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10 May 1942: The Battle of Malta – Fiercest Attack the World has Ever Known

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  • Enemy fighters destroyed/damaged by RAF 57
  • Enemy fighters destroyed by Ack Ack 8

    JU 87 Stuka


Royal Navy Commander Edward Woolley was working that morning at Hamrun with Army Bomb Disposal Officer, Lt Thomas Blackwell, where they had just dealt with an unexploded G mine:

“Just as we left a most terrific barrage started right above us. It was so sudden we didn’t even have time to take cover, and perforce had to watch what was probably the fiercest and most concentrated aerial attack the world has ever known. It so happened that during the night a single ship had run the gauntlet to Malta and was being unloaded at top speed. Jerry sent over about a hundred Stukas to get it. Only the day before we had received reinforcements of Spitfires and the Gunners were given unlimited fire and my God did they use it. The air was literally black with barrage, planes and bits of planes. The Spits got so excited they followed the Stukas right through the barrage and we lost a couple. Jerry lost about seventy the highest day’s loss by a long way. The whole affair lasted about twenty minutes and we stood in the doorway to a house the whole time, never been so frightened in my life.”  (1) 

HMS Welshman


Minelayer HMS Welshman arrived in Grand Harbour today, bringing spare parts and 105 RAF maintenance crew for Spitfires to Malta as part of Operation Bowery.  She was also loaded to the limit with 540 tons of stores including the supply for Malta of 15 tons of smoke-making compound, as well as 96 Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engines, over 80,000 rounds of Bofors shells, plus medicines, tinned meat, powdered milk and dehydrated foodstuffs.

Welshman embarked on 7 May and, once at sea, was disguised as the French super destroyer Leopard and flying French colours to cover her passage through the Mediterranean.  The disguise fooled French and German reconnaissance aircraft and Welshman completed her passage to Malta unchallenged, entering Grand Harbour early this morning having narrowly missed two mines on her way in.

Unloading HMS Welshman (IWM GM 1377)

“The RAF personnel. were soon on their way and then task of unloading began. I was on watch in the radio room below decks and at about 1000 hours the air raid warnings began. At 1100 hours the ship was shaken by three explosions — two bombs had landed on the quay, demolishing one of the cranes, and the third had landed in the dock, all within about 20 feet of the ship. Part of one of the cranes landed on the multiple pom-pom deck, killing one of the crew and putting the gun out of action… For the first time during the siege a smoke screen was laid over the Harbour and this may well have saved the Welshman”  (2)

British Pathe News: Supplies for Malta CLICK HERE


Weather  Wind southerly: no cloud – haze.  Very hot.

0530 hrs  HMS Welshman enters Grand Harbour.  Immediately on berthing she puts up a smoke screen completely obscuring her from view.

0550-0700 hrs  Four Spitfires 249 Squadron Ta Qali are airborne to intercept enemy aircraft: no engagement.

0555 hrs  ME 109s carry out a patrol to the south east of the Island.

0720-0821 hrs  Four Spitfires 185 Squadron are airborne from Hal Far on patrol duties over Grand Harbour.    

0750 hrs  Three Spitfires 601 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa on intercept patrol: no contact.

0752 hrs  One JU 88 and ten ME 109s carry out reconnaissance over the Island.  Sgt Boyd, 185 Squadron, fires at two ME 109s without result.

0820-0940 hrs  Four Spitfires 603 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali on patrol: nil report.

0951 hrs  First reports of formations of enemy aircraft heading from the direction of Comiso.  Four Spitfires 126 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa to intercept.  They engage enemy fighters: two ME 109s are probably destroyed; one damaged.

Island on full alert: Lascaris Operations Room orders Ground Observers to readiness and Anti-Aircraft guns to alert status.  19 Spitfires 601 and 126 Squadrons are scrambled from Luqa to intercept enemy aircraft.

First visual reports of incoming enemy raiders from observation posts on Gozo and Marfa Ridge.

Anti-aircraft guns open barrages on incoming aircraft.

1041 hrs  Twenty JU 87s and eight JU 88s escorted by large numbers of ME 109s head for Grand Harbour and attempt to attack shipping through the smoke screen.  They are met by an intense Ack Ack barrage over the harbour and large numbers of Spitfires attacking from above – all operating through the smoke and defensive barrage.  Observers describe enemy bombing as ‘very inaccurate’.

1048 hrs  Five Spitfires 185 Squadron are scrambled from Ta Qali to intercept enemy aircraft.  A number of JU 87s and JU 88s are attacked in the Grand Harbour area.  Sgt Boyd probably destroys one JU 88 and damages another.  Sgt Dodd destroys one JU 87.  F/Lt Lawrence probably destroys one JU 88.  SGt Broad probably destroys one JU 88 and P/O McKay probably destroys one JU 88.

Spitfires from Luqa 126 and 601 Squadrons claim two JU 87s,and one JU 88 destroyed; two JU 87s and two JU 88s probably destroyed; two JU 87s and two JU 88s damaged.

1050 hrs  Seven Spitfires 603 Squadron and five Spitfires 249 Squadron are scrambled from Ta Qali and intercept fifteen JU 87s.  F/Sgt Hurst destroys one JU 87 and damages another.  F/Lt Douglas probably destroys one and damages another.  F/O Holland damages three ME 109s.  P/O Nash destroys one JU 87 and probably destroys another.  F/Lt Buchanan damages one JU 87, F/O Lee probably destroys one, Sgt Brennan destroys one and damages another.  P/O Plagis destroys one JU 87 and damages one ME 109.

One Spitfire, one JU 88 and one JU 87 are seen to crash in the Grand Harbour area.

1115 hrs  Spitfires return to Luqa: P/O Briggs fails to return to base.

1138 hrs  Raiders passed.

1200 hrs  One JU 88 and two ME 109s carry out reconnaissance.

1330 hrs  Unloading of Welshman is complete.

1358 hrs  ME 109s carry out a fighter sweep across the Island.

1430 hrs  Reports come in of a formation of 7 JU 88 bombs with an escort of 30 ME 109 fighters approaching the Island. 12 Spitfires 126 and 601 Squadrons from Luqa and eight Spitfires 249 Squadron, Ta Qali are scrambled to intercept.

1445 hrs  Approaching Grand Harbour the enemy raiders are attacked by Spitfires and Heavy Ack Ack fire.  Spitfires 126 and 601 Squadron from Luqa claim two ME 109s probably destroyed, one damaged.  Four Spitfires are damaged; pilots unhurt.

Seven JU 88s drop bombs on Grand Harbour.  The smoke screen is still in place, obscuring HMS Welshman from view and hampering visibility.  Bombs damage a gun mounting store, smithery and boiler house in the Dockyard.  Three bombs land two hundred yards north west of Hompesch.

1453 hrs  Eight Spitfires 249 Squadron dive on the seven JU 88s as they turn away from releasing their bombs.  S/Ldr Grant destroys one; F/Sgt Hesselyn probably destroys one ME 109.  One JU 88 is seen to crash in the Zabbar area.

1500-1520 hrs  Numerous ME 109s at 300-1000 feet are engaged by guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery (LAA).

1555 hrs  Raiders passed.

1740 hrs  A formation of Italian bombers with fighter escort totalling 35 aircraft is reported heading for the Island.  10 Spitfires are scrambled from Luqa to intercept enemy aircraft.

Five Cant 1007bis escorted by fighters drop bombs to the east of Grand Harbour.  The smoke screen is still in place and Harbour gunners put up a very heavy anti-aircraft barrage.  Spitfires from Luqa claim two Cant 1007 and one Macchi 202 destroyed; one Cant 1007 damaged.

1810 hrs  Another large formation of enemy aircraft approaches, including 16 JU 87 Stukas and large numbers of ME 109 fighters.

1814 hrs  Seven Spitfires 185 Squadron are scrambled from Hal Far to intercept the enemy aircraft.

1835 hrs  The JU 87s attack Grand Harbour amid a smoke screen and very heavy anti-aircraft barrage.  Bombing is described as ‘very wild’.  Eight Spitfires 249 Squadron and ten Spitfires 603 Squadron from Ta Qali join the Spitfires of 185 Squadron and engage the JU 87s.  Ta Qali fighter F/O West damages one ME 109; P.O Watts destroys one ME 109.  P/O Hetherington probably destroys one ME 109; F/Lt Douglas and P.O Forster between them probably destroy one JU 87.  F/Lt Douglas damages another.  F/O Mitchell destroys one JU 87 and damages another, and probably destroys one ME 109.  Sgt Broad and Sgt Dodd, 185 Squadron each damage a ME 109.

1850 hrs  Eight Spitfires are scrambled from Luqa to intercept enemy aircraft.  One ME 109 is destroyed and one probably destroyed; one JU 87 is damaged.

One JU 88 carries out reconnaissance over the Island.

1905 hrs  Six guns of 225 LAA engage two ME 109s: no claims.

1920-2012 hrs  Seven Hurricanes 229 Squadron from Hal Far are scrambled to escort the air/sea rescue high speed launch.

1950 hrs  Raiders passed.  Malta fighters land.

2004 hrs  Eight enemy aircraft are reported carrying out a search to the north of the Island.

2100 hrs  Another fire breaks out in a cave at Ta Qali, destroying 7000 gallons of paraffin and a large amount of oil.  Three Maltese airmen are placed under arrest.  The Station Commander announces that a gibbet has been erected on the road leading to the caves as a warning to anyone considering sabotage.

2130 hrs  HMS Welshman leaves Grand Harbour.

Night  Two alerts for two enemy aircraft.  Bombs are dropped on Gozo and in the Marsaxlokk area.

