30 March 1941: Malta Troops Think Postal Service is Fraud

30 Mar

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Air mail card 1 cropService personnel are becoming increasingly frustrated with the poor mail service between the United Kingdom and Malta. Many letters dated between 28 December 1940 and 18 January 1941 were among the mail delivered via the recent convoy.  However, among them were a large number carrying air mail stamps dated 1 March, for which the senders have paid a premium so that they would be carried quickly to Malta.

As there has been no air mail service to the Island for the last twelve months, this measure is regarded by troops as a simple fraud on the part of the General Post Office (GPO). As troops’ relatives often struggle to afford these additional costs, much unrest has been caused among service personnel. 

The Governor and Commander in Chief wrote urgently to the War Office today, urging them to clear up the muddle and simplify the despatch of private letters to Malta. In response, the War Office pointed out that the suspension of the air mail service to Malta was publicly announced in the press by the GPO on 11 June 1940 and that enquiries at any Post Office should have confirmed this. However, if any letters were marked with the [air mail] stamp on 1 March, it points out that they could only be sent by the normal route via the Middle East, hence the delay in arrival at Malta.


Weather  Fine.

0610-0640 hrs  Air raid alert for two enemy aircraft which approach the Island and drop bombs near Imgarr and on the Hal Far and Birzebbuga areas.

1000-1010 hrs Air raid alert for a single enemy aircraft on reconnaissance at 24000 feet. Four Hurricanes are scrambled; no interception.  Anti-aircraft guns engage; no claims.

1645-1725 hrs Air raid alert. A formation of 20 ME 109 and CR 42 fighters patrols five miles off Grand Harbour at 16000 feet to draw Malta Hurricanes while four JU 88 bombers, escorted by another four ME 109s come over the Island at 17000 feet and bomb Ta Qali aerodrome.  Most bombs miss the target; only two fall on the aerodrome, including one at the east end which fails to explode.  One Hurricane on the ground is slightly damaged.  Twelve Hurricanes are airborne but the raiders evade contact. 

Military casualties  Stoker 1st Class, Carmelo Fenech, Royal Navy, HMS St.Angelo; Gunner Frank Raffety, 7 HAA Regiment, Royal Artillery.


ROYAL NAVY  Rorqual sank Italian tanker Laura Corrado in Tyrrhenian Sea. 

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Engineer works by 24 Fortress Company were stopped to give priority to Grand Harbour Defences. A parachute Mine on the Military Police Barracks, Valletta, caused widespread damage. Royal Engineers again employed on clearance and demolition of unsafe structures.


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