted by 3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment.  L/Cpl Sciberras of B Company and another man put to sea in a boat and brings in two survivors.

1805 hrs  24 JU 87s attack the Grand Harbour area.

1830 hrs  Eight JU 88s dive-bomb Luqa airfield, cratering the runway and damaging equipment.  The camp warning system is put out of use.  Bombs are dropped near Bir id Deheb and Ghaxaq encampments of 2nd Bn Devonshire Regt.

1830 hrs  Four JU 88s drop fifteen bombs on Ta Qali, including at least one delayed-action bomb.  Craters adjacent to and at the end of the runway make the aerodrome unserviceable for night flying.

1838 hrs  Bombs are dropped on the Mellieha Camp of the Kings Own Malta Regiment, including several delayed-action.

1840 hrs  Guns of 225 LAA Bty engage numerous JU 88s: 7 hits claimed.

1952 hrs  All clear.

2042-2130 hrs  Air raid warning for one aircraft which does not cross the coast.  Minutes later another alert is sounded for an aircraft approaching from the west: identified as friendly.

Night to 0540 hrs Continuous night raids by single German and Italian aircraft. Bombs are widespread and indiscriminate. Weather deteriorating.

2052-2135 hrs  One Beaufighter is airborne on patrol to intercept enemy aircraft: no engagement.

2250 hrs  Bombs are dropped betweenSelmunPalace and Torri Ghain Hadid.  One does not explode.

0124 hrs  Two single aircraft come in singly from the north and drop bombs in the sea to the north of the Island.  Meanwhile several Malta-based aircraft come in to land.

0219 hrs; 0337 hrs; 0445 hrs  Bombs are dropped on theSafi strip.

0220 hrs; 0250hrs; 0354 hrs  Bombs, including some delayed-action, are dropped on Mellieha Camp of Kings Own Malta Regiment and in the sea nearby.

Military casualties  Skipper William Orchard, Royal Navy Reserve, HMS St.Angelo; Flight Lieutenant Robert Beveridge, Pilot, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (VR), 39 Squadron; Flight-Sergeant Stanley Howroyd, Pilot, Royal Air Force VR, 22 Squadron;  Sergeant Thomas Keegan, Royal Air Force VR, 47 Squadron; Warrant Officer Joseph Lee, Observer, Royal Air Force, 22 Squadron; Sergeant Alexander Miller, Royal Air Force VR, 39 Squadron; Flying Officer Robert Seddon, Royal Air Force VR, 39 Squadron; Bombardier Eric Blunt, 7th Heavy Ack Ack Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Enemy casualties  Hauptmann Karl-Heinz Krahl, Pilot of a Messerschmitt Bf 109 shot down by gunfire at Hal Far whilst making a low level attack on the airfield.


AIR HQ  Arrivals  Three Beauforts, four Beaufighters landed Malta from Ops ME.  Departures  One Hudson toGibraltar, one Hudson to Gambut, one Spitfire PRU, oneWellington, twoHudsons to 108 MU.

HAL FAR  Night 14/15th  One Swordfish and two Albacores despatched to attack enemy convoy: nothing sighted.

LUQA  Four JU 88s drop bombs on Luqa aerodrome.  0959-1320 hrs  One Maryland 69 Squadron on search for enemy shipping. Sighted convoy and chased by numbers of enemy aircraft: no combat.  2045-0555 hrs  OneWellington on Special Search.  Reports enemy convoy.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Bombs near Four Platoon at Rinella: wireless mast hit.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Work on aerodromes continued.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 11; dealt with 6 (1 x 1000kg;  2 x 250kg, 3 x 50kg).

2ND BN THE ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS  31 sailors attached to the Battalion.

8TH BN THE  KINGS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT  Lt T Miller attached from 8th Bn Manchester Regt was injured in the shoulder by shrapnel from an Ack Ack shell.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Hal Far working party continued: bombed and machine-gun.  1100 hrs  Our own Ack Ack light machine-guns with others engage and shoot down a ME 109.  GOC congratulates the Battalion.

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1 April 1942: 148 aircraft bomb Malta – 9 ships hit – 62 killed

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Ruins of Franciscan Friary, Sliema 1942 (NWMA)


Teenager Charles Grech of Sliema was due to meet Fr Diego Galdes when he heard the air raid alarm.  Ignoring the advice of his friend to take cover, Charles set off towards the friary.  He froze when he saw a JU 88 bomber release its load, and two heavy bombs heading in his direction:

“I mumbled a quick Act of Contrition and clung to the corner of the block almost as if to stop the building from falling on top of me.  Then two huge deafening explosions and a tremendous blast flung me to the ground.  There was a cloud of dust and smoke.  Pieces of glass and wood were flying in all directions.  Balconies fell into the street and doors and windows were blown out to the opposite side of the road…The cuts I received from the glass soon brought me back to my senses.  I could not see further than five yards up the street, because of the thick dust cloud and the dense smoke and could not tell where the bombs had fallen… most probably, not more than a block away…I thought that they must have fallen pretty close to the church…[Father] told us that besides the church and the friary many other buildings had also been damaged and that there were dead and wounded everywhere.  I immediately thought of Fr Diego…” (1)

Fr Diego Galdes was killed when a bomb struck the Franciscan friary: he was one of 22 killed in Sliema, who also included Police Sergeant Michael Riviera.


During these 24 hours Heavy and Light Ack Ack destroyed five JU 87s and two JU 88s and one ME 109.  Aircraft destroyed two JU 88s, two JU 87s and two ME 109s; probably destroyed five JU 87s and damaged five JU 88s, one JU 87 and two ME 109s.  None of Malta’s aircraft are missing.


Weather  Wind southerly; no cloud.

0917 hrs  26 JU 88s and six ME 109 fighter bombers escorted by fighters approach the Island.

0955 hrs  23 JU 88s and fighter bombers attack Hal Far, dropping over 100 high explosive (HE) bombs and destroying one Albacore and damaging three plus a Swordfish, badly damaging four Hurricanes and slightly damaging another four.  Three vehicles are written off and two bowsers damaged.  Private C F Rowe, A Company, 2nd Bn Devonshire Regt is killed while working on the airfield. Guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery attack the enemy aircraft: no claims.

1005 hrs  Five JU 88s drop 50kg bombs on Safi strip, Mqabba area and south of Gudja village.  One unexploded bomb is reported on Safi.

1015 hrs  JU 88s dive-bomb Luqa aerodrome, cratering the runway.  Two airmen are slightly injured, one Transit Wellington and an ambulance damaged.