2359-0151 hrs  One Beaufighter airborne from Luqa on patrol chases en enemy bomber but loses contact.

0205-0308 hrs  One Beaufighter airborne from Luqa to locate enemy forces observes suspected activity 10 miles north of C San Dimitri.  He sees a flashing light is seen which does not seem to be operating in any sequence to suggest a message.  Four units are located: presumed to be enemy vessels.

Military casualties  Able Seaman Arthur Lamb, HMS Welshman; Pilot Officer George Briggs, Pilot Officer, Royal Australian Air Force; Sergeant Samuel Conlon, 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment; Joseph Brownrigg, Artificer, Malta Auxilliary Corps, attached Royal Army Service Corps; Sapper Francis Grech, Royal Engineers, Malta Territorial Force; Bombardier Albert Mengham, 7th Heavy Ack Ack (HAA) Regiment, Royal Artillery; Gunner Michael Sammut, 11 HAA Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery; Private Stephen Scholey, 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment.

Civilian casualties  Nil

Enemy casualties  Unteroffizier, Christian Appmann, III StG 3, pilot of JU 87 Stuka; Unteroffizier Walter Kern KERN, III StG 3, gunner of JU 87; Unteroffizier Gerhard Nikolia, III StG 3, Pilot of JU 87; Unteroffizier Walter Rauer, III StG 3, wireless operator of JU 87; Unteroffizier Heinrich Schaefer, III StG 3, Gunner of a JU 87.  Unteroffizier Walter RAstinnes, III StG 3, pilot of JU 87 crashed, survived and was taken prisoner.

Primo Aviere Antonio Braschi, crewman of Cant-Z.1007; Sottotenente Salvatore de Maria, crewman of a Cant-Z.1007; Aviere Scelto Celestino Giovannini, crewman of a Cant-Z.1007; Primo Aviere Vittorio Rey, crewman of a Cant-Z.1007; Tenente Domenico Robilotta, crewman of a Cant-Z.1007; Aviere Scelto Giovanni Zancan, crewman of a Cant-Z.1007.


ROYAL NAVY  Submarine P35 sailed.  Greek submarine Triton arrived Marsaxlokk. Considerable enemy air activity during the night, and it is suspected that a number of mines were laid off Grand Harbour.  Beryl and Trusty Star were in action with E boats which were driven off to the north east.  Beryl observed the tracks of three torpedoes.

AIR HQ  Arrivals  One Wellington, one Hudson from Gibraltar.  Aircraft casualties  One Spitfire straffed by ME 109s when landing; pilot uninjured.  One Hurricane taxied into a bomb crater.  One Spitfire faield to return from operations: pilot missing.  One Spitfire is hit by Ack Ack fire; pilot uninjured.  One Spitfire is shot down over the sea off Malta; pilot safe.

LUQA  0957-1156 hrs  One Spitfire photo-reconnaissance Sicilian aerodromes.  0950-1330 hrs  One Spitfire photo-reconnaissance of the Tripoli coast.  1535-1745 hrs  One Spitfire on special search Messina.

TA QALI  0400 hrs reveille; all on the spot 0530 hrs.  New arrivals at Ta Qali: one Sergeant and 28 Others.  The organisation on Ta Qali aerodrome is excellent and military personnel on the aerodrome do good work.  One crew in pen changed delivery aircraft into operational one in 7 1/2 minutes.  Orderly Room staff manning emergency communications and erecting tents for new pilots.

4th BN THE BUFFS (ROYAL EAST KENT) REGIMENT  Working party of 7 Officers and 150 Other Ranks for bomb-crater filling on Ta Qali aerodrome.  Working party of 1 Officer and 20 Other Ranks for filling ammunition belts at Ta Qali aerodrome.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  50 men B Company to stand by at Corradino to keep roads open in and around the Dockyard.  Cruiser HMS Welshman brought in stores.  Same numbers as yesterday on Luqa.  B Company party standing by volunteered to help unolad the cruiser.  Unloading finished by mid-day.

1st BN THE DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT  1115 hrs  One JU 87 attacking Grand Harbour is engaged by HQ: no claims.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Working parties on Luqa aerodrome continued.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Dealt with 8 (4 x 250kg, 4 x 50kg).

1ST BN THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  12 Officers and 205 Other Ranks building pens and filling craters on Hal Far aerodrome.

8TH BN THE  KINGS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT  Ack Ack light machine guns 8th Bn Kings Own Royal Regt engage low-flying ME 109s.  Hits observed on one which is last seen going out to sea, smoking badly.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Luqa working parties continued.

8TH BN THE MANCHESTER REGIMENT  The unit supplied 10 trucks and drivers for Ta Qali.

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8 May 1942: “Work On Through Raids” Orders Airfield Command

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Wing Commander E J Gracie, Station Commander at Ta Qali, today addressed personnel of infantry units supplying working parties on the airfield.  He announced that some 60 Spitfires are due to arrive on the Island.  His speech stressed the importance of obtaining air supremacy over the Island.  To this end, the orders are for planes to be serviced and bomb craters repaired at all costs.  Every available plane must be put in the air, and working parties must now carry working on during the air raids.

HMS Olympus in Malta


A Malta-based submarine heading home to the United Kingdom is believed lost today, after a handful of men from the vessel were rescued from the sea.  At just after eight this morning, members of C Company, 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regiment, manning a coastal defence post spotted movement about a mile offshore.  They counted some thirteen men, swimming towards the coast.  An hour later the first of the swimmers reached the shore and several soldiers took to the water to help the eleven of them who made it to land.

HM Submarine Olympus sailed for Gibraltar under cover of darkness at 0430 hours this morning with a total of 98 men on board including 55 of her own crew plus 43 survivors from three Royal Navy vessels which had previously been sunk in air raids on Malta. Survivors said she struck a mine at 0500 hours about seven miles offshore, and went down.

All available boats were sent out to search the spot but so far there are only twelve survivors (including those who swam ashore): three of these are wounded. Three further bodies have been recovered. Mine-sweepers have embarked on an immediate operation to clear the Grand Harbour entrance channel.

Sir William Dobbie


The speed and top secret nature of the former Governor’s departure left no opportunity for a farewell broadcast to the people of Malta.  Sir William Dobbie’s words are read for him via Rediffusion:

“I leave Malta with the greatest regret.  I have been here for two eventful years, and I had hoped I would be able to see Malta through her present difficulties at any rate.  But that was not to be.  During my two years we have been through stirring times together, times which I will never forget.

I am glad I have had this experience because it has enabled me to get to know and appreciate the people of Malta.  I have seen them facing experiences which were unfamiliar to them, and facing them with the determination and courage of veteran soldiers…I have marvelled at the way they have accepted hardships and disasters with cheerfulness, and I consider that the people of Malta have rightly earned the admiration of the whole world, an admiration crystalised by the award of the George Cross to the Island…

I am sure that in God’s good providence she will in due course emerge out of her difficulties and into smoother water.  Until then she will endure, and ensure the final victory.”


Weather  Wind southerly; no cloud.

0622 hrs  Two ME 109s carry out a patrol to the south of the Island.  One JU88 drops bombs on Zeitun, killing five civilians and injuring many more.

0635-0725 hrs  Two Spitfires 126 Squadron are airborne from Ta Qali to intercept approaching enemy aircraft, which they engage 30 miles north of the Island.  P/O Tilley shoots down one ME 109.

0655 hrs  Delayed action bombs explode in Marsaxlokk Bay.

0656 hrs  ME 109 fighters carry out a sweep of the Island, followed by one JU88 on reconnaissance.

0715 hrs  Members of B Coy 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt are called to Zejtun to help to recover civilians from the debris.

0813 hrs  Raiders passed.

0835 hrs  Six JU 88s and fifteen JU 87s escorted by numerous ME 109s are observed heading towards the Island.

0900-1005 hrs  Four Spitfires 126 Squadron and four Hurricanes 185 Squadron are scrambled from Hal Far to engage the incoming formations.

0910 hrs  Seven Hurricanes are scrambled from Luqa to intercept enemy aircraft.  One JU 88 is claimed as damaged.

0930-0950 hrs  Three JU 88s at 2-3000 feet and six ME 109s at 200-1000 feet are engaged by guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery.  One ME 109 claimed destroyed.

0945 hrs  Malta’s fighters attack the JU 88s and a number of ME 109s and Macchi fighters five miles south of the Island.  P/O Tilley and P/O Major (126 Squadron) damage one ME 109.  Of the Hurricanes, Sgt Tweedale claims one JU 88 and one ME 109 destroyed and one ME 109 probably destroyed.  One ME 109 crashes on Marsa: the pilot, Unteroffizier Heinrich Becker, is captured.  Sgt Dodd claims one Macchi probably destroyed.  Sgt Finlay is forced to land at Luqa; he is unhurt.  Sgt Boyd destroys one JU 88 before he is shot up and makes a belly landing at Ta Qali, unhurt.  Sgts Tweedale and Dodd land at Hal Far at 1000 hrs.

0950 hrs  Six JU 88s dive-bomb Hal Far and Safi.  Twelve JU 87s dive-bomb Luqa and the Safi strip.  Bombs land on the perimeter of Luqa aerodrome but the  runways remain serviceable.  One reservoir receives a direct hit and water flows through the camp.

Three JU 87s break away and make a deliberate attack on Tal Handaq gun position and Giacomo Heavy Ack Ack Battery.  Ack Ack light machine guns of 11th Bn Lancashire Regt engage JU 87s, claiming many strikes and causing certain damage to at least one JU 87.

