20 March 1941: German Forces Preparing to Invade Gozo

20 Mar

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Citadel, Victoria, Gozo

Citadel, Victoria, Gozo


Information has been received by Malta high command that Gozo is the expected landing point for an enemy invasion. Reliable intelligence sources have confirmed that a German landing battalion with full boat and ferry equipment is heading for the central Mediterranean.  The force is expected to arrive on 26 March and to be ready for use ten days later.  There are also reported to be a number of flat-bottomed boats in Sicily of the type used for landing troops.  The quantity does not seem sufficient for a landing on Malta but it is thought a landing may be attempted on Gozo.

It is believed the enemy is preparing to carry out a reconnaissance of Gozo on the basis that the Island is undefended, and that therefore a raid on a small scale might be possible. In response, senior military officers from Malta including Administration, Royal Artillery, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Malta Tank Troop and Fortress Royal Engineers are making their own reconnaissance visit to Gozo prior to making suitable provision to defend the Island from invasion.


Weather  Fair.

1223-1243 hrs  Air raid alert for three approaching enemy fighters which do not come near the coast. Hurricane fighters are scrambled but the enemy does not approach near enough to make attack necessary.

1510-1542 hrs  Air raid alert for a single enemy ME 110 fighter which machine-guns a Dockyard tug off Zonqor. Anti-aircraft guns open fire and the raider is chased off by Hurricanes.


AIR HQ 69 Squadron 1005-1325 hrs  Maryland patrolled between Pantelleria, Cape Bon and Sicily for shipping information; convoy notified to Naval authorities.

1st Bn CHESHIRE REGIMENT  The CO took officers and men to reconnoitre positions for the mobile machine-gun company.


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