29 June 1941: Malta 12 Attacks on Axis Convoys & Bases in a Week

29 Jun

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In its weekly review of the progress of the war, the War Cabinet in London hears a report on attacks by aircraft operating from Malta on shipping between Sicily and North Africa and bombed objectives on the North African mainland.

Maryland bombingAt dusk on 25 June, four Marylands attacked a convoy of four large merchant vessels of about 20000 tons, escorted by six destroyers, and scored at least one direct hit. Later in the same evening seven Swordfish torpedoed two of the merchant vessels which probably sank, and possibly hit a third.  From these operations one Maryland and one Swordfish were reported missing.  Another convoy was attacked by three Marylands on 29 June, 30 miles off Tripoli, and near misses observed.

Wellingtons carried out five night attacks on Tripoli, in two of which they were supported by Swordfish. On one of these occasions seven Swordfish laid sea-mines in the harbour.  The Spanish and Karamanli Moles were hit many times and a number of fires were started.  Bombs were also seen to hit one large and one medium size merchant vessel, and a vessel of 6000 tons was set on fire.

Successful day attacks on Tripoli were also made by Blenheims and Marylands.

Today Blenheims failed to locate a convoy. As an alternative they bombed and completely destroyed a factory to the east of the town. 


Weather  Cloudy; humid.

No air raids.

Military casualties Sergeant John A Cover, Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force, 82 Squadron; Sergeant Richard G G Fairweather, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR), 82 Squadron; Sergeant Allan T Thomas, Observer, RAFVR, 82 Squadron.


ROYAL NAVY  Urge successful attack on cruiser (believed to be Gorizia); two hits claimed, followed by a large explosion. 830 Squadron Fleet Air Arm 6 Swordfish sent to attack Tripoli encountered severe weather and turned back. 

AIR HQ Arrivals 6 Wellington. Departures 2 Wellington. 69 Squadron Marylands on reconnaissance; 1 Hurricane on photo-reconnaissance.  3 Marylands made a high level (15-21000 ft) bombing raid on Tripoli Harbour in daylight; results not observed. 82 Squadron 9 Blenheims despatched to attack convoy approaching Tripoli.  One Blenheim received a direct hit by a bomb from another aircraft.  6 Blenheims went out again to attack merchant ships in Tripoli Harbour; one returned with engine trouble.  The remainder crossed the coast wide of the target and bombed Sorman aerodrome nearby, starting several fires among aircraft on the ground. 148 Squadron  7 Wellingtons sent to attack Spanish Quay and shipping in Tripoli Harbour encountered severe weather.  4 aircraft reached target and attacked, damaging quay and ships.


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