Six ME 109 fighter bombers drop bombs on Marsaxlokk Bay and Dowdall’s Hotel, quarters of E Coy 2nd Bn Devonshire Regt.  Two NCOs attending a training course are killed and four others injured, along with two Privates. A sentry of Royal Malta Artillery is also killed.

1055 hrs  One JU 88 carries out reconnaissance of the Island.

1230 hrs  ME 109s patrol to the south of the Island.

1326 hrs   9 JU 88s and 21 JU 87s with a large fighter escort approach the Island.  Three JU 87s break from the formation and attack Naxxar gun position; one JU 87 attacks Salina gun position.

1340 hrs  Six JU 88s dive bomb and machine-gun Luqa aerodrome, causing craters on the north side of the runway and damaging one Hurricane.  The aerodrome remains serviceable.  Twenty high explosive bombs are dropped on the Loreto Church area near Safi strip.  Five ME 109 fighter bombers attack the Luqa dispersal areas and Mqabba.

1345 hrs  15 JU 87s drop 30 high explosive bombs on Ta Qali camp. causing craters near the cottages and on top of the caves.  F/Lt Connell, proceeding off duty, is passing a bomb when it explodes: he is suffering from shock.

1350 hrs  One gun of 225 LAA engages two JU 88s at 2000 feet: no claims.

1405 hrs  Raiders passed.

1719 hrs  Five Cant 1007s and one JU 88 with an escort of ME 109s approach the Island.  They fly down the coast and drop bombs on Marsa and Floriana, destroying two civilian buses and damaging six more.  Four civilians are killed and twelve wounded.  Bombs around the HQ and billets of 1st Bn Cheshire Regt kill two Other Ranks and cause several more civilian casualties.

1821 hrs  Raiders passed.

1850-1905 hrs  One JU88 with fighter escort attacks the Grand Harbour area.

Night  Overnight working parties on the aerodromes total 1434 men, plus 81 troops on salvage & rescue work for the civil government.  During four air raid alerts, Italian and German aircraft approach the Island singly and in pairs, and drop high explosive bombs on the Luqa area and incendiaries on the north of the Island.  Other bombs are dropped in the sea.

2215-2324 hrs  Two bombers drop bombs on Luqa, and between Delimara and Benghaisa.  Six high explosive bombs are dropped on the Loreto Church area near the Safi strip.

2240-2335 hrs  One Beaufighter is airborne on patrol to intercept enemy aircraft: no combat.

0137 hrs  Five single bombers drop incendiary and anti-personnel bombs in the Baida Ridge area and in the sea off Benghaisa.

Military casualties  HMS Olympus casualty list CLICK HERE

Corporal Stanley Cook, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (VR); Leading Aircraftsman Douglas Clarke, Royal Air Force (VR); Flight Sergeant Jack Davis, Royal Air Force; Aircraftsman John Farrugia-Gay, Royal Air Force (VR); Corporal Frank Lockwood, Royal Air Force; Leading Aircraftsman John McCarty, Royal Air Force (VR); Corporal Sidney Parmentier, Royal Air Force (VR).

Bombardier Paul Attard, 2 HAA Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery; Corporal William Connor, 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment; Private Thomas Edwards, 1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment; Private Henry Lodwick, 1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment; Gunner Charles Redman, 3 LAA Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery; Lance Corporal Edmund Shepherd, 2nd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment.

Civilian casualties  Birzebbuga  Randa Zammit, age 30.  Floriana  Francis Agius, age 30; Teresa Carbone, age 36; George Farrugia, age 51; Francis Sammut, age 70.  Gzira  Anthony Pike, age 4.  Msida  Manoel Goura, age 49.  Sliema  Alfred Bonello, age 45.  Zabbar  John Vella, age 41.  Zebbug  Alfred Zammit, age 24.  Zejtun  Rosaria Azzopardi, age 25; Lawrence Azzopardi, age 1; Grace Ciantar, age 40; Nazzareno Ciantar, age 40; Antonia Dimech.

Enemy casualties  Unteroffizier Heinrich Becker, pilot of  ME 109 fighter, shot down and taken prisoner; Feldwebel Walter Obermeilaender, pilot of JU 87 Stuka, died when the aircraft crashed into the sea;  Unteroffizier Albert Westphalen, Air Gunner of same.


AIR HQ  Arrivals  Three Hudsons, one Beaufort, one Cordelia, one Sunderland from Gibraltar.  Departures  Two Blenheims to LG 39; one Lodestar to Heliopolis; one Sunderland to Gibraltar.  Aircraft casualties  One Hurricane crash landed after combat; pilot uninjured.

LUQA  1050-1400 hrs  One Spitfire photo-reconnaissance Italian aerodromes.  1642-1828 hrs  One Spitfire photo-reconnaissance Catania, Gerbini strip, Pachino, Comiso, Gala and Messina Harbour.

TA QALI  Five Armourers are posted to this station ex UK.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Working parties continue on Luqa aerodrome.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 25; dealt with 22 (1 x 1000kg; 2 x 500kg, 9 x 250kg, 7 x 50kg, 3 Italian anti-personnel bomb containers).

1ST BN THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  Six trucks by day and six by night have been working on Hal Far aerodrome building pens since 3rd May.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Luqa working parties continue.  1300 hrs  Aircraft pen-building by 11th Bn Lancashire Regt at Luqa is suspended.  New type working parties at Luqa forthwith.  Task: to keep runways open, filling in craters.  Strength: six Officers and 200 Other Ranks.

ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS  Inspection of Lintorn Barracks and cook house at 19 Britannia Square.

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28 April 1942: ‘Blackest Day’ as Enemy Targets Church Killing 13

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE  

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“There will not be a St Publius Church for tourists to see after the war…All that remains is a memory and a pile of broken masonry”  German Radio 1942 (1)

St Publius Church bomb damage (NWMA Malta)


“On the morning of April 28, at about 8am…four separate formations of enemy bombers, some forty in all, appeared on the skyline…Then three enemy bombers detached themselves from the last formation and, diving low over the picturesque Church of St Publius in Floriana, they dropped their loads, leaving behind a heart-breaking wreck. 

One bomb struck the dome, crashed down on the high altar and penetrated into the crypt, where about a dozen persons taking cover were killed instantaneously, among them one of the best loved and respected members of the clergy, Rev Pawl Portelli.  Another bomb dropped between the two belfries, tearing away part of the façade, destroying the statue of Our Lady and blowing off the top section of the inner pillars of the church.  Yet another of the enemy’s bombs exploded inside the church and damaged the beautiful statue of the patron saint.

All of a sudden, as if whipped by a strong hand, the people rushed out shouting, weeping and protesting against the dastardly deed.  A mantle of heavy dust still hung over the battered church when the rescue-party arrived; but work was impossible as chaos and pandemonium reigned supreme.  Finally the bad news that several had been killed was broken, and parents and relatives pressed their way through the crowd to see for themselves.” J Xerri (1)

Enemy’s Fury Concentrated on Church

Today has been described as the blackest day for Floriana.  Apart from other places hit, the enemy’s fury was concentrated on St Publius Parish Church which sustained very heavy damage.  When the Church Crypt collapsed, thirteen persons were killed, five were seriously injured and six were slightly injured.  Nothing in the war to date has shaken Floriana as much.


Extensive preparations are underway at Ta Qali for the arrival of further Spitfires.  No date has yet been given for the delivery.  Administrative Staff have pointed out to Air Command that, due to excessive secrecy, a lack of instructions last time until the planes actually landed at Ta Qali left the ground organisation unprepared for their arrival.  This will be remedied.


Weather  Wind south-westerly; 70% cloud (haze) at 15,000 feet.

0750 hrs  The air raid alert sounds for an incoming formation of 100 enemy aircraft.

0807 hrs  Eight JU 88s bomb Mellieha Camp and four fly on to bomb Ghain Tuffieha.

0810 hrs  38 bombers with fighters as escort bomb the Grand Harbour area, including Corradino, Manoel Island, Msida, Sliema and Tigne.

15 JU 88s attack Valletta and Floriana.  St Publius Church, Floriana, is hit by several bombs. The dome and the crypt are demolished, and a number of houses in St Publius Street partly demolished.  Other buildings are destroyed in St Anne Square, St Thomas Street, Strait Street, Gunlayer Street and Capuchin Street.

0825 hrs  One JU 88 crossing from Hompesch  towards Zonqor is engaged by light machine gun fire by 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt: hits claimed.

0830 hrs  Three Spitfires 603 Squadron fly out to sea to intercept incoming aircraft and on their return run into four ME 109s.  P/O Stade damages one ME 109.

21 JU 87s dive-bomb Luqa, destroying the Electrical Section, Officers’ quarters and mess, Sergeants’ quarters and a van.  Many other barracks and buildings and a mobile crane are destroyed.  The Sick Quarters and Fighter Flight officers are half demolished.

Three Spitfires 261 Squadron are airborne from Luqa and intercept the JU 87s after the raid.  F/Lt Johnston damages one JU 87.  P/O McLean lands at Ta Qali.

11 JU 88s drop bombs on Hal Far aerodrome and dispersal areas, and on Benghaisa gun position, wounding one Other Rank.

0840 hrs  Two ME 109s machine-gun Torri l’Abjad, damaging the building.

0845 hrs  Two JU 88s are engaged by guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery: two hits claimed on one JU 88.

0915 hrs  Bombs are dropped on Misrah Blandun and the Safi strip area.

0917 hrs  Raiders passed.

1020-1033 hrs  Two ME 109s circle to the north of the Island.

