1 September 1941: Malta is New Base for 10th Submarine Flotilla

01 Sep

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  • No of air raid alerts 30
  • No of raids 25 (including 18 night raids)
  • Days without air raid alerts 15
  • Total time under alert 18 hours 38 mins
  • Average length of alert 38 mins
  • Civilians killed by enemy action 5; injured 5
  • Buildings destroyed/badly
HMS Upholder

HMS Upholder


A new 10th Submarine Flotilla has been formed with its base at Malta.  ‘U’ Class submarines have been operating from the Island for some time, carrying out successful operations against enemy convoys.  These smaller submarines, such as Unbeaten, Upholder, Upright and Ursula, have been found to be more suited to conditions in the Mediterranean.  Leading 10th Flotilla will be Commander George W G Simpson who has been appoint to the command of HMS Talbot, the submarine base at Manoel Island, Malta


Weather  Fine and warm.

1039-1110 hrs  Air raid alert for twelve Macchi 200 fighters which approach from the north and cross the coast over St Paul’s Bay without dropping any bombs. Selected gun emplacements fire pointer rounds.  Hurricane fighters are scrambled but do not engage.

2111-2206 hrs  Air raid alert for six enemy bombers which approach singly from the north east and drop incendiary bombs plus a small number of high explosives across Marsa, Hamrun, Gudja, Pembroke Ranges and Island Bay, and in the sea north of St George’s. High explosive bombs are dropped on Pembroke Ranges.  One bomb falls on a tennis court at Sliema.  Four people are slightly wounded in the raid.  It is believed that they did not go into a shelter.  Three Hurricanes are scrambled; no interceptions.  P/O Robertson crashes on landing; he is unhurt. 


ROYAL NAVY  5 Swordfish searched area to eastward for northbound convoy without success. Upholder returned from interception of convoy east of Tripoli.  Convoy sighted and attacked without success.

AIR HQ  Arrivals 2 Beaufighter, 5 Blenheim. Departures 2 Beaufighter, 1 Sunderland. 69 Squadron Reconnaissance east Tunisian coast.   Special search by Blenheim.  2 Fulmars offensive patrol Gerbini-Comiso area dropped incendiaries on Gerbini and Augusta. 38 Squadron 7 Wellingtons attacked Tripoli power station dropped bombs and incendiaries causing damage and fires. 105 Squadron 7 Blenheims attacked chemical works, ship and railway in southern Calabria.  5 Hurricanes fitted with cannon despatched on a special railway patrol near Pozallo Railway Station.  They dived on a train and attacked from the rear, hitting the engine and driver’s cabin.  Coaches in the station were also hit.  Machine-gun fire retaliated from both sides of the line; Sgt Parker’s windscreen was hit by one bullet.   

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  The Battalion took over 4 Bren carriers. They will undergo 2 weeks’ maintenance training under the Malta Tank Troops billeted by us, before being used in C Company sector.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bomb Disposal UXB reported 5; dealt with 3 (2kg incendiary)

MALTA SIGNALS COMPANY  14 other ranks disembarked and posted to SWS Malta.

ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS  Strengths 25 officers, 8 WO1, 189 other ranks.


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