4 August 1940: Civilian Defence Force for Malta

04 Aug

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The Governor and Commander in Chief has created a new civilian organisation to stand ready to repel any possible invasion by parachuting enemy forces. The Malta Volunteer Defence Force will consist of volunteers ready to guard villages against attack. Civilian members have been issued with steel helmets and arm bands; most have provided their own shot guns, with the remainder issued with rifles. The volunteers will not be enlisted or enrolled men, so will not be subject to military law, nor receive any pay. However, the Governor and C in C has asked the War Office in London to fully recognise the new Force to ensure their treatment as bona fide combatants in the event of their capture by the enemy.


Weather  Fine; cloudy.

CR 42 aircraft

CR 42 aircraft

1515-1544 hrs  Air raid alert for 17 enemy CR42 aircraft which approach Malta from the north and cross over the east of Gozo, then over Marfa Ridge, turning south east and then south before passing over Hal Far. They circle round the east of the Island at 21000 feet, evidently trying to lure Malta’s fighters into battle. Two Hurricane fighters are scrambled but do not engage and the raiders turn away. Spinola, Delimara, San Pietru and San Giacomo batteries engage the raiders but they are too high for accurate hits. No bombs are dropped.  

Civilian casualties  Zabbar  Felix Caruana, age 26.

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