15 August 1940: Daylight Bombing Returns With Heavy Raid

15 Aug

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Daylight bombing returned to Malta today with the first daytime raid since 12 July. Early this afternoon a large formation of bombers and fighters approached the Island and attacked Hal Far, Kirkop and Safi with heavy high explosives. One Swordfish aircraft was destroyed and storage hangars badly damaged. Four Hurricane fighters were scrambled to intercept the raiders. One was attacked by enemy fighters and shot down; the pilot was killed.

Wembley Ice Cream Factory Gzira

Wembley Ice Cream Factory Gzira


Sales of ice cream have been banned with effect from today. The ban is the latest in a series of measures designed to conserve precious resources as the Island faces a prolonged siege. To mark the occasion, the Wembley Ice-Cream Factory donated all proceeds from their ice cream sales today to the Malta Relief Fund, the charity established to help those who have suffered from enemy action.


Weather  Fine; cooler with some cloud.

1344-1410 hrs Air raid alert for ten enemy bombers in two formations escorted by 25 fighters which approach the Island at between eight and twenty thousand feet. Three bombers drop 24 high explosive bombs and eight incendiaries on the Hal Far area causing some damage to RAF premises and severely injuring one civilian. One Swordfish armed with bombs is hit on the ground and destroyed by fire. Two high explosive bombs fall on the main Fleet Air Arm storage hangar blowing out side panels and damaging the roof. Other bombs are dropped on Kirkop and Safi. Ack Ack engage the enemy. Four of Malta’s Hurricane fighters are scrambled; to engage enemy fighters with no claims. One Hurricane is attacked; thick smoke is seen and the aircraft comes down in the sea near Benghaisa. The pilot, Sgt R O’Donnell, is reported lost, presumed killed.

Military casualties  Sergeant Roy O’Donnell, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 261 Squadron.    


ROYAL NAVY  A mine floated close to the shore at Sliema and was towed clear and destroyed.   Bombs on the Fleet Air Arm hangar damaged stores; it is hoped that at least 90% can be salvaged.  


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