1245 pm  A total plot of 90 enemy aircraft approach Malta from the north.  30 ME 109s carry out a fighter sweep across the Island before bombers cross the coast and attack the Grand Harbour area, Luqa and Ta Qali airfields.

Three Hurricanes 185 Squadron are scrambled from Hal Far to intercept the enemy bombers.  P/O McKay and Sgt Boyd engage: results unknown.  P/L Fletcher fails to return.

20 JU 87s attack the Dockyard and French Creek.  A bomb hits the Carmine Tunnel and the EEM’s Drawing Office is demolished. Bombs on Store Wharf cause road blocks and sink lighters, a fire float and water vessel, as well as a tug alongside.  The Officers’ Mess at Marsa gun position is destroyed.  The entrance of a shelter in Senglea Wharf is hit by a bomb, killing 13 and fatally injuring two others.

10 JU 88s attack Valletta and Floriana.  Two bombs explode on Hastings Gardens, another hits a former barracks, demolishing stores and blocking a road.   9 JU 88s bomb Msida, Tigne and Manoel.

1305 hrs  14 JU 88s carry out mid-level and dive-bombing attacks on Luqa and the Safi strip.  One Wellington is destroyed and the dispersal areas cratered.

13 JU 88s attack Ta Qali, cratering runways and dispersal areas and further damaging buildings on the aerodrome.

1330 hrs  One stick of bombs explodes immediately north of Zejtun village.  JU 88s crossing Fort Ta Silch after an attack on Luqa are engaged by guns of 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt: hits claimed.

1339 hrs  Raiders passed.

1725 hrs  Four Spitfires 601 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa to intercept an incoming formation of 52 enemy bombers with fighter escort: one ME 109 is damaged.  Enemy bombers divide into four formations to attack Fort Tigne, Ta Qali, Luqa and Hal Far airfields.

1733 hrs  20 JU 87s and JU 88s carry out mid-level and dive-bombing attacks on Luqa.  Bombs hit the Sergeants’ Mess shelter and a surface shelter outside the Photographic Section.  A water main is penetrated and quarters of the Kings Own Malta Regiment at Poor House are damaged.  Two RAF personnel and one Maltese airman are slightly injured.

1734 hrs  14 JU 88s attack Ta Qali, further cratering the aerodrome and runways.

Four Hurricanes 185 Squadron are airborne from Hal Far and intercept 10 JU 88s and six JU 87s.  Sgt Dodd engages two JU 88s and one JU 87: no results observed.

1747 hrs  An air raid on Hal Far by six JU 88s causes craters on the aerodrome and damages the officers’ quarters.  One Albacore is slightly damaged.

1810 hrs  One JU 88 is engaged by one gun of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery: no claim.

1832 hrs  Raiders passed.

Night  No alerts.

Enemy losses  By Malta fighters  One ME 109 and one JU 87 damaged.  By Ack Ack: one JU 88 destroyed, three JU 88s and one JU 87 damaged.  By Ack Ack fire   2 JU88 destroyed, 3 JU88 damaged, 1 JU87 damaged by Ack Ack fire.

Military casualties  Pilot Officer John Fletcher, Royal Canadian Air Force, 186 Squadron; Pilot Officer Thomas Foley, Royal Canadian Air Force, 229 Squadron; Pilot Officer John McFarlane, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Gunner John Keegan 196th Bty, 65 Light Ack Ack Regiment, Royal Artillery; Private Arthur Suter, 2nd Battalion, Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment; Private Arthur Taylor, 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment; Lance-Corporal Publius Xuereb, 1st Battalion, King’s Own Malta Regiment.

Civilian casualties  Balzan  Annunziato Callus, age 65.  Floriana  Annetta Barbara, age 41; Calcedonio Cardona, age 79; Joseph Enriquez, age 65; Joseph Grima, age 64; Mary Mangion, age 74; Salvatore Morana, age 68; Revd Paul Portelli, age 52; Calcedonio Scerri, age 63; Assunta Tabone, age 48.  Hamrun  Vincent Vella, age 50.  Paola  Saviour Salsero, age 66.  Qormi  Carmelo Calleja, age 58.  Senglea  Carmela Borg, age 27; Carmel Borg, age 3; Lawrence Gatt, age 62; Adelaide Gatt, age 60; Carrie Gellel, age 20; Carrie Green, age 20; William Iles, age 24; Mary Micallef, age 39; Josephine Saguna, age 50; Antonia Sizeland, age 46; Charles Sizeland, age 8.  Valletta  Joseph Dalli, age 62; Joseph Grech, age 62; Charles Rapinett, age 50.  Zabbar  Vincent Pulis, age 37.


AIR HQ  Arrivals  Six Wellingtons, one Hudson, one Beaufort from Gibraltar.  Departures  Three Wellingtons to Fayid, one Hudson to Gibralter, one Hudson to Gambut, one Wellington, one Beaufort to 108 MU.

HAL FAR  One Hurricane 229 Squadron crashed during an air test and caught fire.  Pilot P/O Foley is killed.

TA QALI   40 NCOs and airmen from Luqa Salvage Corps accommodated in tents at Boschetto Gardens owing to bombing of San Salvatore Barracks.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  C Company billets receive a direct hit during the first raid: Pte A Tayor is killed.  Bombs fall at the entrance to Battalion HQ.  The RE store is hit.  The Officers’ Mess moved into St Francis Ravelin again: the old mess had to be evacuated due to bad drains.  Slight damage to B Company billet at Church Hall in the Dockyard.  Power station hit.  The Orderly Room is now almost in darkness: only candles or hurricane lamps available.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Work on the aerodromes continues at night.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Further bombs on Casemate Barracks: more damage to RE WO/Sgts Mess. No casualties.  Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 33; dealt with 6 (2 x 250kg, 4 x 50kg).

KINGS OWN MALTA REGIMENT 1st Bn  L/Cpl P Xuereb dies through enemy action while on leave in Floriana.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  2000 hrs  Luqa working parties continued.

(1) From When Malta Stood Alone, Joseph Micallef, Interprint Malta 1981


All written content © maltagc70 unless otherwise attributed.  For conditions of  use contact

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24 April 1942: Dogfights Over Grand Harbour

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE  

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  • 3 enemy aircraft destroyed, 8 damaged
  • 23 civilians killed in 13 localities
  • 40 unexploded bombs reported today
  • 24 tons of unexploded bombs disposed of in 6 days

    Wellington bombers


Another Wellington bomber was reported missing this morning following the loss of one aircraft in yesterday’s raid on the Axis airfield at Comiso.  Flight Lieutenant Hayter and his five man crew took off from Luqa yesterday evening at 20:45 hours.  Theirs was one of the first wave of four Wellingtons attacked by anti-aircraft fire.  Two were hit, one was badly damaged; the other, piloted by F/Lt Harper, was reported missing.  F/Lt Hayter returned safely to Luqa at 2225 hrs.

Two hours later he took to the air again, as part of a second-wave attack on the same target.  During the early hours of the morning, his aircraft was shot down over the island above Acate. All of the crew except F/Lt Hayter were killed: he was taken prisoner.

The crew are named as Second Pilot Sergeant Douglas King, Observer Sergeant Maurice Buckley, Wireless Operators/Air Gunners Sergeant Edward March, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and Sergeant George Tull, and Air Gunner Sergeant James Kehoe; all Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. (1)


Weather  Wind south easterly; no cloud – visibility approximately 70 miles.  Warm.

0530-0620 hrs  Air raid warning.  One JU 88 bomber approaches from the west and drops bombs on Floriana.  Heavy Ack Ack engage.

0640-0658 hrs  Three ME 109s machine gun Ta Qali aerodrome.

0709 hrs  Formations of enemy bombers with fighter escort are observed approaching the Island.  Four Hurricanes 185 Squadron and two Hurricanes 229 Squadron from Hal Far are scrambled and intercept a formation of JU 88s and ME 109 fighters.  Sgt Boyd damages two ME 109s and F/Lt Lawrence one.  P/O Fletcher damages one JU 88.

Four Spitfires 126 Squadron (Ta Qali) are also airborne and engage enemy aircraft.  F/Lt Johnstone probably destroys one JU 88; Sgt Miller and Sgt Christ damage one JU 88; Sgt Milner damages two.

0725 hrs  Seven JU 88s carry out a dive-bombing attack on Luqa.  Bombs land on the perimeter of the aerodrome.  One serviceable and one unserviceable Hurricane are burned out.  A photo-reconnaissance Spitfire is damaged.

0730 hrs  22 JU 88 bombers attack the Dockyard, targeting French Creek and Marsa.

0810 hrs  Bombs land on the north east outskirts of Zejtun and near Tal Handaq.

0820 hrs  One JU 88 is engaged by light machine gun fire from HQ 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt: no hits claimed.

0839 hrs  Raiders passed.

1005 hrs  A large plot of enemy bombers and fighters is observed heading towards the Island.

1010 hrs   Four Spitfires 126 Squadron are scrambled from Luqa to intercept.  They attack JU 88s while they are engaged in bombing raids over Grand Harbour: Sgt Christ destroys one JU 87.

South Street, Valletta (NWMA Malta)

1015 hrs  45 enemy bombers and fighters attack the Grand Harbour area and drop a considerable number of bombs on houses and buildings in Valletta and Floriana.

In Valletta, heavy bombs explode in St Johns Ditch, Hastings Gardens and South Street, killing one and injuring ten.  ARP officers are reported to have collected six bags of human flesh from the ruins. 