1030 hrs  Four ME 109s machine-gun positions of 1st Bn Kings Own Malta Regt (KOMR) at Armier Bay, Torri L’Abjad.  They also fire on a Gozo boat in the South Comino Channel.  Seven men from E Company immediately man the bullet-ridden boat and, while enemy fighters were still overhead, they help the boat’s engineer put to sea to rescue one of the crew who had dived overboard during the attack.

1051 hrs  One JU 88 carries out reconnaissance of Grand Harbour.

1101 hrs  Six ME 109s raid Hal Far, dropping five 250kg and four 50kg bombs and causing craters on the aerodrome.  One Hurricane is written off.  One large bomb is dropped on Tal Liebru area, near Safi.

1315-1350 hrs  Four Spitfires take off from Luqa and intercept six ME 109s.  P/O Plagis damages one.

1437 hrs  Four Spitfires 249 Squadron attack two Messerschmitts and fifteen JU 88s.  F/O Nash and P/O Plagis both probably destroyed JU 88s and S/L Grant damaged one.  One Spitfire is damaged; F/O Lee is wounded in the foot.

1455 hrs  Guns of 225 LAA Bty engage JU 88s heading for Hal Far.

1500 hrs  Nine JU 88s drop dozens of HE bombs on Hal Far, causing craters on the aerodrome.  One airman is killed.

1510 hrs  Four guns of 225 LAA Bty engaged three ME 109s diving from 1500 to 300 feet.

1530 hrs  Nine JU 88s drop 65 high explosive bombs, including six 1000kg, across Grand Harbour and Marsamxetto.  Several houses are demolished in Valletta.  Bombs on Floriana hit Kingsgate, Sliema bus terminus, St Johns Ditch, Great Siege Road, Msida Bastion Quarters, Block B and Lintorn Barracks.  In Sliema the Convent of the Franciscan Minors is destroyed and adjacent churches badly damaged, killing two women and a child.  Nearby houses are also destroyed, killing 22 civilians.

1535 hrs  Two ME 109s attack Mellieha Camp of 1st Bn KOMR.

1555 hrs  Twenty JU 88s approach the Island, dropping bombs on Luqa and the Safi strips.

1630 hrs  Four Spitfires 249 Squadron intercept Messerschmitts and a Dornier 24.  P/O Plagis and Sgt Hesselyn destroy ME 109s; P/O Buchanan and S/L Grant damage ME 109s.

1711 hrs  A large formation of JU 88s, JU 87s and ME 109s are reported heading towards the Island.

1800 hrs  Five Spitfires 249 Squadron sight 25 JU 87s and many ME 109 fighters approaching Grand Harbour.  F/O Buchanan and P/O Nash destroy one JU 87 each and P/O Plagis and S/L Grant probably destroy one each.

1835 hrs  Seven Hurricanes 185 Squadron then approach at 8000 feet and join the attack.  Sgt Fletcher destroys one JU 87 and probably destroys another.  Sgt Pawley probably destroys one JU 87 and damages one JU 88.  Two Hurricanes are slightly damaged.  The remaining Stukas dive-bomb Grand Harbour, dropping 96 bombs of 250kg across the Dockyard and submarine base.

2000 hrs  30 JU 88s and JU 87s drop bombs on Hal Far, causing numerous craters on the aerodrome.  Three sticks of bombs fall on Safi strip and four on the Tal Liebru area.

Night  Total of 46 JU88s and Italian BR 20 aircraft raid the Island, of which 18 drop bombs.

2035 hrs  One bomb is dropped on the Ta Salib area.

2100 hrs  One Beaufighter takes off from Ta Qali on patrol over Malta.

2113 hrs  Two bombs land on the Tal Liebru area.

2120 hrs  One JU 88 is damaged by Ack Ack fire and is seen to drop into the sea.

2140 hrs  Two bombs fall in Wied Has-Saptan and eight on the Safi strip.

2225 hrs  One bomb lands on the San Christu Church area and one on Wied Has-Saptan; a stick of unexploded bombs is reported in the Nigret area.

2310 hrs  One bomb lands on the Nigret area and explodes, severely damaging the Togores Palace.

2354 hrs  The Beaufighter attacks and damages one JU 88 which counter-attacks, setting fire to the port engine of the Beaufighter.  The starboard engine stops but the aircraft lands safely at Ta Qali at 0015 hrs: crew unhurt.

0008 hrs  One stick of bombs is dropped on Ta Karach ridge.

0205 hrs  Three bombs land on the Tal Liebru area.

0420 hrs  All clear.

Military casualties  Able Seaman Henry Gunn, HMS Penelope; Thomas Lewis, Chargeman of Boilermakers, HMS Dockyard.  Corporal Ronald David, Leading Aircraftsman Michael Ellis, Leading Aircraftsman Stanley Hoskin, Leading Aircraftsman Albert Osborne, Corporal Joseph Pitt, Flight-Lieutenant Frederick Povey, Corporal Dennis Wills, all Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  Gunner Thomas (Edgar) Burfield, Gunner Thomas Richardson, Lance-Bombardier John Scarborough-Taylor, Gunner Ernest Smith, all 4th HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery; Gunner Anthony Mifsud, 11th HAA Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery.  Sapper Ronald Feltham and Sapper Clarence Weaver, 16 Fortress Company, Royal Engineers.  Corporal Fred Chappell, Sapper Evan Evans, Sapper Henry Hayes, Sapper William Leighton, Sapper Daniel Mizen, Sapper John Sandilands, all 173 Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers.  Private Charles Rowe, 2nd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment; Lance-Corporal Charles Pearce, Corporal William Foote and Private Ernest French, 1st Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment; Sapper Paul Psaila, Royal Engineers, Malta Territorial Force.

Civilian casualties  Birkirkara  Edgar Zahra, age 3.  Balzan  Walter Farrugia, age 43.  Gzira  John Azzopardi, age 15; Ophelia Colombo, age 25; Concetta Mifsud Ellul, age 43; Mary Anne Miller, age 10.  Paola  Anthony Vassallo, age 22.  Sliema  Carmen Bates, age 6; Imelda Bates, age 5; George Bates, 9 mths; George Cassar, age 27; Vincenza Cassar, age 20; Censa Cauchi, age 80; Hilda Clarke, age 32; Ivy Clarke, age 5; Joseph Clarke, age 2; Albert Fava, age 1; Fr Diego Galdes, age 52; Alfred Gatt, age 50; Giulia Gatt, age 46; Rose Marie Gatt, age 4; Thomas Lewis, age 54; Lonza Micallef, age 50; Michael Riviera, age 40; Josephine Tabone, age 22; Antonia Tabone, age 7; Alfred Zammit, age 50; Marianna Zammit, age 45; Carmel Zammit, age 15.  Zebbug  Carmel Attard, age 50; Frances Attard, age 16.  Zejtun  Carmel Camilleri, age 18; Cristopher Caruana, age 77; Annunziato Desira, age 21; Louis Grech, age 31.

