14 June 1941: Malta Airfields Booby-Trapped Against Parachutists

14 Jun

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Military commanders are conducting tests to booby-trap Malta’s airfields to prevent the landing of enemy aircraft and parachutists. The Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Officer has been asked to put his knowledge of explosives to use in an experiment to assess the potential.  He is overseeing a team from 24 Fortress Company which is digging a series of camouflets in a quarry adjacent to Luqa aerodrome.  The camouflets will contain naval depth charges which would be primed once the alert is raised that an invasion is underway.  A test will be undertaken to assess the potential effectiveness of the booby-traps to defend the aerodrome.

HMS Victorious

HMS Victorious


43 Hurricane fighters landed in Malta today along with four Hudsons as part of ‘Operation Tracer’, the latest initiative to deliver reinforcements to the Mediterranean. Originally 48 aircraft were loaded aboard the new fleet aircraft carrier HMS Victorious which sailed under escort for Gibraltar on 31 May.  On arrival, 26 Hurricanes were transferred to HMS Ark Royal and 22 remained on Victorious.  Both vessels left harbour early yesterday, escorted by the battlecruiser Renown and seven destroyers. 

Four Hudsons few out from Gibraltar to meet the carriers at a rendezvous point to the south of the Balearic Islands. 47 of the Hurricanes successfully took off from their carrier in four formations, each led by one of the Hudsons.  One was observed turning away from its formation and heading towards North Africa, presumably suffering from engine trouble. 

The last formation to take off encountered navigational problems and as a result ran very short of fuel. One crashed in the sea before reaching the Island, with the loss of its pilot.  The fuel shortage caused two others difficulties on landing.  One managed to alight safely at Luqa, the second crashed in Wied ik Kbir, killing the pilot.

The Hurricanes were divided between the three airfields of Hal Far, Luqa and Ta Qali. 21 of the Hurricanes were refuelled departed today for the Middle East.  Another 13 are expected to leave within days; the remaining nine will stay in Malta.       


Weather  Hot and sunny.

No air raids.

1500 hrs  Orders are issued to infantry battalions to man all anti-aircraft positions as of 1600 hrs today until further notice.

2130 hrs  Anti-aircraft positions ordered to stand down.

0315 hrs  One Bombay crashes into the sea off Marsaxlokk with the loss of all crew.

Military casualties  Sergeant Robert MacPherson, pilot, RAF Volunteer Reserve, 260 Squadron.


AIR HQ  Arrivals 43 Hurricane, 4 Hudson. Departures 1 Wellington, 1 Sunderland, 21 Hurricane.  69 Squadron  3 Marylands on reconnaissance.

HAL FAR  11 Hurricanes arrived at Hal Far from Gibraltar.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  24 Fortress Company began work in quarry at Luqa for trial of naval Depth Charges for mining all aerodromes as protection against parachute landings.

2nd Bn ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT  Defence scheme for Luqa aerodrome issued; 100% manning of anti-aircraft guns ordered. Bn mounted guard duty over a crashed aircraft in Wied il Kbir. 


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