28 June 1940: Malta Cut Off From Western Mediterranean

28 Jun

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The Admiralty has confirmed that there is currently no prospect of sending stores to Malta via Gibraltar.  The only Allied access route to the Island will now be from the Eastern Mediterranean.   This would require any supplies from the UK travelling the long sea route round the southern tip of Africa. 

C in Cs Middle East L to R: Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham; Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore; General Sir Archibald Wavell

C in Cs Middle East L to R: Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham; Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore; General Sir Archibald Wavell

The news presents a serious problem for the regular supply of Malta.  The Island is currently in urgent need of 100,000 sandbags, 5000 tons of goat fodder, 500 tons of coke and 6000 of coal, and medical stores.  The War Office has asked the Commander in Chief, Middle East, if he can spare these supplies until replacements can be sent via the Cape.

Within the next six months, it is anticipated that the Island will need a further 23000 tons of supplies for the Army, 10000 tons for the Dockyard and 2000 for the RAF.  The relevant ministries in the UK will be notified of the exact requirements, which will be prioritised according to urgency. 


Weather  Fine. 

0920 hrs  A defence post of 2nd Bn Royal West Kent Regiment reports signalling east of Boschetto area but nothing found. 

1305 hrs  Radio mast confirmed repaired and functioning.

1306-1358 hrs  Air raid alert.  Two formations of three enemy aircraft approach the Island at 15000 feet and attack Marsa, Delimara and HMS Terror.  Malta’s fighters engage the raiders who depart to the south west and south east.  One enemy aircraft is reported to be smoking and losing height 30 degrees from Terror and five miles out to sea.  An Ack Ack battery confirms seeing an aircraft diving towards the sea emitting quantities of smoke. 

1925-1940 hrs  Air raid alert.  No bombs dropped.


AIR HQ  Arrivals  2 Sunderland.  Departures  2 Sunderland.   

KALAFRANA  One Sunderland arrived from UK for refuelling and one from Middle East.  Five recruits medically examined.  Sgt Beaddie (N/Ord) discharged from hospital and returned to duty at Luqa.  Cpl Jasper returned to Kalafrana.  AC Galea and AC Buhagiar admitted to Military Hospital, Imtarfa.

LUQA  Strength of Station: Officers 19; airmen 61; civilians 143.  Sgt G Beaddie, Nursing Orderly, attached on discharge from hospital.  Cpl C Jasper returned to Kalafrana. 

8th Bn MANCHESTER REGIMENT  A determined drive was made by all available personnel at Ta Saliba under the command of 2/Lt Booth to complete wiring and road blocks. 

2nd Bn ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT  Unloading party at Marsaxlokk for two periods during the day.     

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