Enemy casualties  Unteroffizier Winfried Gunther, 8/StG 3, Pilot of a JU 87 Stuka shot down by Anti Aircraft fire.  He baled out into the sea, was rescued by a RAF Launch and taken prisoner.

P36 – a U class submarine



ROYAL NAVY  During heavy air raid P36, Pandora and drifter Sunset were sunk.  Havock, Sokol, Swona, Girl Margaret and a number of small craft were damaged and Unbeaten was damaged while bottomed.  Talabot received one hit with a heavy bomb.  Submarine workshops were damaged.  One Albacore and one Swordfish at Hal Far were burned out.

AIR HQ  Arrivals  Two Spitfires PRU, two Beaufighters, three Blenheims, one Sunderland, one Beaufort, one Hudson from Gibraltar.  Departures  One Wellington, four Hudsons, one Beaufort, one Sunderland to 108 MU.

LUQA  1045-1345 hrs  69 Squadron Spitfire Photo-reconnaissance (PR) Sicilian aerodromes.  2242-0607 hrs  One Wellington SD Flight Special Search with bombs. One destroyer sighted: bombs jettisoned.

TA QALI  Considerable work carried out on erection of pens for aircraft.  Large numbers of soldiers working on aerodrome and 42 men reported from Hal Far on attachment.  Hurricanes from Hal Far operating from Ta Qali.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT 0900 hrs  GOC speaks to the troops starting work on SS Pampas.  Work is hampered by lack of power for the winches – and air raids.  Private Camenzuli KOMR attached to us for training was killed by a bomb.

1st BN THE DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT  Explosion of bombs on crashed JU 87 kills Cpl Foote, L/Cpl Pearce and Pte French, and wounds LCpl Bell and Pte Garrett.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  All Companies working on Ta Qali aerodrome during the day.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  During afternoon raid, the garage received a direct hit. Casualties: 173 Company – 6 killed; 24 Fortress Coy – 1 killed.  A further bomb fell at the rear of the Administrative Block, Lintorn Barracks.  UXB  Reported 23; dealt with 11 (3 x 500kg; 1 x 250kg; 7 x 50kg) not including anti-personnel bombs and incendiaries.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  1000 hrs  This unit takes over the Observation Post at Tal Minsia from 1 Cheshire Regt (now unloading convoy).

(1) From Raiders Passed: Wartime Recollections of a Maltese youngster, Charles B Grech (translated by Joseph Galea Debono), Midsea Books, Malta 1998


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15 March 1942: Hell on Sunday – 1800kg Satan Bombs on Valletta

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German 1800kg ‘Satan’ Bomb (NWMA Malta)

Mass bombing returns to Malta today as the enemy responds to the recent success of Spitfires against their raiders.  The city of Valletta became a specific target for the first time this year.  The Luftwaffe chose the heaviest bomb carried by Junkers aircraft for their mission:  the two-ton ‘Satan’.  In five raids on the capital, German bombers dropped over 15000 kg of high explosive bombs on the streets, killing twelve civilians and one serviceman on leave.

Observers report that the number of aircraft in each raid has risen significantly.  Fighter escorts have increased in size, to outnumber the Island’s modest Spitfire force and overcome their recent success rate.


“I was then a 16 years old Dockyard apprentice and Sunday was the only full day off from where I worked… It was a sunny morning and I was outside my home…A detachment of Infantry troops on a route march were coming down the road a short distance away. Suddenly everything erupted all at once. Wailing sirens, dispersing troops and heavy and intense gunfire. Like a second instinct we all dashed to take cover . As usual I was always one of the last to enter the shelter staying at the entrance to see what was going on.

Almost immediately, out of the din, the screaming crescendo of a diving plane filled our ears and, as the noise began to fade, suddenly a loud ”shuuuttle-sshee-shuuuttle ”- the unmistakable and sinister shuttling  noise of a falling bomb. I ducked inside the shelter as far as I was able waiting for the usual shattering explosion and the trembling of the ground under our feet.  But nothing happened.  Another five minutes or so went by and still nothing happened. It was becoming clear that a bomb had come down and had not exploded.

As soon as the noise of gunfire and diving planes had subsided and without waiting for the All Clear sirens, I emerged from the shelter and ran along Zabbar Road to where I thought the bomb had fallen, assuming, with good reason, that the bomb was aimed at the detachment of troops as they marched along the road…I spotted something embedded in the ground right in the middle of the road… a large bomb was clearly visible close to the surface and painted a bluish colour…

Gingerly, and apprehensively with my curiosity overcoming fear I moved nearer for a closer look. It was then that the stark and ominous reality suddenly dawned on me. For a fleeting moment, aghast and transported into a different dimension, I nearly froze rivetted to the spot. What was I doing here so close to this hellish object? Have I taken leave of my senses?  I could be blown to bits in a fraction of a second!

I retreated, hurriedly breaking into a run towards the shelter pointing behind me and shouting at the top of my voice ”Unexploded bomb; unexploded bomb’ and in Maltese,”Emm bomba ma splodiet’ to some of the men now cautiously emerging from the shelter… ”   Joseph V Stephens, 2012


Weather  Wind variable; cloudy at times – deteriorated during the day.

0713-0732 hrs  Two ME 109s approach the Island but do not cross the coast.

0818-0905 hrs  Three JU 88s escorted by ten ME 109s approach from the north.  Two JU 88s drop 250kg and 500kg bombs on Ta Minsia and St Julians area.  One JU 88 recedes.

0932-1005 hrs  One JU 88 escorted by five ME 109s drops an 1800kg bomb to the west of Zabbar.

Four Hurricanes of 605 Squadron (all armed with machine guns) are scrambled to intercept enemy aircraft.  P/O Noble engages a ME 109: strikes observed.  P/O Wigley attacks another ME 109: results not observed.

1020 hrs  Four JU 88s escorted by 24 fighters approach the Island.  One JU 88 drops an 1800kg bomb on Valletta.  The other three drop 250kg and 500kg bombs on Valletta and Qrendi strip.  Malta’s fighters are airborne and engage.

1045 hrs  Three Hurricanes of 242 Squadron are scrambled.  Sgt Boyd attacks a JU 88 twice but sees no results.  C Coy, 3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment report a stick of bombs in area: three men are slightly hurt.

