13 July 1941: Malta Troops on Constant Standby for General Alarm

13 Jul

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 Troops (NWMA Malta)

Troops to go to war stations on alarm (NWMA Malta)


New orders have been issued to Malta troops governing the response to the sounding of the General Alarm. The orders cancel all previous instructions and read as follows:

  • The defence of the Fortress requires every man to be at his war station as soon as possible after the receipt of the General Alarm.
  • All military personnel on leave or at rest camp will be returned to their place of duty on the sounding of the General Alarm and/or the hoisting of the Recall Signal.
  • All ranks on leave in the Valletta area will report to the Castille.
  • All ranks on leave in the Floriana area will report to the commanding officer of 1st Bn Cheshire Regiment at St Francis Ravelin. They will be issued with ammunition of 50 rounds per rifle and 12 rounds per revolver.
  • All ranks on leave in the Sliema area will report to the Quartermaster, 4th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery, Tigne Barracks. They will be issued with ammunition of 50 rounds per rifle and 12 rounds per revolver.
  • All other military personnel not included in the above instructions will report to the nearest military post, where they will be issued with ammunition. Arrangements for rejoining their units will be made where possible by the local unit commander.


Weather  Hot and hazy.

AM  Three small formations of enemy aircraft approached the Island separately during the morning. Hurricane fighters were airborne three times in response.  No interceptions were made owing to bad visibility and the fact that no enemy aircraft came within 40 miles of the Island.

0130-0227 hrs  Air raid alert for four enemy aircraft which approach the Island separately from the north, the north east and the west. Bombs are dropped on land east of Delimara, in the sea off Delimara and on Luqa aerodrome.  Bombs are also dropped on Paola, the Dockyard, St Thomas’ Bay and Kalafrana Bay off Benghaisa.  Heavy anti-aircraft guns fire three barrages; two succeed in causing raiders to turn away.  No Hurricanes are scrambled due to bad visibility and low haze. 


ROYAL NAVY  830 Squadron Fleet Air Arm 6 Swordfish left to intercept convoy southbound; mission failed owing to poor visibility.

AIR HQ  Arrivals 1 Wellington.  69 Squadron  Marylands patrol to locate convoy heading for Tripoli and conduct reconnaissance of Tripoli. 110 Squadron 5 Blenheims attacked convoy near Tripoli destroying a tanker and a schooner and setting a merchant ship on fire.


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