5 July 1941: Troops Deployed to Defend Gozo From Invasion

05 Jul

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Citadel, Victoria, Gozo

Citadel, Victoria, Gozo


Troops of 1st Bn Hampshire Regiment have been issued with detailed orders to prepare for a possible invasion of Gozo.  The strategy is designed to counter enemy seaborne landings at Marsalforn, Mgarr and Cala Dueira, and to prevent airborne landings in the area Xaghra-Nadur-Xewkija-Rabat. 

In the event of a seaborne landing at Marsalforn, one Company will cover its southern exits and occupy Il Kortin ta Gjain Damma. Another company based at Il Mirzuk will prevent the enemy from using the road between Marsalforn and Rabat.  One Company will be located in Mgarr against a possible seaborne landing there and another will occupy a key point of approach to the town.  To defend Cala Dueira one Company will cover the area of Torri tal Qawra and another Tad Bieji.   

To counter airborne landings troops will be based at Rabat, Xaghra, Nadur and Xewkija and there will be ten additional coast watches at key points around the Island.  In addition, should no orders be received, Company Commanders will use their initiative in dealing with any enemy landings which are not in their areas of primary responsibility.


A Blenheim aircraft crashed today within seconds of taking off from Luqa aerodrome. The Blenheim was barely airborne when it suddenly lost height and crashed near Gudja military camp.  Two of the crew were killed on impact, two others were rescued from the burning plane.  The Blenheim which was leaving for the UK was completely burned out.  A guard was mounted on the remains by 1st Bn Hampshire Regiment until RAF salvage operations could be completed. 


Weather  Hot and sunny.

Night  Four air raid alerts during which in all ten enemy aircraft pass over the Island, seven of which drop bombs in the sea.  The other three dropped bombs on and near Mosta, in Lija cemetery and in fields near Zeitun and Birkirkara.  Hurricanes are scrambled five times and anti-aircraft guns fire several barrages; no claims.  

2243-2300 hrs; 2321-0034 hrs  Air raid alert for a single enemy aircraft which approaches from the north east and drops bombs in the sea west of Kalafrana.  Searchlights illuminate the raider for two minutes and eight heavy anti-aircraft guns fire a barrage at 18000 feet; no claims.

0113-0133 hrs  Air raid alert for a single enemy aircraft which crosses the coast north of Grand Harbour and drops bombs near Ta Qali.

0151-0309 hrs  Air raid alert for three enemy aircraft approaching the Island singly from the north and drop bombs in the sea off St Thomas’ Bay, near Kalafrana, and on land near Ta Qali. Searchlights illuminate the targets for 2¼ minutes.  Anti-aircraft guns fire a barrage at aircraft south of Kalafrana; they immediately recede east and then northwards.

Military casualties Sergeant Alfred D F Murcutt, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR), 82 Squadron; Sergeant Jack Oaten, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAFVR, 82 Squadron.

Civilian casualties Hamrun  Ines Serra, age 15; Nello Serra, age 13; Aldo Serra, age 10; Carmelina Serra, age 5; Carmel Grima, age 44; Emanuel Sammut, age 16; Emanuel Sultana, age 40; Pauline Verzin, age 70.


AIR HQ  Departures 5 Blenheim 82 Squadron. 69 Squadron  Marylands reconnaissance Sciacca, Castel Vetrano, Syracuse, Augusta, Gela, Tripoli and special patrols. 110 Squadron 4 Blenheims searched for reported ship without success. 

LUQA  5 Blenheims 82 Squadron left for Middle East, one crashed on Gudja, killing 2 and injuring 2.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bomb Disposal UXB reported 1.

1st Bn HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT  The Battalion will move to Gozo for a 3 week training course starting on 15 July.


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