1100 hrs  A bomb explodes in Francis Street, Valletta: suspect delayed-action.

1130 hrs  Four Spitfires 249 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa.  They are attacked by three ME 109s.  F/L Heppell sees cannon strikes on the fuselage of one ME which is then lost in cloud.  All Spitfires return safely to Luqa.

1135 hrs  All clear.  Three Hurricanes 242 Squadron return to Ta Qali.

1205-1255 hrs  Three JU 88s escorted by fifteen ME 109s drop 250kg and 500kg bombs near Luqa.  Heavy Ack Ack engage and damage one engine of a JU 88.

1220 hrs  Three JU 88s drop 500kg bombs from below cloud level between headquarters of 8t Bn Kings Own Royal Regiment (Ta Qandia quarries) and C Company at Ta Hasluk.  Kings Own Malta Regiment report a stick of bombs near Wied Babu.

1319-1438 hrs  Four JU 88s escorted by nine ME 109s drop 500kg bombs on Zabbar, Latnia and Rinella.  Four Spitfires engage.

1421 hrs  One JU 88 escorted by ME 109s approaches from the north.  Seven Hurricanes and three Spitfires are airborne but do not engage.  The JU 88 drops a 1800kg bomb on Valletta.

1515 hrs  A bomb explodes in Ursula Street, Valletta; suspect delayed-action.

1517 hrs  Three JU 88s and two ME 109s drop 500kg bombs on Zabbar and Zonqor areas.  Heavy and Light Ack Ack engage.

Four Hurricanes of 185 Squadron at Hal Far take off to intercept incoming enemy aircraft.

1538 hrs  Three JU 88s accompanied by 25 ME 109s drop 500kg bombs on Hal Far and in the sea.  The Hurricanes attack a JU 88: hits are observed on the tail and fuselage.

1545 hrs  Bombs area Della Grazia – Rinella-Maria Tas Silch.

1555 hrs  All clear.

1619-1657 hrs  Seven unidentified aircraft approach above the clouds.  Heavy Ack Ack engage with two barrages.

1715 hrs  W/C Satchell leads four Hurricanes from Ta Qali which join up with four from Hal Far; one returns early.  W/C Satchell attacks a JU 88: strikes are observed on the wing.  The same aircraft is fired on by two other Hurricanes.  W/C Satchell becomes separated from the formation and has a dog fight with a Messerschmitt.  He shoots off the tail of the enemy aircraft: claims destroyed.

1732-1820 hrs  Three JU 88s escorted by ME 109s drop bombs on Hal Far. Heavy and Light Ack Ack engage; no claims.

1931-2045 hrs  Two aircraft drop bombs on Gozo and in the sea.  Ack Ack engage.

2122-2140 hrs  One aircraft drops bombs in the sea.  Ack Ack do not engage.

2354-0018 hrs  One aircraft approaches and recedes when still 15 miles north of the Island.

0028-0058 hrs  Three aircraft approach; bombs are dropped to the north of Zabbar and in the sea.  Heavy Ack Ack engage.

Military casualties  Private Dominic Mifsud, King’s Own Malta Regiment, died whilst on leave in Valletta. Leading Aircraftsman Stanley Leavesley, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Civilian casualties  Birkirkara  Salvu Borg, age 20.  Sliema  Polly Cannataci, age 26.  St Julians  Christopher Butler, age 21 months, (son of Capt Butler, 2nd Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment).  Valletta  Giovanna Attard, age 56; Joseph Bellizzi, age 66; Dominica Borg Bellizzi, age 39; Michelina Busuttil, age 60; Vincent Busuttil, age 30; Anthony Formosa, age 37; Girlamo Fsadni, age 77; Marianna Mayman, age 34; Harold Miles, age 38; Mary Mifsud, age 57; Michael Vella, age 74; Melita Vella, age 35.  Zabbar  Emmanuele Bongailas, age 28; Giuseppe Lia, age 12.


LUQA  0745-0920 hrs  One Maryland 69 Squadron carried out part of SF 5 patrol.

SOUTHERN INFANTRY BRIGADE  One Man D Company 3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment slightly injured by bombs in area of Qrendi strip.  Two men E Company 3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment Paola sustained slight injuries during a bombing raid.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 21 February-15 March 128 (average 6 per day).


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12 March 1942: Luftwaffe ‘Licking its Wounds’

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  • Enemy forced higher to avoid Ack Ack: bombs dropped from 20-24000 feet.
  • Italian bombers in daylight raids on airfields
  • German bombers aim 36 High Explosive bombs at Ta Qali
  • Plus another 36 High Explosive bombs on Hal Far


Heavy bombing of Malta’s airfields is destroying too many aircraft on the ground.  Infantry battalions are being drafted in to Hal Far to build protective walls to shelter planes from the blast effect of exploding bombs.  With an acute shortage of materials, the Army have to improvise to create suitable building blocks.  As well as any stone fragments which can be salvaged from destroyed buildings, empty petrol cans will be filled with soil and stacked up to create the pen walls.


Weather  Cloudy at times; wind variable.

0849-0928 hrs  Two ME 109s come in from the south east and recede north east without dropping any bombs.

1104 hrs  Two plots of six aircraft come in from the north and drop bombs on the Ta Qali area.  Nine bombs are dropped on quarters of D Company, 1st Bn Durham Light Infantry near the coast at Gebel Ciantar.

1130 hrs  Four Italian BR 20 aircraft drop bombs on Ta Qali camp, damaging a bus and one refueller.  One shelter and one billet collapse; seven Hurricanes are slightly damaged.  LAC White is admitted to hospital (he died on 13th March) and three others, LAC Weston, LAC Weir, and AC1 Varty, are rescued from the shelter and admitted to hospital.

1205 hrs  All clear.

1226-1241 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north but does not cross the coast.

1605 hrs  Enemy bombers with fighter escort totalling eighteen aircraft approach the Island.

1635 hrs  Three JU 88s drop about fourteen bombs on Ta Qali.  HLB electric light cables are interrupted; slight blast damage to new and old HQ buildings.  One Hurricane, one Spitfire and one fighter Blenheim are slightly damaged.

1706 hrs  All Clear.

2040 hrs  Seven aircraft approach from the north and drop bombs on St Andrews, Kalafrana, Safi and out at sea.  Fighters do not engage.

2050 hrs  Twelve bombs are dropped in the area of St Agata Church.

2100 hrs  HQ Company of 3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment report one unexploded bomb between Qrendi and Zurrieq.

2200 hrs  A Company 3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment report eight grenades round Bubaqra Platoon tents.

