25 August 1941: Aerodrome Defences Need Better Communications

25 Aug

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Defence posts to have Tannoy speakers

Defence posts to have Tannoy speakers


Malta’s urgently needs a better system of communication for its aerodromes. Troops engaged in the defence of airfields are spread around the perimeter, a significant distance from RAF command and their own headquarters.  The problem is preventing messages being quickly and accurately disseminated and threatening the effective defence of the area from incoming attacks.  Lack of fast, accurate communication can also lead to incidents such as friendly fire, if returning Malta aircraft are not confirmed to defence posts as friendly soon enough to prevent attack.

It has been decided to install a network of radio receivers linking aerodrome defence posts. On-site tests have established that a radio reception set linked to the Infantry Commander’s post works effectively.  The system consists of radio receivers and loudspeaker units.  Governor and Commander in Chief has written to the War Office asking for 85 sets of the equipment to be forwarded to Malta at the earliest opportunity.


Weather  Sunny and hot.

1600 hrs  A single enemy aircraft believed to be on photoreconnaissance crossed the Island at a great height; no interception was made.

0306-0345 hrs  Air raid alert for two enemy BR 20 aircraft which approach the Island and cross the coast singly, dropping hundreds of incendiary bombs near Birkirkara, Mosta, Naxxar and Madalena. Two Hurricanes are scrambled but there are no searchlight illuminations and no interceptions.


ROYAL NAVY  Taku sailed for Gibraltar and UK.

AIR HQ  Arrivals 1 Sunderland. Departures 1 Sunderland. 69 Squadron Marylands on striking force patrols Lampedusa, Kerkennah, Misurat.  Two Marylands on morning and evening patrols to relocate the Italian Fleet south of Sardinia.  Photoreconnaissance east coast of Sicily and Calabrian coast, including aerodromes. 38 Squadron 9 Wellingtons sent in 3 waves to attack Tripoli dropped bombs and incendiaries causing fires and damage to buildings.  1 Wellington, pilot Sgt Gilbert, crashed on landing at Luqa. 105 Squadron 3 Blenheims sent to attack enemy shipping unable to locate target.  

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Celebrated as an extra holiday in remembrance of Mons day. The meal for other ranks was increased, and a bottle of beer and a packed of cigarettes were given to every one, including those in hospital.


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