Several members of 1st Bn Cheshire Regiment are in an air raid shelter in Old Bakery Street when it is hit by a high explosive bomb.  Privates E Jones and F Jepson are reported missing, believed killed.  Witnesses suggest that the bomb landed at their feet, killing both instantly.  Corporal A Johnson is badly injured [he later died of his wounds].  Sergeant Myers and Private Doyle are injured and taken to hospital; Sgt Bollard, L/Cpl Clarke and Pte Leak are slightly injured.

In Floriana bombs explode in St Anne’s Street, St Thomas Street, Sarria Street, Gunlayer Square and Magazine Street, killing two people and injuring thirty, eight seriously.

1030 hrs  Ta Qali is attacked by enemy bombers using heavy calibre bombs – believed to be captured British bombs.

1110 hrs  Raiders passed.

1230 hrs  Three waves of JU 88 bombers with fighter escort (approximately 15 aircraft in each wave) approach the Island.  Two Hurricanes 229 Squadron and one from 185 Squadron from Hal Far intercept the incoming formation.  P/O Nixon, 229 Squadron, damages one ME 109.

1235 hrs  The enemy plots separate:  22 JU 88s head for Grand Harbour, bombing Valletta, Corradino, Marsa Creek and Pieta, causing further damage to buildings and Dockyard facilities.

1236 hrs  Six JU 88s raid Luqa, causing craters on the aerodrome and dispersal areas.  Bombs fall on already uninhabitable billets.

1240 hrs  One Spitfire is airborne from Luqa to intercept enemy aircraft: no engagement.

1250 hrs  JU 88s are engaged by light machine gun fire from HQ 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt: hits claimed.

1355 hrs  The lone Spitfire is returning to Luqa when he is shot at by four ME 109s during landing.

1400 hrs  Raiders passed.

1800 hrs  A large number of enemy aircraft is plotted to the north on course for the Island.  They turn towards Grand Harbour: the first formation flying on towards Ta Qali, the second attacking Grand Harbour and Valletta, and the third targeting Msida.  Three Spitfires 601 Squadron are airborne from Luqa to intercept.  They engage several JU 87s and ME 109s over Grand Harbour.  One JU 87 is claimed as damaged.

1807 hrs 15 JU 88s and 19 JU 87 Stukas with a large escort of fighters attack Grand Harbour.  Considerable damage is caused to buildings in Floriana and Valletta, including Casemate Barracks, the Torpedo Depot, the General Post Office and GOR Officers’ Mess.

Floriana is a main target: bombs hit the ARP centre, destroying medical equipment one ambulance and a reconnaissance motor cycle.  Bombs also hit houses in Filippo Sceberras Square, St Anne’s Street and Sarria Street, causing 23 casualties (some later died in hospital).  Pte Urquhart, 2nd Bn Royal West Kent Regiment, is killed while on leave in Valletta.

Four Hurricanes 185 Squadron from Hal Far intercept 15 of the JU 87s involved in the raid on Msida.  P/O Wigley and Sgt Finlay each damage a JU 87.  Sgt Dodd attacks four JU 87s: no results observed.

Three Spitfires are airborne from Ta Qali to defend the aerodrome from the incoming raiders.  F/Lt Lucas has to crash land near Siggiewi due to Glycol trouble.  The other two Spitfires return with R/T trouble.

1820 hrs  Nine JU 88s with fighters in support attack Ta Qali.  Bombs are also dropped near Targa Heavy Ack Ack position.

1840 hrs  An enemy reconnaissance flight is observed over the north of the Island.

1845 hrs  One ME 109 is engaged by 225 Light Ack Ack Regiment.

1905 hrs  Raiders passed.

Dusk  Three ME 109 fighter-bombers attack Ta Qali.

2042-2340 hrs; 0155-0210 hrs; 0345-0435 hrs Three air raid alerts are sounded for individual approaching aircraft.  German and Italian bombs, including incendiaries are dropped in the Luqa area, Tal Virtu, Gudjia and Safi.  A few houses are destroyed but there are no casualties.  One Beaufighter is airborne in response to each alert to intercept enemy aircraft: no engagement.

Military casualties  Flight Sergeant Alexander Balinson, Royal Canadian Air Force, 148 Squadron; Flight Sergeant Arthur Charron, Royal Canadian Air Force; Corporal William Rogerson, 1st Battalion, Durham Light Infantry; Gunner Carmel Dingli, 1 Coast Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery; Lance-Sergeant Joseph Sammut, 1 Coast Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery.

Civilian casualties  Birkirkara  Joseph Delia, age 20.  Floriana  Dolores Abela, age 60. Ghaxaq  John Mary Camilleri, age 67; Anthony Galea, age 51. Gzira  Joseph Borg, age 15.   Hamrun  Charles Demajo, age 13; Aida Kelly, age 26; Michael Pace, age 15; Joseph Spiteri, age 12.  Marsa  Michael Cilia, age 18.  Mosta  Luigi Calleja, age 75. Paola  Leone Bartolo, age 20; Teresa Bondin, age 2; Josephine Bondin, age 6 mths; Gaetan Pisani, age 31.  Pieta  Saviour Caruana, age 21; Petra Christine Dungstaad, age 30. Siggiewi  Carmel Cachia, age 53.  Sliema  James Naudi, age 45.  Tarxien  Michael d’Alfonso, age 18.  Valletta  Jane Muliett, age 3; Caroline Salnitro, age 14.  Comino  Rose Zammit, age 15.


ROYAL NAVY  Torpedo Depot further damaged in air raid.

AIR HQ  Arrivals  One Bombay from Gibraltar, one Hudson from Gambut.  Departures  One Catalina, one Hudson to Gibraltar; one Bombay to 108 MU.

LUQA  1150-1343 hrs  One Spitfire on photo-reconnaissance of East Sicilian aerodromes.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Battalion ceased working on aerodromes at Ta Qali and Luqa during the day and began working from 1930 hrs until 0300 hrs daily for seven days a week.  One Other Rank is wounded by a delayed-action bomb and dies of his wounds shortly afterwards.  A detachment from the Battalion took over observation post duties at Tal Minsia for one week.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bomb in Casemate Bks destroyed FRE Oil Store. Weight of bombs disposed of still rising: 24 tons in 6 days.  Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 43; dealt with 10 (3 x 500kg, 4 x 250kg, 3 x 50kg).

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  1800 hrs  This unit hands over observation post at Tal Virtu at 2nd Bn Royal West Kent Regt.  2100 hrs  Luqa and Hal Far working parties continued.  Work progressing much quicker than by daylight.  No dispersal of troops on air alert at night.  Luftwaffe using firework-incendiary bombs at night, not successfully, against grounded aircraft.

(1) Compiled with reference to Dover War Memorial Project.  Flight Lieutenant Hayter, Mentioned in Dispatches, was one of the escapees from Stalag Luft III, as recalled in the film ‘The Great Escape’. Hayter one of the fifty recaptured and shot on the direct orders of Hitler.

All written content © maltagc70 unless otherwise attributed.  For conditions of  use contact

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19 April 1942: No Fighter Planes to Defend Malta – 15 Ack Ack Guns Hit – 71 Killed

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE  

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Clear-up in Floriana (NWMA Malta)


For the second day in a row no RAF fighters took to the air today to intercept incoming enemy formations.  The Luftwaffe were able to arrive in Malta’s air space unhindered and carried out heavy raids on Grand Harbour and all the airfields, dropping a total of 436 tons of bombs (442,376 kg).  Anti-aircraft positions were a main target: fifteen were hit, killing thirteen Gunners and injuring many more.


The community of Hamrun is in mourning today after a heavy high explosive bomb struck a care home, killing many of the patients and their carers.  St Paul’s Home for the Elderly was run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, many of whom were among the 34 killed in the explosion.


“Great exhilaration is being shown by the people of Malta since the award of the George Cross by His Majesty the King.  Replicas of the cross are being chalked on all the buildings alongside the ‘Victory V’ sign.” (1)


Weather  Wind south-easterly.  30% high cloud – fine.

0710 hrs  Air alarm.  Raid does not materialise.

0806 hrs  60 JU 88 bombers and 24 JU 87 Stuka dive-bombers escorted by fighters are reported approaching the Island.  They divide into several formations to attack Grand Harbour, Hal Far, Safi and Luqa, dropping four bombs from each plane.

0845 hrs  Massive formations of JU 88s and JU 87s attack the Grand Harbour area, including Marsa Creek and Valletta. The San Lorenzo Tunnel is hit, causing a partial collapse.  SS Pampas is set on fire and part of the Tram Depot is destroyed.

Royal Artillery HQ reports bombs on San Pietru gun position – one gun slightly damaged; Benghaisa gun position – gun out of action slightly damaged and three Other Ranks wounded; and on Tal Qroqq, Hompesch and Marsa gun positions.

Msida Bastion (NWMA Malta)

A large formation of JU 88s attacks Valletta.  A stick of bombs falls on Old Mills Street: no casualties.  Eight JU 88s peel off to target Msida Creek: the Ospizio Barracks are hit.

0900 hrs  Two formations – five JU 88s and four ME 109 fighter bombers – carry out high level bombing and dive bombing on Luqa airfield, cratering the runway.  One unexploded bomb is reported in the Beaufort dispersal area.  Guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery engage numerous JU 88s: hits claimed.

0915 hrs  Bombs explode north of Zabbar and between close to three defence posts of 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt.  Light Machine Guns of their Battalion HQ and D Company engage one JU 88: no hits claimed.

0954 hrs  Thirteen JU88 bombers raid Kalafrana and another eight attack Hal Far causing ten craters on the runway and dispersal areas.  Barrack blocks are hit, one Hurricane is burned out, one Albacore and one Swordfish slightly damaged.

1003 hrs  Raiders passed.