2345 hrs  A Beaufighter crewed by F/L Hayton and P/O Josling sights a JU 88, follows it and attacks; they see strikes and explosions on the fuselage.  The enemy aircraft dives and is followed but lost.  Petrol consumption for 2 1/2 hours is 500 gallons.

0138 hrs  One aircraft bombs Ta Qali and Boschetto Gardens.  Fighters and Heavy Ack Ack engage.

0143 hrs  Bombs are dropped in the Bubaqra area.

0215 hrs  All Clear.

Civilian casualties  Salvo Perini, Police Constable, HM Dockyard.

Enemy casualties (known)  Unteroffizier Horst Eiler, 1/KuFlGr606, pilot of a Junkers JU 88 bomber shot down.


ROYAL NAVY  P31 returned from patrol off Lampion having sunk a southbound 6000 ton merchant vessel which was fully laden.  Porpoise sailed for Alexandria with passengers and stores.  One Albacore sighted one merchant vessel and one destroyer in the vicinity of Pantelleria, westbound.  Three Swordfish left to attack but returned owing to leader developing engine trouble.

AIR HQ  Departures  One Wellington to Shalufa.

HAL FAR  Afternoon raid: main road to Kalafrana damaged.

LUQA 0740-1250 hrs  One Maryland 69 Squadron carries out SF5 patrol.  1215-1452 hrs  One Spitfire carries out photo-reconnaissance of Sicilian aerodromes.

TA QALI  Six airmen are attached from Luqa for duty with Beaufighter Flight.  Fifteen aircrew personnel are posted to 249 Squadron.  Air Marshall Tedder, C in C Middle East, visited and inspected station.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Battalion went on fortnightly route march.

2ND BN THE DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT  Battalion provides 100 men a day with effect from today for building protective walls at Hal Far.

1ST BN THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  C Company of 8th Bn Kings Own Royal Regt relieved A Company 4 Hamps on Safi strip.  A Company moving to Ta Hashluk area.

8TH BN THE  KINGS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT  C Company temporarily took over area from A Company of !st Bn Hampshire Regt on Safi.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  C Company HQ and Reserve Platoon move to Savoy Hotel from Ta Xbiex.  Aircraft activity over Island on minor scale:  Luftwaffe probably ‘licking its wounds’.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 21 February-15 March 128 (average 6 per day).


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2 February 1942: Malta Not Equipped for Night Attacks

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“Anywhere else but Malta, an air raid warning would sound over a large area as the enemy aircraft moved towards their target; whereas when our sirens sounded, we were the target.” (1) 

Searchlights over Floriana


Malta’s defenders are struggling against an increasing numbers of night-time air raids.  The Island is just 27 km long and 14.5 km across.  From the first sight of an approaching raid to when enemy aircraft cross the coast and reach target takes just a few minutes, giving little opportunity for a successful counter-attack.  The Island needs more searchlights, to give the Gunners a better chance of getting enemy aircraft in their sights.

Telegram from:  Governor & Commander in Chief                         To: War Office


Reasons for increase in AA S/Ls [Anti-Aircraft Searchlights].  Situation here not comparable with UK.  Small area of island with consequent proximity [vital positions] creates gun and fighter aircraft zone in confined space which demands quick pick-up and efficient illumination of many targets, in order to ensure quick results with gun or fighter aircraft in short time available for engagement.

Enemy intruder tactics demand adequate searchlights for co-operation with Bofors for defence of aerodromes.  Further searchlights required for co-operation with Bofors for defence [of] harbour and for anti mine-laying role.  Enemy activity over small area necessitates all lights in action constantly without gaps in layout, or in aerodrome or harbour defence.

Spares essential for organised system overhaul, for replacement damage enemy action and for training locally raised personnel and instructors.  Present holding 61.  Disribution: 48 operational and 13 for overhaul, replacement damage enemy action, and training.  Minimum operational requirement essential present commitments, including aerodromes and harbour: 66.  Spares: 4 for overhaul; 4 for replacement and 5 for training.  Total holding required: 79.  Proposals for additional personnel follow.


Weather  Rough and cold. Wind westerly.  Rain and hail during the day.

0945-0948 hrs  Aircraft identified as friendly.

1014-1025 hrs  Three aircraft are scrambled from Hurricane squadrons working out of Luqa.  One aircraft approaches from the north, turns when 30 miles north east of Grand Harbour and recedes.  No interceptions.

1110 hrs  One Hurricane is scrambled from Luqa and four more at 1130 hrs.  One JU 88 bomber approaches from north to south, crosses the Island from south to north at 28000 feet and is engaged by Heavy Ack Ack.  Malta’s fighters do not engage.

1240 hrs  Four Hurricanes scrambled from Luqa land back at Ta Qali: the airfield is now serviceable.

1319-1345 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north, passes the Island fifteen miles to the east and recedes south.

1352 hrs The previous raid re-appears from the south, is barraged by Heavy Ack Ack as it approaches Kalafrana, and jettisons bombs in the sea.

1400 hrs  The JU 88 attempts to attack Hal Far and is engaged by Light Ack Ack, claiming three hits.  Two Hurricanes of 605 Squadron attack one JU 88 at 10000 feet south of the airfield.  The enemy aircraft is damaged, the rear gunner believed killed.  Both Hurricanes are slightly damaged.  1419 hrs  All clear.

1830-1913 hrs  Four JU 88s escorted by fighters approach from the north and cross the coast near Kalafrana, damaging a slipway and one Sunderland aircraft.  before dropping bombs on Hal Far and the Safi Strip.  Several heavy high explosives and many very small bombs are dropped on the Hurricane dispersal areas.  One Hurricane is a write-off; two airmen are wounded.

1859 hrs  3rd Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment report incendiaries between Nigret and Guarena, headquarters of C Company, a stick of High Explosives near Hagiar Qim battery.

1907 hrs  1st Bn The Dorsetshire Regiment reports incendiary bombs in the sea east of Delimara and in area Wied Ta Mazza.  Heavy and Light Ack Ack engage enemy aircraft and several hits are claimed on one JU 88 which is believed destroyed.  Gunner A Beard of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery is injured and taken to No 90 General Hospital.

2024-2045 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north and is engaged by Heavy Ack Ack, dropping bombs in the Qrendi area and in the sea.

2304-0204 hrs  Ten aircraft approach singly from the north over a period of three hours, dropping bombs on Hal Far, Zeitun, Siggiewi, Corradino and Ta Xbiex.  Heavy Ack Ack engage.

2317 hrs  One JU 88 attacks Hal Far.  Eight bombs are dropped causing craters on the aerodrome and damaging one building.  One Swordfish is slightly damaged.  No casualties.

