26 October 1941: Military Rations to be Cut

26 Oct

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Troops of Kings Own Malta Regiment have been told that part of their rations will be reduced with effect from today.  The potato ration, a staple of the diet which had been increased to 14oz recently, has now been returned to its previous level of 10oz.  The current rations are now as follows:

DAILY Bread 15 oz; (7½ oz Mon); milk 2oz; tea ½oz; sugar 2½oz; margarine 1½ oz; macaroni 2oz; potatoes 10oz; onions 2oz
Sat Plus M&V (meat & vegetable stew) rations 16oz; tinned bacon 2¼ oz; tinned cheese ¾ oz; dried fruit ½oz; sardines ½oz; jam 1oz.    
Sun Plus frozen mutton 10oz; tinned sausages 2½ oz; canned beans 4oz; chocolate 1½oz; marmalade 1oz; tinned fruit 4oz; meat loaf 12½ oz; fresh vegetables 4oz; tinned vegetables 2 oz.  
Mon Plus biscuit 6oz; flour 4oz; preserved meat 8oz; tinned bacon 2¼ oz; tinned cheese ¾oz; fresh fruit 4oz; sardines ½oz; dried peas 2oz; jam 1oz.
Tues Plus M&V rations 16oz; bacon cured 3oz; chocolate 1½oz; jam 1oz; dried fruit ½oz; sardines ½oz; meat loaf 12½ oz.      
Wed Plus frozen beef 10oz; tinned bacon 2¼ oz; tinned cheese ¾ oz; syrup 1oz; fresh fruit 4oz; sardines ½oz; fresh vegetables 4oz; tinned vegetables 2oz; 50 cigarettes or 2oz tobacco; 2 boxes matches.
Thur Plus M&V rations 16oz; tinned bacon 2¼ oz; chocolate 1½oz; dried fruit ½oz; meat loaf 12½ oz.
Fri Plus 4 oz flour; 8oz preserved meat; bacon cured 3oz; tinned cheese ¾ oz; jam 1oz; 40z fresh fruit; sardines ½oz; tinned tomatoes 4oz; vinegar ½ fl oz.  


Weather  Heavy rain in the evening.

No air raids.

Military casualties  Gunner James Herbert Abbott, (John Henry), 48/71 Battery Royal Artillery; Flight Sergeant William T Shaver, Royal Canadian Air Force, 107 Squadron RAF.


ROYAL NAVY  Force K returned to harbour having seen nothing after yesterday’s search for destroyers. Submarine Tetrarch sailed for Gibraltar and the UK.

AIR HQ Arrivals 1 Wellington. Departures 1 Maryland. 69 Squadron 3 Marylands special patrols; 1 Maryland and 1 Blenheim patrols eastern Sicily.  Photoreconnaissances eastern Sicily.     

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Fire parties from C & D Companies assisted in fighting the fire in the Dockyard which burned through the night until 0600 hrs today. A large amount of paraffin was saved.  Malta Volunteer Defence Force was given firing instruction with Ross rifles on the Rinella Range.


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