1015 hrs  1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt report an unexploded bomb UXB 150 yards from Post RA3 and another at map reference 489224.

1121-1143 hrs  Four enemy aircraft (suspected to be ME 109s) approach the Island but do not cross the coast.

1325 hrs  Several large plots of enemy bombers with fighter escort are reported approaching the Island.  They divide into several formations to attack Grand Harbour Hal Far, Luqa and the Safi strip.

1330 hrs  A massive wave of JU 87s and JU 88s attacks the Grand Harbour area.  The Police Office at Dockyard Main Gate is wrecked, and a surgery damaged.  Several bombs land on Valletta, including one on a shelter in Merchant Street.  In Floriana, Argotti Gardens, the Police Station and the Government Dispensary are hit.  Bombs destroy several houses in St Francis Street: 13 casualties are later recovered from the rubble.  Royal Artillery HQ reports direct hits on the Santa Maria gun position with 14 casualties.

1340 hrs  A large formation of aircraft bomb Marsa crossroads, blocking the road, Marsa Creek and Marsa Ack Ack Battery, where there are six casualties.

1400 hrs  One JU 88 attacks Hompesch: one stick of bombs lands close to a 3″ Ack Ack Battery and other positions of 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt.  Their D Company gunners engage one JU 88 turning away from the attack: no hits claimed.

1445 hrs  L/Cpl James and Pte D Macpherson, 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt are killed by an enemy bomb.

1400 hrs  Twenty JU 87s and JU 88s attack Hal Far, badly damaging the Officers’ Mess and other quarters, including barrack blocks, cookhouse and the NAAFI.  Two Hurricanes are slightly damaged.  One stick of bombs falls across Hagiar Qim Battery causing some damage to equipment.  Guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery engage numerous JU 88s and ME 109s: hits claimed.

1325 hrs  JU 87s, 88s and ME 109s carry out high level and dive-bombing raids on Luqa aerodrome, cratering the main runway, and on Safi strip.  Transit Flight offices and Works and Buildings offices are damaged beyond use; four previously damaged billets are written off.

1446 hrs  Raiders passed.

1530 hrs  1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt reports an unexploded bomb at map position 518219.

1557 hrs  Four aircraft (suspected to be ME 109 fighter bombers) approach from the north and drop bombs in the north of the Island.

1600 hrs  A delivery flight of seven Hurricane lands successfully.

1626 hrs  Raiders passed.

1630 hrs  1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt reports two unexploded bombs at map position 512227.

1800 hrs  Several large plots of enemy bombers with fighter escort are identified approaching the Island.

1812 hrs  A large formation of bombers attacks the Grand Harbour area, including Corradino, French Creek and Marsa Creek.  Bombs on Floriana cause considerable damage to the NAAFI Club in Parade Ground, Portes des Bombes area and Valletta Wharf.

Ack Ack gunners score a direct hit on one JU 88 and the aircraft disintegrates in mid-air.  Manoel gun position is hit, killing nine Other Ranks and wounding one officer and 5 Other Ranks.  Naxxar, Tal Qroqq, Benghaisa and Hompesch Heavy Ack Ack positions report near misses; the HQ of 32 Light Ack Ack is demolished.

1830 hrs  JU 87 and 88 bombers attack Hal Far.  Guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery engage numerous JU 87s: hits claimed.

1840 hrs  One lone JU 88 carries out a high level bombing attack against Hompesch.  One bomb lands on the camp of Battalion HQ 1st Bn Dorsetshire Regt but there are no casualties.

1940 hrs  All clear.

Night  Four air raid alerts sound for six enemy raiders.  Bombs are dropped on Gudja, Safi, Hal Far and Kalafrana.  No fighters are airborne.

2245-2340 hrs  One Italian BR 20 aircraft approaches from the north and drops a number of 12kg bombs round Bir-id-Deheb, and from Ghaxaq to the Safi strip.

0130 hrs; 0238-0251 hrs  Air raid alerts sounds for single aircraft: nothing transpires.

0330-0600 hrs  One Beaufighter is airborne on patrol to intercept incoming enemy aircraft: no engagement.

Military casualties  Able Seaman Joseph Galea, HMS St.Angelo;  Gunner Anthony Cunningham, 7 HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery; Lance Corporal Alfred James, 1st Battalion, The Dorsetshire Regiment; Private Henry Livingstone, 1st Battalion, the Cheshire Regiment; Gunner Saviour Mifsud, 3 Light Ack Ack Regiment, Royal Malta Artillery; Private Anthony Saliba, King’s Own Malta Regiment.

Gunner Cyril Bunn; Gunner Sydney Carter; Lance Bombardier Charles Castle; Bombardier Andrew Cullen; Gunner James Ditheridge; Gunner John Mansell; Gunner Thomas Smith; Gunner James Stewart; Gunner Samuel Vickers, all of 222 Bty, 10 Heavy Ack Ack Regiment, Royal Artillery.  Lance Bombardier Albert Johnson and Bombardier Cyril Pughe, both 190 Bty (6th Battalion The Royal Warwickshire Regiment), 10 Heavy Ack Ack Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Civilian casualties Gudja   Anthony Borg, age 46.  Gzira  Joseph Borg, age 15; Josephine Gingell, age 40.

Hamrun  Marianna Attard, age 70; Filomena Azzopardi, age 70; Rosaria Azzopardi, age 70; Francesca Bonello, age 75; Silvia Bono, age 71; Carmela Borg, age 91; Giovanna Borg, age 72; Lucrezia Borg, age 55; Rosa Calascione, age 70; Mary Calascione, age 40; Maria Camilleri, age 70; Mary Camilleri, age 70; Joseph Caruana, age 77; Teresa Casabene, age 58; Marianna Cassar, age 65; Joseph Cuschieri, age 75; Catherine Cauchi, age 66; Concetta Darmanin, age 70; Carmela Debono, age 80; Pauline Ferro, age 80; Josephine Galea, age 70; Sister Teresa Garabaldi, age 53; Antonia Hyzler, age 75; Mary Kelly, age 90; Emanuela Laferla, age 70; Teresa Meilak, age 90; Teresa Micallef, age 60; Virginia Micallef, age 60; Grace Pace, age 80; Clara Pace, age 70; Giovanna Potenza, age 70; Sister Therese Sciberras, age 85; Mary Vella, age 69; Rosa Zahra, age 70.

Msida  Francesca Bianco, age 70; Vincenza Caruana Mamo, age 74; Joseph Grech, age 76; John Zammit, age 78.  Sliema  Emanuel Borg, age 16.  Valletta  Violetta Bone, age 16; Joseph Borg, age 14; Herman Scerri, age 14.  Zabbar  Angela Degabriele, age 75; Josephine Gatt, age 34; Mary Lia, age 38; Saviour Mallia, age 33; Joseph Mallia, age 30; Grace Tedesco, age 23.    Zejtun  Paul Despott, age 16.  Zurrieq  Carmel Callus, age 43; Anthony Inguanez, age 13.

Enemy casualty  Josef Bauer.


ROYAL NAVY  Clyde sailed for Gibraltar with passengers.   Attacked by ME 109 off Grand Harbour and returned at 2200 hrs.  Una proceeded on patrol west of Tripoli.

AIR HQ  Arrivals  Seven Hurricanes, two Blenheims from Gambut; one Beaufighter from Gibraltar.  Departures  Five Wellingtons to 108 MU; one Hudson to Gibraltar.

LUQA  2152-0920 hrs  Six Wellingtons S/D Flight search for and attack enemy shipping.  Sight one merchant ship and two motor torpedo boats: no attacks made.

TA QALI  20 airmen attached to this station from Luqa for one day.  One Chief Petty Officer and twelve seamen ex Breconshire attached to this station for armament duties.  Aerodrome runway serviceable and extensive repairs proceeding.

SOUTHERN INFANTRY BRIGADE  1 Dorset L/Cpl James and Pte Macpherson killed by a bomb at Gzira.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT 50 men working on electric light mains in Valletta continued working today; other parties stood down.  Several incendiaries in and around Horn Works.  Pte Livingstone, B Company, killed by shrapnel.  Pte Holmes injured and admitted No 90 General Hospital.

1st BN THE DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT  0215 hrs  Lt Treadwell dies in No 90 General Hospital.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Work continued on aerodromes.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  NAAFI in Lintorn Bks demolished by bomb.  Further bombs on Floriana Parade Ground – no casualties.  Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 27; dealt with 13 (1 x 1000kg; 3 x 500kg, 2 x 250kg, 7 x 50kg).

1ST BN THE HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  1700 hrs  No 4 Platoon now located at Ta Salib cross tracks.

8TH BN THE  KINGS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT  One bomb lands close to B Company cook house of 3rd Battalion.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Final day for Hal Far working party.  2100-0630 hrs  Both working parties numbering all available Officers and men at Luqa and Hal Far to complete first set of pens for new aircraft.

8TH BN THE MANCHESTER REGIMENT Working parties continue building Spitfire pens on Ta Qali aerodrome.

2ND BN THE ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT  A working party of 130 Other Ranks is employed at Luqa during the hours of darkness.

(1) Army News, Darwin, Australia, 19 April 1942


All written content © maltagc70 unless otherwise attributed.  For conditions of  use contact

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9 April 1942: Villages Attacked – Churches Hit – Bombs on Mosta Rotunda

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE  

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Sant Andrija, Luqa


Two public shelters are damaged: 2 people are killed and one seriously injured in St Joseph Street, and 23 in Pope Innocent Street.  The parish church is extensively damaged and two bakeries demolished: the village is now almost completely destroyed.  The Governor, Lt Gen Sir William Dobbie, rushes to the scene.