2334 hrs  One enemy aircraft drops bombs 600 yards from Zeitun School.  0204 hrs  All clear.

0300-0325 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north and drops bombs in the sea just south of the Island before receding north west.

0417-0425 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north, misses the Island, orbits six to ten miles to the east, drops bombs in the sea and recedes.

Military casualties  Gunner Leslie Mills, 222 Battery, 10 HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Civilian casualties  Field, (relative of a serviceman).


AIR HQ  Arrivals Two Blenheims, one Sunderland, one Beaufort from Gibraltar.  Departures Three Blenheims to LH 224.

HAL FAR  Night 2/3rd  Four Albacores 828 Squadron despatched to attack merchant vessel of 7-8000 tons off Mahdia.  At least one, possibly two, torpedoes hit the ship.  Visibility good.  Light Ack Ack from ship rather accurate.

LUQA 69 Squadron One Maryland SF14 patrol; one Maryland SF15 patrol. 40 Squadron  Wellingtons despatched to attack repairing base at Naples.

TA QALI  0950 hrs  Aerodrome unserviceable.  Squadrons proceeded to Luqa for operations: eight aircraft and forty maintenance personnel. 1920 hrs  Night intruder raids over Sicily (Catania): one lorry damaged; no interceptions, returned 2200 hrs. 1955 hrs  W/Cdr Satchell over Comiso – damaged car and fired on by Ack Ack, intense at times, returned 2250 hrs. 2115 hrs  Sgt Wood to Catania; saw no enemy activity; was ignored completely – returned 0035 hrs. 2225 hrs  P/O Rathie to Comiso – saw nothing; returned 0035 hrs. 2245 hrs  F/Lt Stones to Catania: attacked large black limousine, set it on fire; returned 0125 hrs. 0055 hrs  F/O Thompson to Comiso and Gela: saw Cant Z506; gave bursts from 400 to 100 yards; aircraft fell in sea about 1/2 mile from Licata Harbour – returned 0320 hrs. 0215 hrs  F/O Robertson to Catania: saw flare path near C.Passero; no contacts, weather deteriorating, returned 0350 hrs. 0305 hrs  F/Lt Palmer returned owing to engine trouble 0330 hrs.

NORTHERN INFANTRY BRIGADE  Brigade HQ protective platoon formed.

1st BN CHESHIRE REGIMENT  B Coy on the range firing Tommy gun: results were not very good on paper but the shortening was not too bad.  The Command photographer took Officers’ photographs for [security] passes.

11TH BN LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Luqa working party 120 strong.

8TH BN MANCHESTERA’ party from B Company were supplied for a working party at Ta Qali aereodrome.   Brigadier in charge of administration and STO expressed their appreciation of the excellent work done by military working parties in assisting with the unloading of merchant ships of the last convoy.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 4; dealt with 2 (1 x 30kg, 1 x 500kg) not including anti-personnel bombs and incendiaries.

(1) Henry Lavington, from UXB Malta, S A M Hudson

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30 September 1941: Submarines Sink 49 Axis Ships in 3 Months

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RAF raid on German ammunition dump in Libyan desert August 1941

RAF raid on German ammunition dump in Libyan desert August 1941


Between June and the end of September, submarines have sunk a total of 49 enemy ships – an overall 150,000 tons – in the Mediterranean. Added to the losses inflicted by the RAF this represented a high proportion of Axis shipping bound for Libya.

12 patrols were carried out during the month by submarines of 10th Flotilla.  In addition, Triumph proceeded to a successful patrol in the Adriatic, Perseus to an area off Kefalonia, and Otus and Osiris direct to Alexandria.

Unbeaten carried out a spirited bombardment of a tunnel which caused consternation to the local home guard, and Upright sank a destroyer of the Generale class.  The most successful operation was against a fast convoy east of Tripoli, during which Upholder scored one hit on each of Oceania and Neptunia in a night attack and after reloading returned to sink one of them with two torpedoes at dawn.  The other ship’s fate is unknown.  The Vulcania of the same convoy was intercepted by Ursula which scored one hit on the ship causing it to list slightly and reduce speed.

No bombs were reported as having fallen on the Dockyard or other Naval establishments. No unexploded bombs were dealt with by the Royal Navy during the month. 


During the month sweeps over enemy territory by Malta fighters, some equipped to carry 40lb bombs, were added to the strategy.

Marylands and photoreconnaissance Hurricanes of 69 Squadron have covered the Italian convoy routes daily as well as making frequent reconnaissances of Sicilian and southern Calabrian ports and aerodromes, and of Tripoli. Naples has also been visited.  The excellent photographs, visual and sighting reports obtained have indirectly been responsible for the increased pressure of offensive effort from Malta during the month.

Offensive Operations:  Wellingtons of 38 Squadron carried out 26 operations during September, with an average of eight aircraft on each sortie. Over 233 tons of bombs have been dropped on Tripoli during 17 raids, causing considerable damage to harbour installations and the town. Palermo has been attacked five times, Messina twice, Benhazi and Kuriat once each.

Blenheims of 105 and 107 Squadrons carried out 31 operations, 20 of these directed against enemy shipping. Considerable damage was done to the chemical works and harbour installations at Crotone, factories at Licata, transport centres at Homs, barracks at Misurata and a power station at Porto Empedocle.  Five sweeps have been made along the Tripoli-Benghazi road during which petrol tankers and other transport vehicles have been bombed and machine-gunned.

Hurricanes (equipped with cannon) of 249 Squadron attacked the railway station at Pozallo, while those of 185 Squadron have carried out three bombing raids on Comiso aerodrome. On one of these raids a Hurricane was lost but the pilot was subsequently rescued. 

Swordfish of 830 Squadron Fleet Air Arm carried out 16 operations, 13 of these against enemy shipping, and have sunk two motor vessels and one destroyer, as well as damaging others. Mines have been laid on two occasions in Tripoli Harbour and once at Palermo.  As a result of torpedo attacks two merchant ships are claimed sunk, one destroyer and three merchantmen probably sunk, seven damaged and a further five probably damaged. 

Beaufighters of 272 Squadron were attached to this command during ‘Operation Halberd’ and were used to attack Sardinian and Sicilian aerodromes. Searches were also made south of Sicily for torpedo boats.

On 14 nights Fulmars have operated over aerodromes in southern Sicily, dropping small bombs and machine-gunning aircraft on the ground. One Fulmar force-landed in the sea; the crew were rescued.

Defensive Action: 126 Squadron carried out 31 scrambles during the month, 249 Squadron 22 and 185 Squadron 66. The Malta Night Fighter Unit had 22 scrambles and shot down two enemy aircraft.  Eleven enemy aircraft were confirmed destroyed, plus one probable and five damaged, against the loss of two Hurricanes.

