11 November 1941: Governor Warns of Isolation Effect on Morale

11 Nov

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Lt Gen Sir William Dobbie

Lt Gen Sir William Dobbie


FROM: Governor (Lt Gen Sir W Dobbie)               TO: Secretary of State for the Colonies

With reference to your telegram No 323 of 1st November, have you received from the War Office copy of my GM 18,486 of 3rdOctober, which is very relevant.

(a) Whilst fully realising the necessity for communication with Middle East, I must emphasise that our war effort is so closely bound up with the Middle East that a proportion of the accommodation both east and west in BOAC flying boats is essential to Malta, both from the Services and the Government point of view.  This will naturally be confined to really urgent passengers, and if sufficient notice is available demand will be telegraphed to the Air Ministry or AOC Middle East.  Please see paragraph 3a of my telegram quoted above in this connexion.

(b) I have recently discussed with the Assistant Postmaster General, Mr Chapman, the question of mail for service personnel, which he agreed were a matter for military necessity.  He stated his principal difficulty in guaranteeing our inward mails, which are here as elsewhere the major problem, was failure to allot in aircraft a specified space for mails which could be guaranteed not to be taken up by passengers at the last minute.  There is undoubtedly a degree of feeling amongst service personnel, who see large numbers of aircraft carrying passengers in transit and yet receive no mail.  I should be grateful of your assistance in these two important points.”


0545-0604 hrs  Air raid alarm.  Two enemy aircraft approach the Island singly.  The first drops bombs in the sea ten miles east of Zonkor Point and recedes North.  The second aircraft drops bombs in the sea near Salina Bay, then crosses the Island and recedes over Filfla. 

1147-1158 hrs   Air raid alarm.  One Macchi comes in from the north east at 21,000 feet to within one mile of Grand Harbour and then recedes north.  Ack Ack guns fire pointer rounds; no claims. 


ROYAL NAVY  Three Albacores despatched Catania returned with engine trouble without reaching target.  Seven Swordfish left to attack convoy to westwards.  Three returned early with engine trouble and four failed to return at all.

LUQA  18 Squadron  Six Blenheims attacked two merchant vessels.  Two Blenheims searched for shipping.  Ten Wellingtons 40 Squadron and nine of 104 Squadron attacked Naples.  Squadron Leader Greer failed to return.  

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB  Reported 21.


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