Nine year old Agnes was about to have lunch with her family in Luqa when the siren announced that bombers were on their way: 

“My mother proceeded to share out the food and all of us then went down into the shelter clutching our plates.  We had barely tasted the food when explosion after explosion made the shelter shudder as if it would cave in.  There was no doubt that the bombs could not have landed more than a few metres away.  Silence returned abruptly and seconds later we heard a man’s voice screaming “everyone was dead”…

Two images come to mind when recalling that episode: one that of stretchers piled high with parts of human bodies recovered from the debris, the second that of the distraught father who had just lost eight of his nine children…” (1)


Many houses are demolished, others and the Police Station damaged.  Eight civilians are killed, including five members of one family crushed in a private shelter in St Mary Street.


Bombs demolish 7 houses and damage 70 more, as well as the village church.


The parish church in Mqabba is partly demolished, 50 houses are destroyed,  100 more damaged, killing three civilians and seriously injuring six.

Damage to Mosta dome (NWMA Malta)


At 1600 hours Mosta’s parishioners were assembled beneath the beautiful Rotunda of St Marija Assunta for the daily hour of prayer.  At the sound of the air raid alarm, many headed for shelter; some preferring to remain in one of the side chapels to pray.

At approximately 1640 hours a 500kg Luftwaffe bomb pierced the dome, smashed into masonry and clattered to the stone floor.  It did not explode. The shocked parishioners were ushered out of the Church to safety and no-one was hurt.  The civil defence authorities were informed, and a call was put through to the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal squad.

UXB report number 2175 was given the highest priority: it must be dealt with immediately, and personally by one of the two RE Bomb Disposal Officers, Lt T W T Blackwell or Lt G D Carroll.  Their weekly report confirms a 500kg bomb ‘defuzed and removed’ as well as a 50kg, similarly dealt with, outside the church. (2) For them, apart from the exceptional surroundings it was just one routine UXB among many.  Not so for the people of Mosta:

AN APPRECIATION. MOSTA. “May I through the medium of your paper voice a word of sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Bomb Disposal Squad who so promptly and so gallantly removed the unexploded bombs from the Mosta Church – a church so dear to the heart of the people of this Island.  In so doing, I am sure I am expressing the feelings of every Maltese and, more so, of the people of Mosta who are justly proud of their magnificent dome.” Joseph M Cassar Torreggiani (3)



Weather  Wind southerly; no cloud.

0725 hrs; 0752 hrs  Air alerts.  Raids do not materialise.

0920-0950 hrs  One JU 88 and two Me 109s carry out reconnaissance over the Island.

1015 hrs  An unidentified submarine is sighted 2000 yards off Anchor Bay by 1st Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment.

1035 hrs  Four ME 109s drop bombs in the Hal Far-Luqa area while two ME 109s patrol to the east of the Island.  Two bombs causing craters on Hal Far aerodrome.

1100 hrs  Six Hurricanes 185 Squadron intercepted a formation of seven enemy bombers.  F/Sgt Fletcher, F/L Lawrence and Sgt Boyd each damaged one JU 88.

1245 hrs  Four ME 109 fighter-bombers attack Ta Qali.  20 ME 209s machine-gun Campbell Battery.  36 enemy aircraft approach the Island and split into two formations to attack Luqa village and Grand Harbour.

Two unexploded 1000kg bombs are reported at Marsa Heavy Ack Ack position.  One heavy bomb falls outside a shelter in Kalkara with 400 people inside, blocking three of its four entrances; no-one is hurt.  Corradino Hill Road and the road on the east side of No 4 Dock are blocked.  The Royal Navy Canteen is hit.  The Gunmounting shop, the MED Tool Room, and storehouses at NA Depot are wrecked.  Ack Ack engage and destroy one JU 88, one JU 87 and one ME 109, and damage one ME 109.

1300 hrs  20 JU 88s dive-bomb Luqa village and airfield.  Bombs destroy many houses and severely damaged the parish church. An air-raid shelter in Pope Innocent Street is hit, killing 25 of the 32 civilians sheltering inside.  On the aerodrome one Wellington is damaged and one unserviceable Wellington written off.

1303 hrs  14 JU 88 bombers attack Mqabba and Qrendi.  Several sticks of bombs fall on Mqabba village, Bubaqra, and between Qrendi and Zurrieq: one north east of Qrendi demolishes two houses, killing two civilians and injuring two.

1315 hrs  One JU 88 is engaged by one gun of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery (LAA): one hit claimed.

1320 hrs  11 JU 88s attack the Safi strip; several bombs also fall on Gudja village.  Battalion HQ 4th Bn Hampshire Regt is hit injuring three Other Ranks.

1630 hrs  Large numbers of enemy aircraft approach the Island in three waves.

1640 hrs  Ten JU 88s attack Mosta.  300 people attending a service in the Rotunda are shepherded into shelter.  Several bombs fall around the church; one 500kg bomb penetrates the dome and crashes to the floor, without exploding.

1655-1800 hrs  Two Spitfires 126 Squadron are scrambled and intercept a formation of JU 88s off Grand Harbour.  F/Lt Barton damages one.

1705 hrs  Eight JU 88s attack Ta Qali but most of the bombs fall in Mosta.  Messerschmitts machine-gun Ta Qali and Hal Far.  27 JU 88s attack Luqa, Valletta and ships in Grand Harbour.  The Governor’s Palace is further damaged; other bombs hit the bastion opposite the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes in Floriana, causing considerable blast damage.

Malta’s fighters engage, destroying one JU 88 and damaging four.  Ack Ack also engage, destroying two JU 88s and one ME 109, and damaging one ME 109.  One Hurricane is shot down in the sea: the pilot escapes uninjured.  ME 109s molest fighters as they land.

1707 hrs  One ME 109 crashes in flames on the Safi strip.  One Hurricane crashes in the Ghar Lapsi area: two bale out, one lands at Lapsi.

1718 hrs  A Hurricane from Hal Far suffers engine failure and is forced to land on the Safi strip with its undercarriage down.  The aircraft hits a wall and is badly damaged.

1835 hrs  All clear.

1959-2204 hrs  Seven aircraft approach the Island but drop all bombs in the sea.

2007-2235 hrs  A Beaufighter operational to intercept enemy aircraft attacks a JU 88 over Safi strip.  The JU 88 lands and bursts into flames.

2238-2300 hrs  One aircraft drops incendiaries on the St Paul’s Bay area.

0115 hrs  A Hudson taking off from Luqa for transit to the Middle East crashes on take-off.  Sgt Hundy is killed; Sgts Saul, Vivien, Yates and Passmore, and Cpl Sadd are seriously injured.

0405 hrs  Five aircraft approach the Island; only one crosses the coast, dropping bombs in the Qrendi and Hamria areas.

0530 hrs  Two aircraft approach: one is identified as friendly, the other drops a mine in the sea.  Four ME 109s machine-gun Hal Far.  Light Ack Ack and Anti-Aircraft light machine-guns engage.

Military casualties  Sergeant Keith Hardy, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, Royal Canadian Air Force; Sergeant John Hannon, 1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment; Corporal George Nicklin, 11th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers; Private John Rathbone, 8th Battalion, the Manchester Regiment; Gunner Joseph Attard*, Royal Malta Artillery (died in shelter in Luqa)*; Sergeant Charles Byers, Royal Naval Dockyard Police.

Civilian casualties  Cospicua  Charles Byers.  Ghaxaq  Josephine Bugeja, age 68; David Busuttil, age 7; Francis Enriquez, age 60; Mary Fenech, age 31; Nazzereno Fenech, age 8; Carmela Fenech, age 6; Esther Fenech, 10 mths; Joseph Schembri, age 13; Paul Zammit, age 7.  Gudja  Teresa Calleja, age 65; Carmelo Calleja, age 54; Grace Calleja, age 51; Joseph Calleja, age 51; Carmela Calleja, age 33; Peter Calleja, age 30; Peter Zammit, age 62; unidentified child.

Luqa  Joseph Abdilla, age 9; Innocenza Attard, age 42; Gunner Joseph Attard*, RMA, age 21; Salvina Attard, age 17; Andrew Attard, age 13; Michael Attard, age 11; Nicola Attard, age 6; Anthony Attard, age 8; Paskalina Attard, Age 3; Carmelo Azzopardi, age 52; Frances Barbara, age 31; John Barbara, age 10; Andrew Barbara, age 5; Carmela Barbara, 5 mths; John M Ellul, age 51; Felicissima Farrugia, age 38; Andrew Farrugia, age 11; Saviour Farrugia, age 8; Rosario Farrugia, age 6; Joseph Farrugia, age 5; Andrew Farrugia, age 16 mths; Carmel Farrugia, age 4 mths; Grezzju Schembri, age 53; Francis Schembri, age 11;  Censa Vella, age 70. 

Mosta  John M Cauchi, age 56; unidentified male.  Mqabba  Jane Busuttil, age 41; Mary Busuttil, age 15; Salvina Busuttil, age 15.  Qormi  Emmanuel Agius, age 16.  Qrendi  Rose Ellul, age 65; Jane Mifsud, age 60; Joseph Psaila, age 70; Caterina Sciberras, age 86.  Valletta  Anthony Farrugia, age 43.  Zabbar  Martha Cordina, age 45; Anthony Portelli, age 14.  Zejtun  Emmanuel Rizzo, age 4.  Zurrieq  Joseph Barbara, age 16.

Enemy casualties  Karl Heiser.


ROYAL NAVY  Umbra P35 returned from patrol off Lampion.  Two unsuccessful attacks.  Unbeaten proceeded for rendezvous with Upholder then to Gibraltar for repairs.