Enemy Activity: There have been nine day alerts and 20 night alerts during the month. None of these raids was heavy and bombs have only been dropped at night.  Damage has been negligible and confined to civilian property. 


Malta fighters were attacked tonight by five enemy aircraft as they helped search for one of their own Hurricane pilots reported missing after a raid. Eleven Hurricanes of 185 Squadron had earlier attacked Comiso aerodrome but as they returned to their base at Hal Far they learned that one of their pilots, P/O Donald Lintern, was missing.  Five Hurricanes took off again to escort a Fulmar which was sent to search for the missing pilot.  As they circled the area to the north of Gozo, enemy aircraft approached and attacked the Malta fighters.  In the ensuing dogfight one of the enemy fighters was shot down.  P/O Lintern was not been found and the search was eventually called off.


Weather  Fine and fresh.

No air raids.

Military casualties  Sergeant Robert L Kitch, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR), 200 Squadron; Pilot Officer Donald W Lintern, RAFVR, 185 Squadron.


AIR HQ Arrivals 4 Wellington. Departures 6 Beaufighter, 4 Blenheim fighter. Fleet Air Arm One Fulmar on offensive patrol over Gerbini and Catania aerodromes dropped high explosive bombs on Gerbini dispersal area. 38 Squadron 9 Wellingtons attacked a motor transport depot in Tripoli. 69 Squadron Photoreconnaissance eastern and southern Sicily, east Calabrian coast and Tripoli.  Patrol of east Sicilian coast and shipping search off Tripoli area. 107 Squadron 4 Blenheims attacked shipping and motor transport near Misurata and Beurat.  1 Blenheim attacked a schooner.  1 Blenheim on search for shipping north of Crotone. 

HAL FAR  185 Squadron 11 Hurricanes attacked Comiso aerodrome, 5 carrying bombs and 6 acting as fighter escort. High explosive bombs and incendiaries were dropped on buildings and a dispersal area.  The aircraft of P/O Lintern failed to return. 

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Mobile machine-gun company carried out an exercise to the north west of Rabat.

2nd Bn DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT  Strengths 33 officers, 870 other ranks.

2nd Bn KINGS OWN MALTA REGIMENT  Strengths 21 officers, 443 other ranks.

3rd Bn KINGS OWN MALTA REGIMENT  Strengths 18 officers, 708 other ranks. Recruits joined in September: 77.

ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS  Strengths 18 officers, 8 WO1, 214 other ranks.


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29 April 1941: Heaviest Bombing Yet in 6½ Hour Raid

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Malta experienced its heaviest bombing raid of the war so far tonight when nearly 90 enemy aircraft came over and dropped mines and bombs. The raid followed an earlier attack in which another 84 bombs were dropped on Grand Harbour. 

From just before 9 this evening the Island was under alert for 6½ hours as raiders launched their attacks in two waves, dropping over 800 high explosive bombs from 50kg to 1000kg on the Grand Harbour, Luqa and Ta Qali airfields and several inland villages. Parachute mines were laid in the harbours and approaches.

Bombing Aub Auvergne now law courtsSeveral 1000kg were among the bombs which landed on Valletta, badly damaging many buildings including St John’s Cathedral, a church, theatre and cinema, and causing a large fire. A bomb demolished the corner of Merchants Street and St Christopher Street, as well as several shops in Kingsway.  Another fire started in Floriana.  The Dockyard fire engine was sent to assist civil fire engines in tackling the blazes. Fort St Elmo was damaged, one officer and three men killed. Electricity and water supplies and telephone communications have been badly affected. 

In the Dockyard bombs hit two dock areas, forming numerous craters. Workshops and stores were completely demolished and three damaged, a nearby wharf is now blocked by debris. HMS Encounter in dry dock was damaged by bomb splinters, then a bomb penetrated the forecastle and exploded inside the ship, blowing a hole in her bottom. A bomb hit the bridge of Fermoy in No 5 dock and passed through the hull, causing her to settle by the bow.

Bighi Hospital and Fort St Angelo were hit by bombs; two marines and two dockyard personnel were wounded and one master at arms is missing. One of 2nd Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers was killed and one injured; one of Royal Malta Artillery was killed and two injured.  The guard room of HQ 1st Bn Cheshire Regiment was hit by a bomb and destroyed, along with the recreation room; rifles are written off. 

In Zabbar five houses were demolished and three damaged by four bombs; two women are injured. In Cospicua 16 bombs were dropped demolishing eight houses and badly damaging five houses and seven shops. 10 houses were demolished at Marsa, one civilian killed and one injured.

86 bombs were dropped on the Ta Qali area alone, where some 22 flares were seen floating down to illuminate the target. Several mines exploded on land, including one near Luqa where a serious fire broke out. Several sticks of bombs were dropped on the south and south west perimeters of Luqa aerodrome, severing telephone communications.  One stick of bombs landed near the entrance to a dugout of 2nd Bn Royal West Kent Regiment; there are no reported casualties.

In Zurrieq, six bombs damaged 17 houses and injured one woman; bombs also fell near the HQ of 1st Bn Hampshire Regiment.  18 bombs were dropped on the village of Zebbug and many more on the outskirts. 4 houses and a store were demolished and 106 houses damaged, many seriously; six civilians were killed.  The mine dropped near Tad-Dawl Chapel and failed to explode.

Buildings including a hangar and messes were damaged at Ta Qali; 13 unexploded bombs were reported across the aerodrome. Three Hurricanes were damaged and will be out of action for a week. 

During the raid troops across the Island were placed on full alert for a possible enemy parachute landing. The Island went into shut-down as road blocks were put in place.  The alarm was triggered by a report of parachutists who had baled out of an enemy aircraft shot down during the raid earlier this evening.  Once it was confirmed there were no more parachutists at large the precautions were relaxed but barriers remained closed as a precaution. 

A total of eight civilians were killed and 15 seriously wounded. 34 unexploded bombs were reported to Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal.  Only two JU 88 bombers were shot down in the raids, one by Bofors fire.  The second was hit by Ack Ack fire before being destroyed by Hurricane fighters.


The War Office has written to Malta’s Governor and Commander in Chief today warning that there will be a delay in the arrival of the much needed additional anti-aircraft units. Shipping will not be available to transport 68 Heavy AA Regiment to join the next planned convoy WS 7 for onward travel to Malta.  However, the telegram confirms that 199 Heavy AA Battery is expected to arrive in the Middle East on WS 7 and will be transported to Malta as soon as possible.  The date of embarkation will be notified later.


