15 July 1940: Malta Supplies Could Soon Run Out

15 Jul

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SUPPLY SITUATION HEADING TOWARDS ‘CRITICAL’ The Admiralty has warned today that the situation of supplies to Malta is in danger of becoming critical.  The transport of stores and provisions by the shortest sea route through the western Mediterranean has been all but impossible since France signed an armistice with the Axis last month.  The only safe route for supply convoys to reach Malta is via the long sea route round the African Cape.  The issue is being investigated as a matter of urgency in London so that alternative plans can be put in place before the Island runs out of supplies. 

Ghallis Tower

Ghallis Tower


Weather  Fine and warm.

0530 hrs  Air raid alert for six enemy fighter aircraft which approach from the north over Ghallis Tower and cross over Valletta before flying away eastwards.  No bombs are dropped.    

1710-1745 hrs  Air raid alert – raid does not materialise. OPERATIONS REPORTS MONDAY 15 JULY 1940 Nothing to report.

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One response to “15 July 1940: Malta Supplies Could Soon Run Out

  1. Antony DeBono

    July 15, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    The whole of the strategy for the Mediterranean was based on the premis that France with her naval bases at Toulon, Bizarre , and Oran, would defend the Western half, while the Royal Navy would look after the Eastern side. This collapsed with the collapse of France, with potentially disastrous consequences for Malta and North Africa.


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