15 April 1941: Malta Faces Labour Shortages

15 Apr

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Labour is in demand for digging of shelters

Labour is in demand for digging of shelters


Malta is facing a severe labour shortage and urgent action is required, according to the Governor and Commander in Chief. The shortage has been caused by the introduction of compulsory military service, as well as the high demand for additional labour services from the military and civil government.  To make up the shortfall, Lt Gen Sir William Dobbie proposes to recruit casual labourers under 21 years of age and to pay them at the current adult rate of pay.  He will also arrange for the re-employment of skilled tradesmen over 60 years of age.


Malta’s Governor and Commander in Chief plans to enlist volunteers and conscripts in order to fully man the newly-formed Royal Army Medical Corps Malta section. Personnel will be signed up for the duration of the war and service in Malta only.  A few specially selected men will also be enrolled in the non-Malta RAMC, also for the duration.


Heads of Branches and Institutions and District Medical Officers were requested to ask their medical staff and officers to ring the Fortress War Headquarters in case it was necessary for a person to proceed outside a town or village during curfew hours (when there was no air-raid on) and should movement be necessary during curfew hours (between the sounding of an air-raid warning and the “All Clear” signal).


LONDON GAZETTE 15 APRIL 1941  “The King has been graciously pleased to approve of the publication of the names of the undermentioned as having been commended for brave conduct: Corps of Royal Engineers (Malta Section) No 576 Sapper Spiru Zammit.”


Weather  Very cold and blustery; wet overnight.

2010-2055 hrs  Air raid alert for suspected enemy aircraft. A Wellington bomber approaches from the north and is attacked by small arms fire from the ground.  The pilot flashes the correct recognition signal before coming in to land safely and without damage.

0010-0223 hrs  Air raid alert for three, then 12, then 14 enemy aircraft which approach from the north in close succession and drop bombs on Ta Qali, Rabat, Imtarfa, Mosta Fort, Madliena, Siggiewi, Dingli, Targa, Naxxar, Attard, Ricasoli, Grand Harbour, St Clements, Luqa aerodrome and Siggiewi. Bombing seems indiscriminate with no apparent definite objective apart from the Mental Hospital at Attard, which is singled out by several aircraft and straddled by 20 bombs; one patient is killed and nine injured.  A large number of bombs fail to explode.  A Malta night fighter is scrambled but searchlights illuminate targets on only two occasions and there are no interceptions.  Anti-aircraft guns engage raiders heavily five times; no claims.  

0237-0405 hrs  Air raid alert for two enemy aircraft which circle the Island separately on ‘nuisance’ raids’. One anti-aircraft battery engages; no claim.

Military casualties  Private James Boorman, 4th Battalion, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regt).

Civilian casualties  Mosta  Carmela Cassar, age 29.


ROYAL NAVY 830 Squadron Fleet Air Arm 2 Swordfish despatched overnight to locate and shadow a convoy of 5 merchant vessels and 3 destroyers reported by Maryland. Convoy located off Kerkenah when British destroyers had begun action.  Aircraft located another southbound convoy at 1357 hrs.   A later sighting gave the convoy speed as 8 knots.  14th Destroyer Flotilla, destroyers Jervis, Janus, Mohawk and Nubian sailed at 1800 hrs under cover of rain and low cloud for a shipping sweep off Kerkennah Bank.

AIR HQ 69 Squadron Maryland reconnaissance eastern Tunisian coast for enemy shipping; convoy of five merchant vessels and three destroyers. Second Maryland despatched to shadow convoy for destroyer striking force.  Maryland reconnaissance Palermo unsuccessful due to low cloud and rain.

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  We have taken over a number of Lewis guns for use in the defences. A short refresher course is being held today and tomorrow.  B Company moved to their Dockyard position at the Naval Canteen.  One platoon of C Company took over their old HQ at Notre Dame Ravelin.

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS Bomb Disposal UXB reported 32.

MALTA SIGNALS COMPANY Classification of Signallers of 1st Bn Kings Own Malta Regiment (passed 5, failed 5).

(1) 18 January 1941


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