Weather   Fine.    

0744-0815 hrs  Air raid alert; raid does not materialise.

1051-1115 hrs Air raid alert for a single JU 88 bomber which approaches the Island and carries out reconnaissance. Heavy anti-aircraft guns engage; no claims.

1835-1920 hrs  Air raid alert for six JU 88s escorted by ten ME 109s which approach the Island and carry out a high level bombing attack on Grand Harbour, dropping 24 high explosive bombs of 250kg and 60 of 50kg. One private of 2nd Bn Royal West Kent Regiment is wounded.  One JU 88 is hit by anti-aircraft fire using height control and then attacked by Hurricanes; it crashes just above the Naval Ranges at Ghain Tuffieha.  The crew of four bale out: one lands on Pembroke Ranges and is captured by 2nd Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers, the other three in the sea nearby and are rescued and taken prisoner.  One ME 109 is also believed shot down by a Hurricane.  One Hurricane is damaged on landing.

2050 hrs  Air raid alert for 70 JU 88 and HE 111 bombers which cross the coast in two waves and launch a heavy raid for four hours, dropping some 700 high explosive bombs and mines on the Grand Harbour area as well as the Luqa and Ta Qali areas and several villages. Parachute mines are dropped on Grand Harbour, off the harbour entrance and in Sliema Creek. 

Searchlights are effective, illuminating raiders 13 times for 2 minutes each. Heavy Ack Ack fire 34 predicted barrages, some of which succeed in turning the enemy off course; one JU 88 is shot down by Bofors fire.  Some mines are exploded by Bofors guns. 

2232 hrs  Infantry Brigades issue an alert to all troops: “Take parachutist precautions.”

2332 hrs  All defensive barriers are closed and road blocks manned.

2340 hrs Parachutists are confirmed as eight in number and identified as having baled out from aircraft engaged in an earlier air raid. Anti-parachutist precautions are relaxed but the barriers remain closed.  

0030 hrs  All clear.

0112-0130 hrs  Air raid alert for a formation of enemy aircraft which approaches the Island but does not cross the coast.

0144-0314 hrs  Air raid alert for 17 Heinkel HE 111 bombers which approach from the north and drop mines and bombs on Grand Harbour and Valletta, as well as Ta Qali, Zebbug, Qrendi, Mosta and Balzan. 144 high explosive bombs are dropped and mines laid.  Heavy Ack Ack fire nine predicted barrages; no claims.

0313 hrs  All clear.

Military casualties  Leading Aircraftsman Herbert Cecil Hermon, Royal Air Force; Sergeant Ralph Norman Tapper, Royal Air Force; Lance-Corporal Alexander Booker Watton, 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers; Gunner Joseph Zarb, 3 Battery, 1 Coast Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery.

Civilian casualties  Senglea  Carmel Degiorgio, age 34. Valletta  Brother Bonaventura Attard, age 21; Brother Hilarion Borg, age 22; Nazzareno Cachia, age 38; Connie Grech, age 45; Philip Grech, age 23; Brother Marcellino Pisani, age 22.  Zebbug  Rochani Tikamadas, age 48. 

Enemy casualties  Weldwebel Rudolf Lenzner, pilot; Unteroffizier Paul Kietzmann, air gunner, Weldwebel Wilhelm Heller, Observer; Helmut Hartlich, Wireless operator; crew of JU 88 bomber 5th Staffel, 2nd Gruppo, shot down and taken prisoner.


AIR HQ Arrivals 1 Sunderland. 69 Squadron Marylands reconnaissance eastern Tunisian coast.    

NORTHERN INFANTRY BRIGADE  Training exercise held in spite of a very disturbed night due to heavy air raids and a false alarm of parachutists.

KALAFRANA  One Sunderland (RAAF) arrived from Gibraltar with passengers and freight.

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  A and D Companies on the range firing MMG. During night air raids Bn HQ guard room was hit by a bomb and destroyed, along with the recreation room.  Much kit and stores destroyed.  The Bn fire engine turned out and gave useful assistance.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bomb Disposal UXB reported 34; dealt with 0.

MALTA SIGNALS COMPANY  Classification of Signallers 4th Bn The Buffs (passed 4, failed 0).

ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS  Workshops personnel returned to Gzira from Gozo.

2nd Bn ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS  1700 hrs Fusilier H E Hawkins was buried at St Andrew’s Cemetery.


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28 August 1940: Air Force in Malta to Expand

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE  

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The Air Force based on Malta is expected to expand significantly, according to a telegram from the War Office to Malta’s Governor and Commander in Chief. The plans have raised concerns among military chiefs on the Island who will need further facilities to be developed to meet the needs of a greater force.

AOC Malta Air Commodore Forster Maynard (r) with Flt Lt G Burges.

AOC Malta Air Commodore Forster Maynard (r) with Flt Lt G Burges.

The Air Officer Commanding has already requested further dispersal areas for aircraft beyond the existing airfields. Such expansion would also require additional anti-aircraft protection.

Lt Gen Dobbie has written to the War Office strongly recommending that 12 Heavy and 10 Light Ack Ack guns now in transit on board fast ships be allotted to Malta, in addition to a similar number which have already been allocated and are expected to arrive imminently. He Also stressed that manning of the Heavy guns will require 27 Ack Ack Battery currently also in transit via “Operation Serenade” is posted to Malta. Light guns can be manned from local resources, if the War Office agrees to the commissioning of six additional Royal Malta Artillery officers to train immediately.

In a separate development, a secret and personal telegram from Vice Admiral Malta has confirmed that the following are expected to arrive Malta shortly by ship: 416 boxes Bofors ammunition, 16 Bofors barrels, 100 Bren guns, 10 Bofors guns, eight 3.7” Ack Ack guns, three predictors, two height finders, ten 4.5” Ack Ack barrels.


Weather  Fine.

1030-1044 hrs  Air raid warning for five enemy aircraft which approach the Island at 20000 feet to within six miles of the coastline, then turn away eastward. Four Hurricanes are scrambled but do not intercept. The raid does not materialize.

2110-2151 hrs  A searchlight co-operation exercise with Hurricane fighters is interrupted by an air raid warning for two enemy aircraft which approach to within ten miles east of the island. They circle for half an hour then turn away to the north east. The Hurricanes do not engage.


AIR HQ  One Sunderland reconnaissance westward of north African coast from Salita Island to 60 miles west of Algiers.

1st HEAVY REGIMENT, ROYAL MALTA ARTILLERY  Construction begun of mantlets for 8 inch guns at Fort Campbell. A second machine gun post is completed and a third started.


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