28 May 1941: Civilians Wearing Army Uniform a Security Threat

28 May

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Soldiers with small arms crop

Uniforms to be stamped with Army ID


Civilians in Malta have been spotted wearing items of Army uniform which is believed to have been passed to them by service personnel. With the ever-present possibility of invasion, the wearing of official uniforms by unauthorised persons presents a significant security threat.  The situation is also creating a shortage of stocks of military clothing which cannot be made up readily while the Island remains under siege.

According to military chiefs, the situation has now reached serious proportions and it has become common to see civilians wearing military clothing such as shirts, boots and socks. As a result urgent measures have been introduced to tackle the problem. 

All troops have been informed that by disposing of any item of kit, clothing or necessaries to any person whatsoever, they commit an offence under Section 24 of the Army Act; disciplinary action will be taken accordingly, with the possibility of Court-Martial if the offence persists.

From now on all garments will be stamped with the soldier’s Army number on issue. Any soldier requiring a new garment or article of kit is now required to produce the old one in exchange or alternatively furnish a satisfactory explanation as to why he cannot do so.  A strict record will be kept of all issues made, in order to ensure that replacement issues are not made too frequently.


Weather  Fine.

No air raids.


AIR HQ Departures  3 Beaufighters.  69 Squadron  Maryland patrol eastern Sicilian coast including Augusta and Syracuse harbours.  2 Marylands patrol of eastern Tunisian coast AM and PM.  Maryland reconnaissance Messina Harbour and approaches. 139 Squadron Two Blenheims 139 Squadron attacked a ship in Sfax harbour and blew it up.

LUQA Three Beaufighters left for the Middle East.

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  Battalion’s petrol ration has again been reduced but as consumption is well within previous ration there should be little effect.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bomb Disposal UXB reported 2.

8th Bn MANCHESTER REGIMENT  Summer dress came into force.


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