AIR HQ  Arrivals  Five Wellingtons, one Hudson from Gibraltar.  Departures  Three Wellingtons, three Beauforts, one Hudson to 108 MU; one Blenheim, one Beaufort, one Hudson to Bing El Arab.

LUQA  1000-1145 hrs  One Spitfire 69 Squadron photo-reconnaissance (PR) Sicilian aerodromes.  1020-1218 hrs  One Spitfire 69 Squadron PR Sicilian aerodromes and Messina Harbour.

TA QALI  Aerodrome serviceable on  runway.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  During afternoon raid Sgt Hannon of B Company is killed when a bomb landed on a light Ack Ack position.

1st BN THE DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT  0945 hrs  One UXB is reported 15 yards from Bn HQ Guard Room.  1750 hrs  Cpl E Evans is injured at Floriana by an enemy bomb. [He died at 0220 hrs.]

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  Work on aerodromes continued.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 25; dealt with 11 (5  x 1000kg;  1 x 500kg, 5  x 50kg) not including anti-personnel bombs and incendiaries.

8TH BN THE  KINGS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT  Battalion Tactical Exercise:  Object (1) to practice the move of a bicycle battalion to an assembly position; (2) to practice companies in the attack against parachutists who have fallen close to the Bn.

11TH BN THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS  Hal Far working party of 280 men from all Companies continued.  1100 hrs Funeral of Fusiliers Crosland, Milne and Worster, killed by enemy action.

8TH BN THE MANCHESTER REGIMENT 1730 hrs  E Company post TK 11 receives a direct hit, killing Pte J P Rathbone.  Venezia Bluff was also bombed.

(1) Agnes Azzopoardi from The People’s War, Malta: 1940/43, Laurence Mizzi, Progress Press, 1998

(2) UXB Malta, S A M Hudson, History Press 2010/2012

(3) Times of Malta 16 April 1942


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5 April 1942: Rocket Bombs Hit Valletta

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Bombs on Floriana 5 April 1942 (NWMA Malta)

  • 176 bombers attack
  • 280 tons of bombs in four raids
  • Main targets: Dockyard, Valletta and Floriana
  • Five ships damaged


“St Clements Bastion, bomb unit of rocket bomb; fuze recovered”  RE Bomb Disposal 5th April 1942 (1)

The first ‘Rocket Bombs’ recorded in World War II were dropped on Malta in January 1942 when RE Bomb Disposal were called to deal with an unusual UXB in Floriana. Their report to the War Office in London detailed a new and deadly weapon: a heavily-armoured 500kg bomb, made even more powerful by the addition of rocket propulsion.  The extra thrust was designed to aid the bomb’s penetration of warships and fortifications.

In the air the bombs were a terrifying sight, trailing flames several yards long as they fell.  The reintroduction of these bombs against Malta shows the Luftwaffe’s increasing determination to maximise destruction of all targets.


Weather  Wind northerly: slight haze.

0750 hrs  23 JU 88s and JU 87s attack the Dockyard and Floriana, dropping heavy high explosive bombs, including Rocket bombs.  The Victualling Yard is further damaged, another explosion blocks the tunnel leading to No 11 Shelter.  The Cooperage store and houses collapse.  Pinto Wharf and Filippo Sciberras Square in Floriana are hit; the popular First and Last Bar disappears.

1122 hrs  53 enemy aircraft come in from the north and drop bombs on the Dockyard area.  A near miss at the north end of Bakery Wharf causes serious subsidence.  Police Quarters, 27 Store and GD Station are rendered unsafe.  Bombs explode on Store Wharf, the Yard Machinery Shop and another tunnel.  A large bomb hits the side of No 2 Dock puncturing the caisson and flooding the dock.  Two large bombs hit No 1 Boiler Shop and Gunmounting Wharf, which is left with a 20 foot crater.  A large number of bombs land on the Dockyard School area: Corrodino Gate is hit and almost every road is blocked.  A large unexploded bomb is reported near Zabbar Gate.

1145 hrs  Three aircraft drop bombs on Hal Far.  They are engaged by five guns of 225 Light Ack Ack Battery (LAA): no claims.

1215 hrs  All clear.

1410 hrs  Four Spitfires 126 Squadron are scrambled to intercept large formations of JU 88s, JU 87s and ME 109s.  The Spitfires make individual attacks:  F/L Johnston probably destroys one ME 109; P/O Putman destroys one JU 88.  P/O Bisley destroys one JU 87 and damages one JU 88 before he is jumped by six ME 109s.  He is injured in the legs and hand, and lands at Ta Qali with his wheels up, from where he is taken to hospital.

1415 hrs  While 30 ME 109s patrol the Island, 40 JU 88s and 12 JU 87s attack the Grand Harbour area, dropping bombs on the Dockyard, Valletta and Floriana, where the Capuchins Friary is almost completely destroyed, killing two.  Bombs also hit St Francis Street, the Granaries (St Publius Square), The Seminary, Great Siege Road and Pinto Wharf.  Several civilians are injured.  Heavy Ack Ack engage: claim one JU 87 probably destroyed.

1426 hrs  Four ME 109 fighter bombers approach Hal Far from the south.  Two drop bombs causing craters on the aerodrome.  Two are engaged by four guns of 225 LAA Bty: no claims.

1705 hrs  28 JU 88s attack Grand Harbour.  Heavy and Light Ack Ack engage.  Two JU 88s are destroyed and one ME 109 damaged by Light Ack Ack.

1745 hrs  Six ME 109 fighter bombers attack Ta Qali but miss the runway.  Two others are engaged by one gun of 225 LAA Bty: no claim.

2053; 2119 hrs  One enemy aircraft each time approaches from the north and drops bombs in the sea.

2337-0010 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north and drops bombs in the sea south of the Island as well as other objects which drop more slowly.

0302-0418 hrs  Two aircraft approach from the north: one drops HE and incendiary bombs on Luqa and Gudja, the other drops bombs in the sea.

0513-0605 hrs  One aircraft approaches from the north and drops incendiaries on the Rabat and Ta Qali area.

Military casualties  Able Seaman Frederick Barr, HMS Kingston; Thomas Lee, Telegraphist, HMS Kingston; Able Seaman Reginald Prince, HMS Kingston; Ordinary Seaman Stanley Sellers, HMS Kingston; Able Seaman John Taylor, HMS Kingston; Able Seaman Stanley Wilson, HMS Kingston; Able Seaman Frederick Eager, HMS Penelope; Sergeant John Hawkins, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (VR); Pilot Officer Hugh McKee, Royal Canadian Air Force; Pilot Officer Edmund Smith, Royal New Zealand Air Force; Sergeant Kenneth Thomas, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, Royal Air Force (VR).

Civilian casualties  Cospicua  Carmela Montague, age 33; Daniel Montague, age 13; Joseph Montague, age 11; Mary Montague, age 8.  Floriana  Antonia Attard, age 50; Joseph Borg, age 70.  Hamrun  Augustine Balzan, age 16; Marianna Borda, age 77; Frances Borg, age 40; Fr Clement Cauchi, age 67; Joseph Farrugia, age 48; Emanuel Grima, age 15; Concetta Sultana, age 6.  Marsa  Paul D’Amato, age 77.  Msida  Joseph Abela.  Rabat  Anthony Camilleri, age 42.  Tarxien  Mary Bonnello, age 11; Amadeo Micallef, age 44.  Valletta  Philip Camilleri, age 64.  Zebbug  Alfred Barbara, age 27.  Zejtun  Angelo Agius, age 29; Dolores Busuttil, age 2.


ROYAL NAVY  Havock sailed at 2000 hrs and ran ashore off Kelibia, being subsequently destroyed by her own crew at 0400 hrs on 6th April.  During raids on Grand Harbour, Abingdon and Gallant were damaged and beached.  Lance received a direct hit while in dock and was blown off the chocks and partially submerged.  Kingston and Plumleaf were also hit and damaged.

AIR HQ  Wellington crashed taking off: crew and passengers unhurt.  Two Wellingtons crash-landed: crews unhurt.  One Beaufort crashed in flames at Luqa: no survivors.  One Beaufort missing: no further news.  

Arrivals  One Beaufighter, three Blenheims, three Wellingtons, two Hudsons, one Beaufort from Gibraltar.  Departures  Three Wellingtons to 108 MU; two Beauforts to Sidi Barrani.

LUQA  1040-1357 hrs  One Spitfire 69 Squadron on photo-reconnaissance Tripoli railway-Gabes.

TA QALI  No night operations.

1st BN THE CHESHIRE REGIMENT  1200 hrs  Work on Pampas cut down to one Officer, 30 OR, 1200-2000 hrs.  Private J Firman injured at RT shed: admitted to hospital.

1st BN THE DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT  4 seater car, motor cycle and fitters shop demolished by bombs at Dockyard School.

1ST BN THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY  A and E and part of HQ Companies on Ta Qali aerodrome.  C & D Companies to commence training on 6th.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bombs on Casemate Bks causing damage to WOs & Sgts Mess.- no casualties.  Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 14; dealt with 4 (2 x 500kg; 2 x 250kg) not including anti-personnel bombs and incendiaries.

8TH BN THE  KINGS OWN ROYAL REGIMENT Working party of 200 Other Ranks and 3 Officers building protective walls for aircraft at Hal Far.

2ND BN THE ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT Sgt Ellis wounded by enemy action at St George’s Barracks: taken to 45 General Hospital.

(1)  UXB Malta, S A M Hudson, History Press 2010/2012

All written content © maltagc70 unless otherwise attributed.  For conditions of  use contact

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