25 November 1940: Is Mussolini Ready to Sue for Peace?

25 Nov

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Mussolini may seek peace


Sources in London have revealed that there are indications Mussolini ‘would not be averse’ to negotiating a separate peace with the Allies. However, it seems doubtful that Allied commanders will look favourably on such approaches, coming as they do after Greece has achieved significant gains against Italian forces in Albania.  London military strategists believe that with sufficient support, Greek forces could press home a full victory over the Italians.  Already one Government which was regarded as almost an ally of the Axis is convinced that Italy is losing the war.

However, elements of the British press believe that a separate peace with Mussolini would be of little benefit, as Hitler has already gathered a great military and aerial power in the Balkans which he would immediately deploy in over-running Italy.

Despite recent air raids on key Italian targets from Malta, many believe that Italy is still not feeling the full weight of British strength. In a forthright commentary, the Sunday Express reminded Mr Churchill of his promise of hammer blows against Italy with the words: “Strike them! We want Mussolini in a rat cage, not at a conference table.”

The Express believes that an all-out air offensive on Italy is the only solution: “Only when stilettos are out, and the Italians are crying for vengeance on the men who led them to catastrophe, will they be prised from Mussolini and Hitler, and an Italian revolt would be the signal for risings in other tortured lands.”


The Malta Government has announced that from today no motor cycles are allowed on the road without a special permit issued by the Director of Transport.


Weather   Fine.

1445-1501 hrs  Air raid alert for twelve enemy fighters which approach the Island from the north. As they cross the coast they split up into two formations.  Anti-aircraft guns open fire and the raiders quickly turn east and head back to base.

0323-0400 hrs  Air raid alert for enemy aircraft which approach from the north east but turn away 25 miles from Malta.

0625-0650 hrs  Air raid alert for a formation of enemy fighters which fly over the Island at 23000 feet. Malta fighters are scrambled: one CR42 fighter is shot down in flames and falls into the sea. One Hurricane is also shot down.  Both land in the sea, killing both pilots whose bodies are later recovered.


TA QALI  A/F/Lt Newton Adams posted to this station from HQ Mediterranean for duty as Accountant Officer.

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